Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Taharth….Pyaar….Ki…) Episode 20


Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan….Tiran…Taharth….Pyaar….Ki…) Episode 20
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Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)
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Anyways let’s start
Pandey Family’s house
Flashback (At the engagement, outside and many more)
Tia: Where’s Thapki?? Bihaan is here??
Sid: She’s properly changing still…
Tia: Bhaia… are you okay?
Sid: Can we not talk about this?
Tia: Listen to me Bhaia… I know how you feel right now…
Sid: Look I don’t want to talk about this and I think Thapki is coming….
Siddharth is look the other way and sees a person with a knife… He gets confused and tries to follow that person… But Tia stops him and says….
Tia: Look I think Thapki is coming downstairs…
Sid: Wait I need to go somewhere (looking at the other way… The person disappeared)
Tia was extremely shocked when she saw Tanya coming downstairs instead of Bihaan…. She looks at Siddharth… who is looking at other side….
Tia: Bhaia….
Sid: I need to go Tia I will be right back
Tia: Look at the girl first…
Sid: What about her… we know it’s T–…. (He sees her and is shocked)
Tia: Bhaia….
Sid: Tanya…. Is Bihaan’s future wife?
(Siddharth’s Point Of View)
Siddharth’s heart was broken into pieces when he saw Tanya coming downstairs… He can see the sadness on her face…. It seemed like she was going to cry…. But he couldn’t do anything… He doesn’t know why she’s doing this to his love… She’s probably hiding something from all of us… Then his eyes turned red when he saw another woman by her side…. Bihaan’s mother said that is Tanya’s mother Durga Devi… Siddharth was really confused….There is something fishy that Tanya is hiding… He is thinking saying that my Tanya wouldn’t hurt anyone he knows that very well… He has been with her almost three months… In these three months he knew Tanya so well that they both trusted each other blindly… His eyes were filled with tears… He quickly wiped them… He tried to smile so nobody could notice his pain…
(Tanya’s Point Of View)
Tanya then finally looked up and saw Siddharth filled with tears in his eyes… She couldn’t hold her emotions in… She tried her best and Tia looked at her and gave Tanya a dirty look… Tanya was really happy that Siddharth and Tia are finally talking… But Tanya knew that Tia hates her even more after knowing that she’s with Bihaan…. Tanya thinks…. “That I only love Siddharth and always will” But why does she have to be with Bihaan because she was forced into marrying him…. But she had no choice… or else she will end up losing Siddharth and her Nani at the same time… Tanya wanted to run up to him… She wanted to give Siddharth a big hug…. But what can she do… Tanya just looked at the engagement that Bihaan made her wear two minutes ago… Tanya looked at Thapki who was in tears…. Tanya knows Thapki loves Bihaan and so does he… But she couldn’t do anything… and this marriage had to go on… But this is how life works out for so many people…. She thought to herself again… Why does life have to be so unfair between the loved ones?? Tanya knows her father is watching everything from wherever he is… so she tries her best not to cry it out… Tanya looks up at Bihaan who is staring at Thapki in anger… She knows the pain…. But it doesn’t matter anymore…

While the party was going on Thapki arrives there and sees Bihaan and Tanya getting engaged…. Bihaan and Thapki just looked at each other for a long time…
(Thapki’s Point Of View)
Thapki was standing there just staring at how all this happened so quickly… She didn’t know what to do… Thapki wanted to do something but she couldn’t… But Bihaan hated Thapki so much… Thapki starts remembering what Bihaan has said that day… I know he still loves me because I see it all in his eyes… But the pain just doesn’t go away… Now Bihaan thinks Rohan and I are together… I don’t how to explain to him… but he won’t understand me… I just want everything to get back to normal… I don’t want to see anyone in pain anymore… It hurts me and everyone I love a lot… I just don’t care about my happiness anymore… I give up on everything now… I just want Siddharth to be happy with Tanya… But this Tanya hurt Siddharth too… I don’t know what to do… I will need to stay brave and let this happen… because Destiny plays with love and I have no choice… Now I need to wait what happens next because I already lost against love and destiny….
Thapki looked at Bihaan who was staring at her in anger… She had tears falling from eyes… He looked away and couldn’t stand seeing tears in her eyes….
(Bihaan’s Point Of View)
Thapki now you will see a bad side of me… I remember what I told you the first day when I propose to you… I said I will always love you and never want to see tears in your eyes… I loved you so much for the past three months and this is what you do to me… Why would you do this to me Thapki? I loved you so much… Now when I still see you cry it still hurts me… But I will act like I don’t care anymore… I am marrying Tanya just for the sake of my family… But now I am marrying her because I want you to leave my life alone… Bihaan doesn’t even trust Thapki… I know the point that Rohan showed a picture of Thapki and him… but does it mean Thapki would do something like that? Bihaan looked at Tanya who was looking at Siddharth…. But Bihaan doesn’t know Tanya and Siddharth loved each other… All he wanted is to take revenge from Thapki… Bihaan then held Tanya’s hand which shocked Thapki and Tanya at the same time… Thapki left the place quickly because she couldn’t stand Bihaan holding Tanya’s hand… Bihaan saw that and followed her…
(Flashback) When Tanya was dancing to Maar Dala… Siddharth saw the same goon entering the place again… But he couldn’t do anything because Tanya was about to faint and he caught her… When everything was happening Siddharth was really confused and took Tanya straight to her room….
Outside the Bihaan’s farmhouse (Flashback)
Thapki was leaving the place and Bihaan drags her to the farmhouse… Bihaan is holding Thapki’s hand at the back and his really close to her…
Thapki: Bihaan leave my hand alone
Bihaan: Who do you think you’re??
Thapki: Bihaan leave my hand… you’re hurting me….
Bihaan: Like you’re not hurting me
Thapki: Bihaan stop acting like this…
Bihaan: You’re the one who ruined my entire life…
Thapki: I didn’t even do anything…
Bihaan squeezes her hand harder… She screams in pain…
Bihaan: This pain will go away… But the pain you gave me won’t go away… I never had those feelings for Tanya ever… But the feelings I had for you is impossible to forget… Why did you have to betray me Thapki??
Thapki: Bihaan you’re hurting me hand…
Bihaan sees tears in her eyes and pushes her on the ground…
Bihaan: There I let you go… Now you will see me marry Tanya right in front of you… I’ve warned you never to play with my feelings… Remember one thing Thapki… you will see my bad side… Never my good side… (He leaves the place in anger)
Thapki sits there on the ground… She closes her eyes and remembers what Rohan told her….
Rohan: If you go back to Bihaan I will buy your father’s store and ruin your sister’s happiness.. You know your father can die because of that…
Thapki: Look I will do anything but please my Baba and Aditi alone…
Rohan: Then you will have to leave Bihaan
Thapki: What you can’t do that…
Rohan: Remember what I said…
Thapki: You’re the same guy that you were three years ago…
Rohan: Oh come on Thapki… think about it
Thapki slaps him and leaves the place….
Flashback ends
Thapki: Now I have no choice but to tell Bihaan stay happy with Tanya…. But what about Siddharth didn’t they like each other…. I can’t let Bihaan marry someone that’s not right for him… I need to find out what’s actually going on… But right now I need to leave this place… I don’t anyone else to get hurt because me…
Dhruv watches all of this and thinks to himself…
Dhruv: How can Thapki sacrifice her love for everyone? I can’t let Bihaan get married with Tanya and ruin his life… I know Thapki isn’t wrong and I need to unite them…
When the party was over… Tia leaves the place in anger and sits near a bench thinking about all the good moments that turned bad…
(Tia’s Point Of View)
I was sitting here and crying instead I should be helping Thapki fight through this problem… What does Bihaan think he is…? How dare he call Thapki a liar…? I will make him pay for what he said against Thapki… I know Thapki since I was four she would never hurt or play with anyone’s feelings… I know someone is blackmailing her… I need to find out who is trying to ruin Thapki and Bihaan’s relationship… I don’t know why but I think this is all done by that stupid girl Tanya who loves two timing… She’s playing with my Bhaia’s and Bihaan’s feelings at the same time… I don’t know what to do… I need to tell Karan the truth about me meeting Siddharth Bhaia… But right now I feel like saying a thousand words at the same time… I want to talk to my Ma and tell her what’s going on down here… I want to go help Thapki and take revenge from Tanya ruining my Bhaia’s life too… I want to scream at Bihaan for misunderstanding Thapki… I want to see that lady who kidnapped me and teach her lesson… I want to leave Karan because I am not right for him… because I have a dark side… Will he even still love me the same because I have this burned arm that I always cover up… I didn’t wear the sleeveless gown he gifted me the other day and I lied to him saying I was feeling cold for the past couple days… I know I am not good for anyone…
Tia sat there hugging her knees and starts crying even more…. Then she feels a hand on her shoulder and looks up at Karan…
Karan: What are you doing here all alone and why aren’t you at the party?
Tia: Oh I just came to get fresh air… (Tia quickly turns around and wipes her tears)
Karan: Why are you hiding your face then??
Tia: Oh it’s nothing and now let’s go back inside…
Karan grabs her hand back….
Karan: Tia are you hiding something from me?
Tia: No Karan it’s just I am shocked to see Bihaan with Tanya instead of Thapki…
Karan: I know you’re depressed right now… Let’s go home…
Tia: No I am fine… we can stay here if you want…
Karan: I am not really in the mood anymore… Let’s go…
Tia (in mind): I am sorry Karan… I can’t tell you the actual reason….
Karan knew Tia was lying to him about something… They both were inside his car and driving away… Tia fell asleep in the car… He stopped the car and made Tia lay her head on his shoulder… Then started the car again and started thinking about some stuff too…
(Karan’s Point Of View)
Tia I know what you’re feeling right now… I know saw Thapki in tears and she needed her brother to help her… But I couldn’t leave you either… Wherever you go I send my spy to keep an eye on you… because I can’t risk losing you again… I still get nightmares because of that night when you were kidnapped… Do you even think I would let you go outside again…? I knew that day you went to visit your brother… I knew you were leaving to the airport and so I planned this all out for you… I can never see you in tears… I know you love your brother a lot and Tanya hurt him… I can clearly see it all in your eyes…. But you didn’t have to lie to me this whole time… I can’t scream at you because it will hurt me… There is something else you’re hiding from me… Anything I give you… you will always happily wear it because I know you love all my gifts… But this time you didn’t wear it because you’re hiding something from… But Karan didn’t know that he also knew Thapki was hiding something too… Karan says… I know that Thapki is hiding something… I know looking at someone in tears… But I don’t know what to do if you don’t trust me Tia… Until you don’t tell me the truth why you didn’t wear the dress I gave you… I won’t talk to you or listen to you… because I know you really Tia….
Thapki was walking on the road… She wanted to go home and tell everything to her Ma…. But she couldn’t tell her Ma she loved Bihaan and is marrying Tanya… A bunch of goons come and tease her… Siddharth’s car was passing by and sees Thapki getting teased by goons… He comes out and beats them up badly… Rohan is hiding behind the trees and sees that his plan spoiled… The goons run away because they’re scared of him aha…. Then Siddharth sees Thapki scared he goes near her and hugs Thapki…. Rohan thinks that maybe if I show Bihaan this then Siddharth and Bihaan will hate each other… which will cause more problems between the couples and friends… He takes out his phone and took some pictures…. Then Siddharth hears some clicking sounds and goes near the bushes… Rohan sees him coming near the bushes and then starts running from there… Siddharth sees him running and was about to run after him… But Thapki stops him… Siddharth was confused why that he was taking pictures….
Sid: Thapki why did you stop me?
Thapki: I don’t want any more problems caused by me…
Sid: What do you mean??
Thapki: I can’t believe that Tanya is two timing with you and Bihaan….
Sid: Can you tell me why Bihaan left you?
Thapki: He didn’t leave me… I left him…
Sid: Stop lying to yourself Thapki… I saw you at the party… You’re like a best friend to me… Don’t lie to me either now…
Thapki: Siddharth stop asking so many questions… I need to go home….
Sid gets angry and pulls her back…
Sid: Have you lost it?? Did you see those goons… they will follow you again if you go alone…
Thapki: Why do you care?
Sid: What the hell is wrong with you today??
Thapki: Siddharth just please leave me alone… I can manage going home alone…
Sid grabs her back and pulls her towards his car… He holds her hands and says something…
Sid: You think you’re the only one who’s going through this?? I have lost Tanya too…
Thapki: Can’t you see Tanya is double timing you and Bihaan
Thapki: What do you mean?
Sid: Remember at the party when she was dancing… She was in pain…
Thapki: Can’t you see she’s faking it… Tia is right you shouldn’t have trusted her
Thapki: You don’t have to scream at me……
Sid: I am screaming because you’re lying too…
Thapki: I am not lying about anything…
Sid: You know what forget it and let me tell you instead… When you disappeared from the party… Then Bihaan left too… Tanya fainted and I carried her to the room… Then everyone left the party… So I sneaked into her room and saw her awake…
Thapki: But why would Tanya do that??
Sid: Because….
Sid: Tanya why are you awake?
Tanya: What are you doing in my room?
Sid: Listen to me Tanya… I need to talk to you…
Tanya: Leave my room or I will call everyone here…
Sid: I dare you
Tanya: I am not joking Siddharth… If you don’t leave I will call everyone here…
Sid: Then I dare you to call everyone because I know you won’t (coming closer to her)
Tanya: Siddharth leave me alone please (she hits the wall)
Sid: Why are you ruining four love stories Tanya?
Tanya: I don’t love you… I already told you I love Bihaan….
Sid: Look into my eyes and say you don’t love me…
Tanya: Stop forcing me to do things Siddharth
Sid: I am forcing you? You’re hurting me (hitting the walls)
Tanya: Siddharth you need to leave the place right now… Or else I will call someone (pushing him away)
Sid: First look into my eyes and say you don’t love me…
Tanya: I already told you I love Bihaan not you…
Sid: All lies… (He pushes her against the wall)
Tanya: Oh my god Siddharth you’re actually making me laugh… Just stop with all this….
Sid: You’re only not ruining my life… But you’re also making Bihaan and Thapki apart…
Tanya: I don’t care… This is what I want….
Sid: I know you’re hiding something Tanya because I know you really well
Baatein Ye Kabhi Na plays from the movie (Khamoshiyan)
Tanya: You want me to prove it?
Sid: I know you can’t Tanya….
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa
Tanya: Well Mr. Siddharth Khurana I don’t love you… I love Bihaan… (Looking directly at his eyes)
Sid: I know this is a lie Tanya… because I can see the pain in your eyes…
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Tanya: Now please get out
Sid: I know you’re lying Tanya (pushing her back against the walls)
Tanya: Stop wit this craziness Siddharth… I have already told you I love Bihaan not you….
Sid: You clearly wanted Bihaan with Thapki and you’re breaking them apart…
Tanya: I don’t care… all I care about is money nothing else…
Sid: So the love you had for me was fake not real at all?
Tanya: Yes it was all fake now please me alone…
Humdard hai, humdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi
Tu jo kabhi door rahe
Ye humse ho jaaye ajnabi
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Kaise kare hum usko bayaan
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhulna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee rahaa
Sid: I promise you Tanya I will break this marriage in any cost whatever it takes me…
Sid: I know you’re doing this because of someone… I know you won’t ever hurt anyone… I promise I will break this marriage in any cost…
Jaagi bhi hai royi bhi hai
Aankhein ye raaton mein mere
Kyun har ghadi milke tujhe
Lagti rahe bas teri kami
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Kyun tumko paake tumse juda
Siddharth leaves the place and Tanya goes near her bed and sits on the ground and starts crying…
Tanya: I am so sorry Siddharth I can’t tell you anything…
Sid: I knew this was all planned by someone… I will find out who it is…
Jaagi bhi hai royi bhi hai
Aankhein ye raaton mein mere
Kyun har ghadi milke tujhe
Lagti rahe bas teri kami
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Kyun tumko paake tumse juda
He leaves the place while Tanya is crying….
Flashback ends.
Sid: I don’t know what she’s hiding Thapki… But someone is sure blackmailing her….
Thapki (in mind): I don’t know why but I think Rohan told her all this…
Sid: Now you see Tanya is also hurt…
Thapki: Siddharth I need to go…
Sid: Thapki listen to me…
Thapki: No Siddharth I don’t want to talk
Siddharth pulls Thapki back…
Sid: What the hell is wrong with you today?? First you say Bihaan doesn’t love me… Then you say you don’t love him… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU
Thapki gets mad and pushes Siddharth…. She falls on the ground and starts crying….
Thapki: I am helpless and I can’t do anything…
Siddharth sits on the ground near her…
Sid: What do you mean?
Thapki: If I tell you… you can’t tell anyone about it…
Sid: I promise I won’t tell anyone…
Thapki: I can’t be with Bihaan and you will find out later on… Now please Siddharth let me go….
Sid: Thapki wait….
Thapki: I am so sorry Siddharth I can’t say anything…
Sid pulls her back… She hugs him in pain…
Sid: I promise… I am your best friend and I will help you go through this…
Thapki: I will help you too…
Sid: I won’t let Bihaan and Tanya’s marriage happen in any cost and that’s my promise to you…
Sid kisses Thapki’s head and says something…
Sid: You can call me your brother if you want…
Thapki: You’re already my brother…
Sid: Now we both will work together and fix everything… and I won’t see my little sister hurt either…
Razeeni witnesses this because she came along with Rohan and took more pictures of Siddharth and Thapki…
Razeeni: Now I need to get that Tia and everything will be alright (She smirks)
All the flashback ends
At Karan’s house (In the morning)
Tia wakes up from her sleep and sees it’s already 8:45am… She quickly gets ready and goes to the living room…
Tia: Auntie did you see Karan?
Ria: I think he left the work
Tia: So early…
Ria: Why do you need something Tia?
Tia: No I am fine
Ria: If you need something you can just asking me (touching her head)
Tia: I know Auntie… Thank you so much
Ria: Do you want to have breakfast?
Tia: Yea sure and by the way where’s Tomato?
Ria: Oh Neha… she went to university to give her final exams that she didn’t give back then…
Tia: Oh okay…
Ria: Okay I will see you at the breakfast… you go get freshen up…
Tia: Why would Karan leave the house without telling me…? I think I should call him up and ask if there is something wrong… Is he mad at me???
At Thapki’s house
(Thapki’s Point Of View)
Thapki wakes up in the morning and sees the time… She thinks of resigning from Bihaan’s company… She sits there remembering what happened yesterday night… Thapki is happy at the same time that she has a brother like Siddharth who is supporting her… But she’s still hurt thinking about how Tia and she fought… Thapki wanted to talk to Tia but she couldn’t because the way she behaved with her at the party… Thapki looked outside and saw the sun shining at her face… She got off her bed and went near the window… She pushed the curtains away… She opened the windows and looked outside at the beautiful sky… She had tears falling from her eyes…. She remembers all the moments she spent with Bihaan… But she didn’t know what to do anymore… Thapki also looked at the locket Bihaan gifted her… then she looked at the desk where the gun was kept… She took it out and remembers how Bihaan taught her how to use the gun… Thapki thinks to herself that she should return the gun to Bihaan because she doesn’t want to remember anything to do with him anymore…
Then her sister Aditi enters the room and she hides the gun quickly…
Aditi: Sorry I couldn’t come to the party yesterday Di?
Thapki: Oh it’s okay… where were you?
Aditi: I was really tired… so I feel asleep
Thapki: Oh that’s good
Aditi: Was it fun there?
Thapki: It was….
Aditi: So was the engagement good?
Thapki: I need to get ready… we will talk about this later…
Aditi: Di wait listen to me…
Thapki leaves to the washroom…
Aditi (in mind): Di I know something is bothering you…
She opens the drawer and sees a letter that says I have lost everything… Now I don’t know what to do anymore…
Aditi: Di what are you hiding from us?? I’ve noticed you were sad for the past couple of days… I will find out myself now…
At Pandey Family’s house
Vasu: Bihaan where were you yesterday night?? Did you know Tanya fainted?
Bihaan: I had to leave because I had an important call to attend
Vasu: On your engagement day you had to go attend a phone call? What is this Bihaan? Aren’t you happy with my decision?
Bihaan: No Ma I am fine with this decision
Vasu: Do you still like Tanya?
Bihaan: Yes I do…
Vasu: You promise you won’t break my promise?
Bihaan: No Ma I won’t
Dhruv comes there and asks Bihaan something
Dhruv: We need to talk right now
Bihaan: Not now Dhruv
Dhruv: No I mean it Bihaan… like right now
Vasu: Is everything okay Dhruv Beta?
Dhruv: Yes everything is fine Ma… I just need to talk to Bihaan about some file…
Bihaan: We discuss about this topic later Dhruv
Dhruv gets angry and pulls him…
Vasu: these two brothers always fighting over the most stupid things… Anyways I need to get the dresses ready for the wedding…
Bihaan: What the hell is your problem man?
Bihaan: What Melodrama? And why on earth are you screaming at me?
Dhruv: Because whatever you’re doing is totally wrong
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Dhruv: I saw you yesterday?
Bihaan: Yea what about yesterday?
Dhruv: The way you misbehaved with Thapki?
Bihaan: Oh so you’re stalking our conversations? Whoa what an amazing brother you’re taking Thapki’s side instead of mines
Dhruv: Because you’re wrong… and she’s not
Bihaan: Wow you believe her more than your brother
Dhruv: Watch when you realize your mistake…
Bihaan: I don’t want to hear your lectures
Dhruv: I am not giving you lectures… I just want to say you’re just a person who doesn’t trust anyone blindly… Not even the girl who loved you for the past three months… (He leaves in anger)
Bihaan: I can’t believe it… even my brother is taking her side… I know she’s wrong because I saw those pictures… if she really loved me… then she would never do that….
Thapki’s house
Thapki gets ready and leaves the house quickly… But Poonam stop her…
Poonam: Where are you going Thapki?
Thapki: I need to give this file to my boss?
Poonam: Here take these sweets and give it to your boss…
Thapki: Why??
Poonam: Because it was his engagement yesterday and his wedding day is coming too…
Thapki: But Ma why are you giving these to him?
Poonam: Oh come Thapki, he always saved you and brought you home too…
Thapki: But Ma…
Poonam: Just give it to him (giving her a kiss on her head)
Thapki: Okay if you say so Ma…
Poonam: Be back home soon….
Thapki: I will Ma and thank you for always supporting me
Poonam: You’re my angel and I know you can never do anything wrong with someone (giving her a hug)
Aditi watch all this and sees tears falling from Thapki’s eyes…
Aditi (In mind): Di whatever you’re hiding from me… I will find out and try to help you out because I know my sister she’s a strong girl
She smiles seeing the bonding between Poonam and Thapki… Thapki leaves the house waving bye to Aditi and Poonam… Aditi starts looking for clues why Thapki is depressed nowadays…
Karan’s house
Tia was sitting on her bed waiting for Karan to reply back to her text… Then she started remembering some funny moments when she first met him…. (When she left the house in anger but he didn’t meet her yet)
Karan: Ma who the hell is Tia?
Ria: She is Zia’s niece remember I told you?
Karan: Yea but does she have to stay here?
Neha: Oh come on Bhai, she will be amazing
Karan: Do you even know her?
Neha: I know because of her name
Karan: Oh every girl that has a name called Tia is good
Neha: Sure if you want to think that
Karan: That’s the dumbest thing you said
Tia enters the house and starts dancing to High Heels (from the movie Ki and Ka)
Karan: So this is the super quiet girl who is clearly dancing and entering the house
Ria: I love those kind of girls
Karan: Have you lost it Ma?
Tia: Hey you Mr.
Karan: Excuse me
Tia: How dare you talk to me like that?
Karan: Because you’re acting very badly right now
Tia: I am not bad okay and now Mr. Servant go take my suitcases inside
Neha and Ria start laughing
Karan: Do I look like your servant?
Tia: You clearly do
Ria: Will you two stop fighting already
Tia: He started this
Ria: She came to visit us way earlier… She’s a really nice girl….
Tia: Thank you Auntie
Karan and Tia look at each other in anger while he grabs her suitcases and leaves… Neha and Ria start laughing because of their cute fighting…
*Flashback ends*
Unwanted place/ Outside Kabir’s house
Kabir calls Karan and he comes there… He sees Kabir and asks him why you are hurt…
Karan: What happened to you?
Kabir: I got hurt?
Karan: But how did you get hurt?
Kabir: Because I was beating some goons up…
Karan: What the hell is wrong with you?
Kabir: Bhaijaan I am really sorry (giving him a big hug in tears)
Karan: Kabir why are you crying?
Kabir: Because I always wanted to help you out but I always fail… please forgive me…
Karan: Okay please stop crying though
Kabir: I am really sorry Bhaijaan
Karan: Let’s go home…
Kabir: Bhaijaan please talk to me…
Karan: I told you not to come out alone…
Kabir: But Bhaijaan
Karan: I said let’s go home….
Karan drives Kabir to his house and says…
Karan: Take care of yourself…
Kabir: Bhaijaan wait… at least listen to me…
Karan leaves the place while Kabir thinks how to make him enter this house….
Karan’s house
(Tia’s Point Of View)
Tia sat on her bed when the flashback ended… She thought to herself… why Karan leave without informing me… She says… I don’t know why but I feel like Karan is mad at me… Is it because of that dress I didn’t wear that he wanted me to wear…? I think he wanted me to wear it… But will he hate on me because of my burned arm… I don’t know what to do… I really want to go meet Bhaia and Thapki too… I want to teach that Bihaan and Tanya a lesson by my sandal… But I can’t do anything right now… First I need to wear this dress… Karan will be home in twenty minutes… I still have time to get ready… I know I will lose him forever today… But he needs to know my truth before he marries me… I don’t want him to ruin his life because of mine… She takes the dress and goes into the washroom and starts getting ready to make Karan happy….
At Pandey Family’s house
Thapki comes to Bihaan’s house and sees Vasu there…
Vasu: Excuse me who are you?
Thapki: Hello Auntie… I am here to meet Bihaan sir
Vasu: Oh are you his client?
Thapki: Yes do you know where he is?
Vasu: His probably in his room
Thapki: Thank you Auntie
Vasu: Do you want to have drink or food?
Thapki: No thank you Auntie I already have…
Vasu: Oh okay…
Thapki runs upstairs… where Bihaan is in his room exercising with weights….
Bihaan’s room
Bihaan is lifting weights in anger and remembers what Dhruv said earlier and taking Thapki’s side instead of his… Thapki enters the room without knocking because she knows Bihaan won’t let her in either way… Bihaan gets up and turns and sees Thapki…
Bihaan: Thapki?
Thapki: Bihaan I only came here to give you something
Bihaan: You need to get out Thapki
Thapki: I don’t want to stay here…. I just came here to give you this gun…
Thapki goes near the bed and leaves it there…. Bihaan gets angry and grabs her hand he trips on the weights they both fall on the bed together… Bihaan is on top of Thapki… They both have eye lock… Bihaan tries to avoid her but it’s really hard… Thapki tries not to look at him… but Bihaan hold her back… Thapki tells her Bihaan to let her go… But he holds on her… He comes closer to her… Thapki tries to stop Bihaan but he was still coming closer to her… Thapki closes her eyes and Bihaan whispers in her ears…
Bihaan: Just because you’re on top of me doesn’t mean I am going to love you…
Thapki looks at him…
Bihaan: Your locket is stuck with my shirt… (Looking at her in anger)
Bihaan gets angry and rips it off… Thapki looks away… Bihaan gets up… Thapki gets up too… She was about to leave… Then Bihaan grabs the gun and pulls Thapki back and points it at her head…
Thapki: Bihaan what the hell are you doing?
Bihaan: Just because I taught you how to use a gun doesn’t mean I can’t shoot you with it too…
Thapki: Bihaan have you lost it?
Bihaan: I am tired of people taking your side for everything
Thapki: You’re losing your mind
Bihaan: Because you’re making me crazy
Thapki: Bihaan let me go…
Bihaan pushes Thapki on the ground…
Bihaan: Get out of my room or else I will kill you right
Thapki starts crying and was about to leave the room…. Then all of Bihaan gets a message and it keeps on buzzing…
Bihaan: WHAT THE HELL?? WHY IS THIS PHONE BUZZING NOW?? (He looks at the messages and gets shocked seeing it)
Tanya is standing right in front of the door… When Thapki was leaving she looked at Tanya…Then ran out…
At Karan’s house
Karan enters the house and calls for his mother but no one is home… He then gets really worried about Tia and rushes to her room…
Tia comes out wearing the beautiful sleeveless gown that Karan gifted her but she covers her shoulders with a scarf…
Karan: Tia why are you wearing this?
Tia: I know you’re mad at me because I didn’t wear dress for the party?
Karan: I am not mad at you…
Tia: You leaving the house without telling me… is that even normal?
Karan: You look beautiful in this dress Tia (He smiles while looking at her)
Tia: Thank you Karan…
Karan: But why are you covering yourself with that scarf?
Tia: I need to tell you something about myself….
Karan: Yea what is it?
Tia takes the scarf off and shows her burned arm to Karan….
Tia: This happened when my brother disappeared… and I fell into the fire and burned my arm because I running after my Ma. No guy would marry me because of this… I know Karan you will hate me too…
Karan comes closer to her and says…
Karan: You’re crazy… with this burned hand you look even more beautiful
Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam plays (DDLJ)
Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
(Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam) – 2
Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum
Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum
Karan kisses Tia on the forehead and she hugs him…
Karan: I will always love you no matter what you look like… you will always be mine…
Tia: I love you Karan…
Karan: I love you too Tia…
Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum
Teri baahon mein mar jaaye hum
Karan kisses Tia on the forehead and they both forget all the sadness they were going through all this time…
Siddharth’s house
Siddharth hears someone running towards him and she hugs him…
Sid: What happened why are you crying?
It was Thapki….
Thapki: Siddharth… Bihaan hates me so much….
Sid: Wait what happened?
Thapki: His getting wrong information about me from Rohan….
Sid: Thapki stop crying though…
Thapki: I can’t do this anymore…
Sid: What the hell happened to your hand…?
Thapki: Nothing happened
Sid: Stop lying to me Thapki
Thapki: I said nothing happened to me…
Sid: Did Bihaan hurt you??
Thapki looks at him…
At Karan’s house
Tia was laying her head on Karan’s shoulder and all of a sudden she tells Karan something…
Tia: Karan we need to go Siddharth’s Bhaia’s house
Karan: Why did you lie to me Tia?
Tia: What do you mean?
Karan: Why didn’t you tell me? That you were meeting your brother
Tia: I am so sorry Karan… but I couldn’t tell you…
Karan: you promise something….
Tia: What is it?
Karan: That you won’t hide anything from now on….
Tia: Okay I promise….
Karan: Why do you need to go to Siddharth’s house?
Tia: Because I think the person who is doing this is Tanya…
Karan: What do you mean?
Tia: I will explain everything to you in the car…
Karan: Okay let’s get going…
Bihaan’s room
Bihaan gets angry and was about to break the phone in anger and Tanya enters his room…
Tanya: What the hell is wrong with you?
Bihaan: Tanya what are you doing here?
Tanya: I came here because my Mom forced me…
Bihaan: I need to tell you something…
Tanya: What is it?
Bihaan shows the picture to Tanya and she is shocked too….
Bihaan: Were going to Siddharth’s house right now…
Bihaan pulls Tanya and they both leave to Siddharth’s house…
Remember Bihaan’s house is closer to Siddharth’s house…
At Siddharth’s house
Sid: Thapki why would Bihaan do that to you? (Bandaging her hand)
Thapki: I don’t Siddharth… I give up on everything now… This is all Rohan’s fault…
Sid: Did Rohan send those goons that I fought with yesterday?
Thapki: What do you mean?
Sid: Because someone was clicking pictures yesterday
Thapki: Pictures of what?
Sid: Of us I think
Thapki: Why would someone do that???
Sid: I don’t know… But there is many problems going on and I am really confused….
Thapki: I think we should talk to Tanya about this…
Sid: I think Tia is the right person to talk too…
Thapki: I know but she’s still mad at me….
Sid: No in fact she really loves you a lot…
Thapki: How do you know that?
Sid: She came to my house and told me…
Thapki: You guys are talking again?
Sid: Yes
Thapki: At least something good happened (She smiles)
Sid: At least my sister Thapki is laughing too (He smiles too)
Thapki: Thanks Siddharth for always helping me
Sid: I am always here to help you (giving her a hug)
Bihaan enters the house with Tanya and starts clapping his hands…
Bihaan: Whoa!!! Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Sid: Bihaan, I was coming to meet you?
Bihaan: Oh you shouldn’t have… I was coming either way…
Sid: Bihaan I need to talk to you about Thapki
Bihaan: No you don’t have to talk about Thapki
Sid: What do you mean?
Tanya looks at Siddharth in tears…
Sid: Tanya what are you doing here?
Bihaan: Excuse me, were talking here
Sid: Bihaan listen to me… Thapki really loves you
Bihaan starts laughing while Thapki and Siddharth are confused….
Bihaan: Loves me? Do you even how disgusting this girl is
Sid: What do you mean?
Bihaan: She cheated me, Rohan and now she likes you…
Siddharth is shocked and so is Thapki
Sid: What the hell are you talking about?
Bihaan: You aren’t serious are you?
Sid: Look come to the point
Bihaan tells Tanya to show the picture of Thapki and Siddharth hugging each other….
Bihaan: Wow this picture shows Sid kissing Thapki on head and hugging each other… like romantic couples…
Sid: What the hell are you saying…? Thapki is my best friend… she’s like a sister to me
Bihaan: Yes this picture clearly shows it all
Sid: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU (Holding his collar)
Karan and Tia enter the house….
Tia: What the hell is going on here? (Running towards them)
Bihaan punches Siddharth on the face he falls on the floor… Thapki runs towards him…
Bihaan: Don’t you ever touch me
Tanya: Bihaan relax, what the hell are you doing?
Bihaan: My best friend is now falling for my girl
Tia: What the hell are you talking about? You’re the problem here
Bihaan: Oh look now her superwomen is here
Karan: Hey talk properly or else
Siddharth gets up and starts beating up Bihaan…
Sid: What did you say that me and Thapki like each other… Do you even know that I LOVE TAN…..?
Bihaan: This Thapki has ruined everyone’s life… Now she’s took my best friend too…
Tia: You better stay in your limits….
Tanya: Bihaan stop all this…
Tia: And you… you’re the big problem because of brother’s condition
Karan: Tia relax… don’t talk to someone selfish like her
Tia: I will ruin you
Karan: Tia please….
Bihaan: Why don’t you ask Siddharth’s lover, who cheated Rohan and I at the same time….
Thapki gets mad and goes near Bihaan and slaps him…
Bihaan: Whoa Thapki how many more guys…
Sid: Hey you (holding his collar)
Tanya (in mind): I can’t do anything… I really can’t I am so sorry…
Jugni plays from the movie (Cocktail)
Alif Allah ishqe di booti
Mann di mitti vich laayi tu
Iss mitti da na mausam koi
Bin mausam yaar khadaayi tu
Oh jug jug jeeve, jeeve jugni jisne
Maula mann vich booti laayi tu
Peer mereya, Jugni ji
Ae ve Allah waleya…
Bihaan: I Bihaan Pandey break my friend with Siddharth Khurana and my relationship Thapki….
Tanya: Siddharth I am sorry…
Tia: This is all caused by you Tanya….
Bihaan: I am so sorry for loving you Thapki… I hope you stay happy with Siddharth
Oh dum gutkoon, dum gutku, gutkun…
Thapki: You’re someone who never understands anyone’s feelings…
Kare Sai naal sabak wafa da
Pade Sai Peer mereya….
Oh jugni ishq de raste jaaye
Oh jugni ishq de raste jaave
Kidre dokha hi na khaave
Kidre dokha hi na khaave
Ohnu zara samajh na aave
Ohnu zara samajh na aave
Jugni ishq de raste jaave
Kidre dhokha hi na khaave
Ohnu zara samajh na aave
Laave yaa naa dil nu laave
Naale pak mohabbat kare Sai Peer merya jugni ji
Ae ve Allah waleya…
Bihaan leaves the house in anger… Tanya looks at Siddharth in pain and starts crying… Siddharth looks at her… She runs out of the house while crying… Thapki falls on the ground and Tia runs towards her…
Jugni sochan de vich khoyi
Jugni sochan de vich khoyi
Dhoonde kise de vich oh koi
Dhoondhe kise de vich oh koi
Oh ishq de ‘ch kamli hoyi
Oh ishq ‘ch kamli hoyi
Jugni sochan de vich khoyi
Dhoonde kise de vich oh koi
Oh ishq vich kamli hoyi
Bhaaron hanssi andro’n royi
Naale pak mohabbat kare saayi phir merya jugni ji
Ae we Allah waleya….
Tia: Please Thapki don’t cry (hugging her tightly)
Thapki: I have lost Tia… (Hugging her tightly too)
Tia: I am always here to help you…
Thapki: I hate Bihaan so much… He hurt everyone here… and that Tanya she hurt Siddharth too…
Siddharth leaves the place in anger and Karan stop him…
Karan: I know how you’re feeling…
Sid: I don’t want to talk to about it…
Oh dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon gutkun…
Kar saayi naal sabak wafa da padhe
Sai phir mereya, jugni ji
Ae we Allah waaleya jugni ji
Ae we Allah waaleya jugni ji
Ae we Nabi Pak di jugni ji
Ae we Nabi Pak di jugni ji
Karan comes near Thapki to and consoles her…
Thapki: Sorry Karan Bhai…
Karan: No Thapki please don’t cry
Tia: Bhaia I promise we will fix everything…
Sid: No I don’t care anymore…
Tia: Please Bhaia… you know Ma is proud of you…
Sid: I am done Tia (hugging her tightly)
Outside Siddharth’s house
Bihaan hits his the wall and Tanya consoles him…
Tanya: I am your friend I will help you…
Bihaan: Why did Thapki hurt me…
Tanya: I am hurt too…
Ae we Maula Ali wali jugni ji
Ae we Maula Ali wali jugni ji
Ae we mere Peer di jugni ji
Ae We mere Peer di jugni ji
Ae We Sar-Sabaz di jugni ji
Ae We Sar-Sabaz di jugni ji
Siddharth and Tia are consoling each other… Karan and Thapki are consoling each other and lastly Tanya and Bihaan are consoling each other
The episode ends….
Moral-“Understanding your feelings is very hard… but why don’t you understand me… because you’re foolish who doesn’t know what I feel in my heart… You always listen to others… and I hate you for that”
Recap: Flashback what exactly happened between the couples at Siddharth’s house. Point of View of Tia, Karan, Siddharth, Tanya, Thapki and Bihaan… Thapki plans to resign from the company… She gives the papers to Dhruv and leaves… Aditi and Dhruv meet up and talk to each other about some problems… Karan wants to plan a date for Tia so he can cheer her up…. Siddharth comes to meet Tanya and insults her for leaving him… They spend some cute moments… Bihaan comes to Thapki’s house…. Bihaan and Thapki get emotional… Tia plans to meet Tanya and bring her truth out… Karan and Kabir meet again and this time something big happens…. Razeeni sees Tia going somewhere she was about to shoot but shot at Rohan instead (On the stomach)…. Tia comes to meet Tanya and sees Durga beating her up…. Tia enters the house and pushes Durga… Karan tells Siddharth and Thapki to act in front of Bihaan and Tanya because he knows someone is planning against them… Tia, Karan, Thapki and Siddharth team up together so they can find out who is behind all this….
Well I guys I will be posting 3-4 episodes till June 8th which will lead up to 24 episodes in total… I am also planning to write a story on a Hollywood TV show… Not sure when I will start on that but I let you guys know…. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this episode….
Here’s the links
Destiny vs love (Based on Thapki Pyaar Ki, Qubool Hai and Jamai Raja)
A one shot on Ragsan (Based on Swaragini)
Sanskar: Will you marry me, Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will (Based on Swaragini)
Qubool Hai love like Beintehha (Based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai)
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys we have completed Twenty episodes. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Friday May 20th or Saturday May 21st 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)

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