Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 26


Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 26

(Episode 24-26 all the couples will get back together) I am so so so so so so so sorrrrrrrrrryyyyy a big one…. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me always reach to 100 – 200 Comments!!! And we have reached twenty six episodes!!!!.. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. Nusz (Love you guys aha xx)

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Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)

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Anyways let’s get started with the episode.


Karan’s House
Tia shows her Mehndi to Karan he smiles at her. She winks at him and he gets surprised and then comes closer to her. Karan then whispers in her ears.
Karan: You’re looking beautiful my beauty queen
Tia smiles and their faces touch… He then pulls her waist and she says
Tia: Mr. Singh you can’t touch me yet, we aren’t married
Karan: Oh now you’re being naughty?
Tia: No I am giving the honest truth
Karan: Okay then tells me why I got the romance you earlier?
Tia: That was when we were in a relationship
Karan: I never said we were dating
Tia becomes quiet and sticks her tongue to run away Karan but he pulls her back towards him. Her back is towards him and he is hugging her.
Tia: Karan what are you doing?
Karan: Talking to my “Lady Fiancé”
Tia: Oh I see, but you see I can’t be romantic with you right now because I have Mehndi on my hands.

Karan: And where’s my name?
Tia: You need to find it
Karan holds her hand and looks through the Mehndi
Karan: I hate you Tia; I swear to god you made the style of the Mehndi complicated
Tia: Aw you gave him already (She laughs a bit)
Karan: Yes I did
Tia: Well you suck
She sticks her tongue and starts leaving the place when Karan pulls her back. He then holds her waist and she gets shocked.
Karan: My name is written on your Thumb
He says with a smile and kisses her on the top of her nose and leaves the place. He turns around and sees her shocked face while he smiles at her and leaves.
Tia: Achaa I never knew he can act this smart towards me
Tia smiles and starts leaving the hall too


Karan House’s
Upstairs in a room where Bihaan and Thapki is
Thapki moves away from Bihaan and says.
Thapki: I am sorry Bihaan
Bihaan: Thapki where are you going?
Thapki: I need to go and help the others out
Bihaan: Thapki I know you’re angry with me
Thapki: Bihaan please I don’t want to talk about it
Bihaan: Fine I will leave you alone unless you tell me the truth
Thapki turns around and says
Thapki: What truth?

Bihaan: Do you still love me like you used it too? Or did you actually forget me?
Thapki becomes quiet and turns around
Thapki: When love betrays you then I realize the pain
Bihaan: Yes Thapki I have hurt you a lot, in fact I am an idiot with no brain
Thapki: You can think whatever you want but I need to leave
Thapki turns around and says
Thapki: Bihaan, I should be one saying this too you and please I don’t have time for this anymore because it’s too late.
Thapki was about to leave when she turns around and sees Bihaan on the ground in front of her while his pulling his ears and says.
Bihaan: Thapki I am sorry, I want to just speak my heart out to you can you please listen to me for once

Thapki becomes quiet and turns around when Bihaan starts speaking
Bihaan: Thapki after I met you I thought of giving love another chance because I never knew I would find someone like you in my life. You know something I am such an idiot even towards my own brother Dhruv (He gives a little laughs and tears fall from his eyes) But Thapki I can’t bare losing you again. I lost my parents when I was very young and got adopted into a family and Dhruv thought me the meaning of love. I went to college and fell in love with a girl name Tanya which is actually known has “Roshni”. Yes I loved her a lot but not much has I love you. You know why? Because Tanya never gave me that attention she would always look at Sid and then I realized on our wedding that she loved and married Sid because she loved him a lot. But I ruined it all because I didn’t believe in the girl who loved me so much for the past four months… I am such a dumb retard Thapki. But can you give me another chance again to regain the love I had for you? Thapki I have always loved you even though I was getting married to Roshni but I didn’t know how to express it and I am so stupid Na? I thought you and Sid were in a relationship but I had a reason behind that. I knew that Rohan was lying to me because those pictures were ours but he changed the coloring and everything else in the photos until I went to someone asked him about it. I know I made mistake on that but in fact I broke your heart and even I remember yesterday when I asked if you needed help. But I also bashed you back I am so stupid Thapki and I don’t deserve your love at all.

*Flashback from yesterday incident*
Thapki: Bihaan you don’t know the meaning of love
Bihaan: Thapki listen to me for once
Thapki: Stop Bihaan I am tired of listening to your stories and always blaming me for something I haven’t even caused
Bihaan: You know what forget it I shouldn’t have waited for you, I was going to give a ride home but instead you started bashing me
Thapki looks away with an angry face and Bihaan gets angry and hits his bike. He then starts driving while Thapki looks on
*Flashback ends*

Bihaan then stands up and tears from his eyes…
Bihaan: I am useless Thapki and I don’t deserve your love… But if you did give me a second chance then I would never break your trust ever again. I would also kill myself so nobody could ever make you cry again.
Thapki turns around with tears in her eyes and looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan: I can prove it to you right now? I know you would want me to do that, so I will do it…
Bihaan takes the knife from the fruit basket and was about to stab himself when Thapki looks at him with a shocked face.


Karan’s House
In the ceremony Hall
Roshni is sitting down and claps her hand seeing all the girls dancing while Siddharth comes and pulls her hand. They both hide behind a pillar.
Roshni: Siddharth what are you doing?
Sid: I want to spend time with you
Roshni: Siddharth I am trying to help out here
Sid then puts his finger on her lips. He pulls her waist towards him and she looks at him with a weird face.
Sid: Baby I want to romance you
Roshni: Baby? Are you on drugs?
Sid: No Babes in fact I want to kiss you
Roshni: Siddharth I think you’re high
Sid: Yes I am high for you
Roshni: Siddharth stop it
Sid: Kiss me baby and let’s forget everything that’s happening in this world
Roshni: Siddharth stop it
Sid: Roshni kiss it
Roshni: Kiss it? Kiss what?
Sid: ME

Karan comes there and sees them. Karan then starts laughing
Roshni: Why are you laughing?
Karan: Because I spiked his drink
Roshni: YOU WHAT?
Karan: Well you see he said he liked Thapki
Siddharth then starts laughing and gives Karan a high-five
Sid: Whoa Meri Pyaari Biwi got jealous
Sid: Maybe, why are you jealous?
Roshni: I hate you Karan and I will tell Tia about it
Sid: Aree Baba Karan she’s your Bhabhi Ji
Roshni: I am a Bhabhi Ji?
Sid: Yes because you’re my wife and my sister is younger than me
Sid starts laughing and Roshni makes an angry face on him.
Roshni: Oh I see that means Karan calls you Bhaia Ji?
Sid: Excuse me? I am a Bhaia?
Roshni: Ofc and Oh my god you said it I am a Bhaia (She starts jumping up and down and laughs)

Karan: But I am older then Roshni
Karan: I am duffer?
Tia then comes there
Tia: What’s going on here?
Tia: What happened Bhaia did I do something wrong?
Roshni: What the hell
Roshni: Why are you punishing her?
Karan: Are you high?
They look on while Sid is angry

Karan’s House
Upstairs in the room
Thapki: BIHAAN!!!
Thapki runs towards Bihaan and takes the knife from his hand. She then throws it and slaps Bihaan. Bihaan gets shocked and looks at Thapki.
Bihaan: I knew it Thapki; you still love me a lot
Thapki looks at Bihaan with angry face
Bihaan: Thapki do you still love me?
Thapki doesn’t say anything
Bihaan: Thapki do you love me or what?
Thapki still doesn’t say anything and clutches her hands tightly.

Bihaan looks at Thapki and tears from his eyes
Thapki: I love you so much
Thapki then hugs Bihaan tightly and he stands there with hands by his side. His eyes are filled with tears but then he puts his hands around her too.
Bihaan: I knew it Thapki… I know you still loved me
Thapki: Yes Bihaan I love you so much… but please don’t ever break my heart again…
Bihaan breaks the hug and holds her face and says.
Bihaan: If I do break your heart then you give me a big slap on both of cheeks like this because I find it hot
Thapki: What?
Bihaan: I find it hot when you slap me
Thapki then slaps Bihaan and he starts laughing. Then she laughs while hitting him.
Thapki: Not funny Bihaan
Bihaan: Okay, I am sorry Thapki
Bihaan the opens his arms and Thapki hugs him again.
Bihaan: Thapki
Thapki: Mhm?
Bihaan: I love you and will always be by your side
Thapki then looks at Bihaan and brings her face closer towards him while the wind starts blowing. Bihaan looks at her lips…
Bihaan: Thapki?

Thapki then starts walking forward while Bihaan walks backwards and hits the wall…
Bihaan: Thapki are you sure?
Thapki touches his face and blows his hair… She starts laughing and says.
Thapki: Are you sure about what? (She laughs so much)
Bihaan: Nothing and what were you doing?
Thapki: Not so soon Mr. Bihaan Pandey we aren’t even married yet and also I think you should go wash your face (She’s laughing so much while saying all this)
Bihaan: I didn’t mean that and what do you mean wash my face?
Thapki: Look in the mirror
Bihaan looks in the mirror and sees black mascara on his face. Thapki claps her hands and laughs.

Thapki: Bihaan!!! Enjoy washing your face and I will be waiting for you at the ceremony hall. Also one more thing don’t ever think about dirty stuff because I am very clean minded
Thapki starts laughing and leaves the room. She then comes and says
Thapki: Don’t be shy this time (She says with a cute smiles and leaves from there)
Bihaan looks at her and then touches her cheeks.
Bihaan: Well now I need to go to the washroom and wash this punishment of my face by my so called “girlfriend) (He says with a smile and goes towards the washroom


Karan’s House
Ceremony Hall
Sid: I am very angry with you Tia
Tia: But Bhaia what did I do?
Roshni: Awhile ago you were trying to kiss me?
Tia: What kiss?
Karan laughs while Roshni and Tia angrily looks at him.
Everyone gets shocked and Sid starts laughing while their faces are opened with funny expressions and then he takes pictures of them.
Sid: Well that was funny
Roshni: What were you doing?
Sid shows the picture to them and they get shocked and angry.
Sid: This should win an award of the most retarded expressions

Roshni: Okay when did you start calling me baby?
Sid: Since I married you again (He winks at her)
Roshni: Achaa you’re trying to romance me
Sid: Always will ha
Tia: But Bhaia why were angry with me?
Sid: Because you’re supposed to call Roshni Bhabhi not by her name
Tia: Oh I forgot I am sorry
Roshni: Aye don’t call me that, I prefer Roshni from your name
Tia: No Sid Bhaia is right because even though I treated you like crap I don’t deserve the forgiveness and love from you
Roshni: Tia you’re like a sister to me and the past is the past and the present will stay like this from now on.
Tia: But because of me you guys didn’t get married properly
Sid: Tia that’s alright but now I get to romance my wife more often
Tia: You’re very bad Bhaia
Sid: Always been like Ma
Tia: Ma wasn’t like that in fact Chota Ma was
Sid and Tia smile remembering their family
Karan: Nope I have a better idea
Sid: What idea?

Karan: We’re getting married in a few days right? Then why don’t get you guys get married with us on the same day
Roshni: No Karan I don’t want to ruin your wedding because of ours and plus we were already married but just forgot about our relationship in front of everyone
Tia: No Roshni Bhabhi you will get married with Bhaia in a big traditional way
Roshni: Wait don’t call me Bhabhi please I just hate that because I find you like my best friend and sister
Tia: Okay then Roshni Di?
Roshni: Just Roshni is fine
Tia: Nah I like Roshni Di better
Sid: No Wait I have a better one, you should call her Roshni Ma
Siddharth and Karan start laughing and Roshni hits him and he says ouch.
Sid: Ouch I got hurt
Roshni: Good for you
Karan: Well now there will be two marriages
Sid: Nope first my best business revel who is marrying my younger sister will get married first

Karan: Siddharth my buddy you need to shut the hell up
Sid: Nah Fham I don’t want to shut up
Karan: Or I will get you married to those women’s over there
Sid: And I will get married to your ex girlfriend
Tia: What ex?
Karan steps on Siddharth’s foot and he screams
Karan: Shut the hell up will you
Thapki comes there running and scares Karan and Sid from the back.
Thapki: BOO!!
Sid and Karan jump and get shocked while Roshni and Tia start laughing
Thapki: Really guys?
Thapki: I am sorry guys (She pulls her ears)
Roshni: Thapki both of them are bullying us
Thapki: I don’t blame Karan Bhaia he is a good boy
Roshni: In fact you’re right

Thapki and Roshni pull Siddharth’s ear

They both step on his foot while Karan is laughing
Tia: Oh you’re going to laugh at my brother
Karan: Well this is funny though
Tia step on Karan’s foot with her high heels
Tia: High Heels ki naacha
Sid: These girls are punishing for no reason
Roshni: I am punishing you because I want too
Roshni: MONKEY
Roshni: SHUT UP
Thapki: Guys why are you fighting?
Roshni: You see his trying to call me baby in front of everyone
Thapki: Siddharth you’re annoying
Sid: Ofc you will take her side
Karan: Don’t worry buddy I am on your side
Roshni: We are three but you’re two
Bihaan comes there and says
Bihaan: Let’s make that three now
Sid and Karan turn around and see Bihaan coming. Roshni and Tia look on while Thapki smiles.
Tia: Bihaan?
Sid doesn’t saying anything
Thapki: Guys I know what Bihaan was wrong but he had a reason for it… Can you guys forgive him?
Roshni: I have already forgiven him because I saw it in his eyes during our marriage preparations. Thapki, Bihaan loves you a lot and never loved someone like you.
Karan: I have no problem with him because he understood my sister and that matters to me
Tia walks up to Bihaan and Thapki and Bihaan look at each other.
Bihaan: Tia…

Tia then raises her hands and everyone looks on thinking she was going to slap him. But instead she pulls his ear.
Tia: Well next time you hurt my Thapki I will beat you up like hell
Bihaan: I am sorry Tia
Tia: its okay and you better not break her heart again
Bihaan: I would give her anything but I will never break her trust
Sid: But I don’t believe in you
Sid gets angry and leaving from there.
Bihaan: Sid wait!!
Roshni holds his hand and says.
Roshni: Bihaan you hurt him the most because remember Siddharth is your childhood friend and you betrayed him
Thapki: Bihaan I will try to explain him
Bihaan: No Thapki, I caused this problem so I will fix it
Thapki: But Bihaan
Bihaan: Thapki if you trust me then I can win your trust again
Thapki smiles and nods her head.
Tia: Thapki I am happy you gave him another chance
Thapki: Because I know he can never hurt anyone


Outside Karan’s House
Bihaan: Sid wait
Sid stops and Bihaan is out of breath but looks at him.
Bihaan: Sid why are you running away like a tiger
Sid: What do you want?
Bihaan: Dude I know you’re angry with me but I am your best friend after all
Sid: You were my best friend not anymore
Sid was about to go when Bihaan says
Bihaan: Wow now I have lost a best friend that I knew since I was 4 years old and now I am like 25 years old right? But come on dude you can’t just leave me… I have always got your help whenever I was in trouble. But this idiot Bihaan Pandey who has no brain and blamed my best friend thinking he had was in relationship with the girl whom I love the most. Stupid Bihaan with no brain and I am sorry if you don’t want to forgive me then I understand… Wow I am actually crying for you… I lied still I won’t cry anymore because I don’t deserve you has my best friend because I am such an idiot… I am leaving Siddharth Khurana (My Homie) I will see you later.
Sid: Wait

Bihaan turns around and sees Siddharth standing there
Sid: Yes I don’t forgive you because you’re a pain in the ass
Bihaan: Thank you for letting me know that
Sid: But you ass.hole if you hurt my good friend Thapki again then I will teach you a lesson myself
Bihaan looks at Siddharth and smiles
Bihaan: I will never hurt Thapki because if she leaves me… My heartbeat will stop beating and if you leave then I will become a corpse
Sid: You’re so melodramatic
Bihaan: Since a child ofc
Sid: Okay you idiot now come here and give me a hug
Siddharth opens his arms and Bihaan runs towards him. Bihaan hugs Siddharth like a brother and gets emotional.
Bihaan: Sorry dude I will never break my best friend’s trust again
Sid: And if you do then I get to slap you
They break the hug and say
Bihaan and Sid: We’re idiots but made out of gold but to bring happiness with our pranks
They both start laughing and walk back inside while laughing.


Near the car of Karan’s House / Razeeni’s Car
Rohan: Time to kill Tia then I can kidnap Thapki and everything will be finished forever
Rohan then blows out a tire and says
Rohan: Okay this done, now I will call that duffer Razeeni
Rohan calls Razeeni up
Rohan: Where the hell are you?
Razeeni: I am coming but I found out something
Rohan: What?
Razeeni: Thapki and Bihaan are back together
Razeeni: My goon saw them together
Razeeni: Wait don’t do anything because
Rohan: I don’t care now I will kill both Tia and Bihaan
Rohan hangs up and says

Rohan: Time for you to die Bihaan Pandey because you’re taking my Thapki away from me
Razeeni: Oh god if this Rohan kill Bihaan then it will cause a problem because that stupid Siddharth
Razeeni gets angry and hits her phone
Driver: Okay Ma’am
Razeeni: This Rohan isn’t picking my phone either, I wonder what will happen if my plan gets exposed
Razeeni gets angry


Outside Karan’s House
Dhruv: Aditi I am sorry
Aditi: Dhruv I don’t want to talk about it
Dhruv: I know I am idiot but can you listen to me for once
Aditi: That’s why you always ignore me
Dhruv: I had my reasons Aditi
Aditi: REASONS? WHAT REASONS? Every time I want to spend time with you but Mr. Dhruv Pandey always has an excuse
Dhruv: Aditi stop it
Aditi: No Mr. Dhruv Pandey I am tired of listening to you and being your pet because I thought you loved me just I love you
Dhruv: I do love you Aditi
Aditi: No Dhruv you only love your money and work the most because you haven’t ever loved me

Dhruv gets angry and pulls Aditi towards him. Dhruv holds Aditi’s hand roughly and she struggles to let herself go.
Dhruv: Aditi Chatreuvdi listen to me carefully, I am busy making your sister Thapki with my brother Bihaan Pandey because they love each other but problems got caused. You don’t even know anything because all your care about is yourself and your moments with others. I am trying to make Tia and Karan’s wedding preparations and I am also making Sid and Roshni spend more time together. I am trying to keep my friends and family safe but what do you do? Always blame for everything and stuff I didn’t even do anything.
Dhruv then let’s Aditi go while she is shocked and sad because of blaming him.
Aditi: Dhruv I didn’t know anything about this…
Dhruv: you know none thing and don’t even try to find out
Aditi: I didn’t know Di liked someone
Dhruv: Forget it
Dhruv leaves and Aditi looks on with teary eyes and says
Aditi: I am sorry Dhruv for not understanding, supporting you at all but now I will always be there by your side.


Inside Karan’s House
Siddharth and Bihaan enter the ceremony hall separately and see everyone staring at them.
Roshni: What happened, why aren’t you guys talking to each other?
Sid: Roshni I don’t want to talk about it
Bihaan: I understand Sid I don’t deserve your forgiveness
Thapki: Siddharth I know what Bihaan did was wrong but he didn’t know anything about it because Rohan caused this problem between everyone
Sid: Wow Thapki you forgot everything he did too you?
Thapki: Yes I have because Rohan has done everything even he wanted you and Bihaan to fight
Karan: Listen to me guys, today is a special day for all of us and I want you guys to forgive each other and enjoy the day
Tia: Bhaia
Sid: No Tia
Tia: But listen
Sid: I said no
Sid and Bihaan looks at Roshni and starting laughing
Roshni: Why are you two laughing?
Bihaan: We really wanted to see that expression of yours
Roshni: WHAT

Sid: You look hot Roshni (He kisses her on the cheek)
Roshni looks at Siddharth and says
Roshni: Siddharth?
Sid: I just wanted to see you angry for a bit because you look so cute and adorable (He says with a smile)
Roshni: I hate you so much
Tia and Thapki sneakily go away from there
Bihaan: Roshni you prank us too
Roshni: And you’re an idiot who always takes his side since college
Karan: Wait where did Tia and Thapki go?
Roshni: They were right here though
The song Nachde Ne Saare plays
Music plays
Tia and Thapki come on the dance floor and start dancing while Bihaan, Karan, Roshni and Siddharth see them from far. Everyone comes there including Kabir.
Tia: Mmmm…
Thapki goes up to Karan and whispers in his hear
Thapki: “Munda thoda.. offbeat hai Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai”
Roshni smiles and runs up and starts singing
Roshni: “Munda thoda.. offbeat hai Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai”
Tia smiles and dance along with Roshni. Thapki sings and says
Thapki: “Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai Viral hogya ye Tweet”
Bihaan pulls her hand and says
Bihaan: “Par phool wool karne mein cool Tu badi tezz katari hai Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki Humne kardi taiyari hai”
Bihaan carries Thapki from the back and spins her around. Karan and Sid run towards their respective girlfriends and dance with them while they all sing the part together.
Everyone: “Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke Aaj hil-dul ke Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)”
Thapki takes Bihaan hand and says
Thapki: Khasma nu khaane!
Hadipa… Hadipa…

Tia sings: Hallu bade karaar Karam na laalu bade karaar (aa ha!) Chadh chadh ke chaubaar
Karam naal sweetu aaja maar (aa ha!)
Chak De!
Roshni then sings: “Munde plenty mere layi hogaye senti O tere layi hogaye senti Tere layi hogaye senti”
They all start together while the radio sings for them
Tere liye main set hoon
Iss baat ki guarantee
Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi tayaari hai
Sehra baandh, tujhe kood-faand
Tujhe le jaana iss baari hai

Thapki and Siddharth make faces at their lovers and run. Roshni dances and Karan makes funny faces while Tia jumps up and down.
Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazaare (x2)
Zor-zor se shor-wor kar
DJ gaan bajaane aa
Ruthde ruthde jija fuffad
Humne saare manane haan (x2)
They start laughing and dance faster while the guys swing from the top while the girls laugh
Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki
Lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai
They all start dancing and carrying each other.
Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)
Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saare..
Khasma nu khaane!
They take a sefie together and smile.


They all stop dancing and smile at each other. Thapki sees Aditi entering the house and runs towards her.
Thapki: Aditi where were you?
Aditi: Di I needed to finish up some work
Thapki: But you missed the fun
Aditi: Sorry Di
Thapki: Where’s Ma?
Aditi: She had to leave because of some important work
Thapki: Aditi are you okay?
Aditi: I am fine Di
Thapki: Then why do you look sad?
Aditi: Do you like Bihaan? Dhruv’s brother?
Thapki gets shocked



Dhruv comes to Kabir and says
Dhruv: Did you see Rohan?
Kabir: No I need to stop Razeeni she’s on her way
Dhruv: Wait I will come with you
Kabir: Dhruv I saw you fighting with Aditi
Dhruv: That doesn’t matter Kabir
Kabir: Yes it does
Dhruv: Look Kabir I need to go with you too
Kabir: Go and tell Aditi how much you love her
Dhruv: I will later but first we need to do this
Kabir: Dhruv
Dhruv: What wrong why are you so shocked?
Dhruv and Kabir are shocked and look on


Inside Karan’s House

Upstairs Rohan burns the rope and the chandelier is wobbly and starts moving. Bihaan and Tia are standing under it.
Rohan: Goodbye Bihaan and Tia!!!
Rohan smirks and let’s go and jumps down from the there.
Rohan: Time to die and I can take my Thapki away from you all
Rohan runs away but bumps into someone gets shocked
Rohan: YOU
The guy is Siddharth
Sid: Rohan I knew it
Rohan: Move Siddharth Khurana
Sid: What the hell are you doing here?
Rohan: To kill your loved ones
Sid: I will destroy you (He holds his neck and chocks it)
Rohan: It’s too late
Sid: What do you mean?
Rohan: The chandelier light will fall on Tia and Bihaan or maybe Roshni your wife?
Sid: I will kill you

Rohan punches Siddharth he falls on the ground
Rohan: You should relax my goons already beat your ass up last time and you have bandages around you too.
Rohan: Bye
Sid pulls his leg and he falls on the ground. They both start fighting while everyone is downstairs.
Aditi: Di you love Bihaan?
Thapki looks at Aditi
Roshni then starts walking and makes Tia shy. Bihaan then is talking to Karan but he looks Tia. Karan walks towards her. The chandelier moves and Thapki hears it and sees Bihaan including Roshni under it.
Thapki: BIHAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sid gets shocked and pushes Rohan on the ground and looks down
Sid: ROSHNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rohan smirks while Karan and Tia look. Rohan covers his face and runs after Sid but shoots at someone and Dhruv and Kabir are shocked too

Episode ends

Moral – “Party is over and now it’s back to school but try to smile and enjoy too”

Recap: Everyone is shocked of the shot!!! Roshni slaps Thapki. Bihaan punches Rohan while Siddharth gets shocked. Dhruv and Aditi’s love confession. Razeeni is shocked while her plan fails. Now it’s the engagement of Tiran and Sidni. Marriage of Tia and Karan takes place on episode 29-30 while Siddharth and Roshni get married after them. Thapki and Bihaan marriage will be next.


Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys we have completed Twenty six episodes. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.

(By the way, if you’re reading this Fan-Fiction, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the next episode whenever I have time aha xx.

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