Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 25


Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 25
(Episode 24-26 all the couples will get back together) I am so so so so so so so sorrrrrrrrrryyyyy a big one…. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me always reach to 100 – 200 Comments!!! And we have reached twenty four episodes!!!!.. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. Nusz (Love you guys aha xx)

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Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)

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Anyways let’s get started with the episode.
At the hospital (Afternoon)
Siddharth’s room
The doctor enters Siddharth’s room and sees Roshni helping him get ready before discharging from the hospital.
Doctor: Well are you guys ready to leave yet?
Roshni: Yes doctor we will be there
Doctor: No you guys take your time; I just came here to tell you something
Sid: Is there something wrong doctor?
Doctor: No Siddharth everything is fine
Sid: Then what is it Doctor?
Doctor: I was just confused because Roshni signed the papers with your last time
Sid: It’s because she’s my wife
Doctor: Oh I see, thank you for clearing my doubt
Sid: No problem doctor and thank you for the help
Doctor: Don’t mention it; okay I will take my leave
The doctor leaves and Roshni hits Siddharth
Sid: Why you hitting me Roshni?
Roshni: Because you idiot I am not your wife anymore
Sid: Yes you’re
Roshni: Have you forgotten we divorced each other?

Sid: No I haven’t forgotten that
Roshni: Then how can you say I am your wife?
Sid: Then how can you sign the papers with my last name?
Roshni: Because I just did
Sid: So I just told the doctor
Roshni: Stop acting like a kid Siddharth
Sid: Stop doing the same Roshni

Roshni: You know what, I will leave
Sid holds Roshni’s hand and pulls her closer towards him.
Sid: I was joking
Roshni: Siddharth this isn’t a joke you know… When I was marrying Bihaan I remember how we spent time together
Sid: Then why did you divorce me and marry Bihaan?
Roshni: I don’t know…
Sid: Roshni what are you hiding from me?
Roshni: DD attempted to kill me if I didn’t marry Bihaan
Sid: What nonsense? Why would Sasu Ma do that?
Roshni: Don’t call her that, She isn’t worth it

Sid: Has far as I know Sasu Ma wouldn’t do anything to harm you
Roshni: Oh now you’re taking her side instead
Sid: Roshni try to understand the situation here
Roshni: I don’t want to listen to anything
Sid: Listen Roshni Sasu Ma wouldn’t do anything that
Roshni: Siddharth you have lost your memory for almost three year due to that accident and remember everything after you hit that pole
Sid: I know but I know Sasu Ma wouldn’t do that

Roshni: Now you’re acting like I am lying
Sid: When did I say that?
Roshni: Sasu Ma tried to kill you, actually wait she did kill you almost
Sid: No she didn’t
Roshni: Stop Siddharth
Sid: Now you’re foolish Roshni
Roshni: Ofc I am you’re always the right one
Sid: I didn’t say anything like that
Roshni: Forget I don’t want to talk about it
Sid: Roshni listen to me
All of a sudden Thapki enters the room
Roshni: I don’t want to talk about this
Thapki: Are you guys fighting?
Roshni and Siddharth see Thapki near the door.
Sid: No she got angry because I called her fat
Thapki starts giggling
Sid: But you do look fatter then before?
Roshni: I am fat right? Then you’re hairy
Sid: Excuse me, girls still fall for me
Roshni: Oh I feel pity for them
Sid: And you’re one of them

Roshni: You wish
Thapki: Okay guys stop fighting
Roshni: Well Thapki you deal with him I will be right back
Thapki: Roshni where are you going?
Roshni: I need to find Tia because she has the paper which has Siddharth’s medicines on it
Thapki: Oh okay I think I saw them near the parking lot
Sid: They’re probably romancing like always
Roshni: Better then you
Sid: You see Thapki she still loves me
Roshni: Yea right
Roshni sticks her tongue out and leaves from there while Thapki starts laughing and walks towards Siddharth. She sits on the chair.
Thapki: So how are you Siddharth?
Sid: Well you see I feel much then before, but what happened to you?
Thapki: What do you mean?

Sid: I heard you fainted
Thapki: It was nothing
Sid: I told you to leave from there
Thapki: You’re an idiot why would I leave my friend on the road
Sid: Wait a minute
Thapki: What happened?
Sid: I thought I was your best friend?
Thapki: Well you see Tia is my best and you’re her brother which means
Sid: Means what?
Thapki: That you’re my other best friend
Siddharth starts laughing and hits Thapki on the head. Thapki smiles
Thapki: Thank you Siddharth for always supporting me
Sid: Hey, I am always here to help you
Thapki: But I told you not to go overacting
Sid: Overacting?
Thapki: During the fight with the goons
Sid: Oh so I start dancing in front of them
Thapki: When did I say that?
Sid: Well that’s what you mean
Thapki: No I didn’t mean that
Sid: Ofc you did
Thapki: Liar
Sid: I don’t lie
Thapki hits Siddharth with a pillow while he smiles seeing her happy
Sid: It’s great to see you happy again
Thapki: Yea…
Sid: Is everything alright?
Thapki: Well I met Bihaan outside of the hospital
Sid: Did he do something again?
Thapki: He said sorry
Sid: And what did you say

Thapki: I am never forgiving him ever; he tried to hurt you too
Sid: I know Thapki but
Thapki: No Siddharth I can never forgive him for that
Sid: But can your heart forget him?
Thapki: It doesn’t explain anything Siddharth, what he did was way too far
Sid: Thapki many things happen in life and you need to try moving on with life
Thapki: So are you ready to forgive Rohan after he tried to kill you?
Sid: Bihaan and Rohan are two different people

Thapki: I would forgive Bihaan but after the way he treated me
Sid: I will try to talk to him
Thapki: No Siddharth and also I don’t want to talk about it
Sid: Okay fine but can you at least smile
Thapki: No time for smiling you need to get ready because the car is waiting for you outside
Sid: But you look like a cat with no whiskers
Thapki: What do you say?
Sid: Nothing
Thapki grabs a pillow and starts hitting Siddharth and he hits her back.
Sid: Hey you’re hurting me
Thapki: Pillows don’t hurt
Sid and Thapki get into a pillow fight and then start laughing.
Sid starts coughing
Thapki: Siddharth are you okay?
Siddharth starts laughing and Thapki gets angry
Sid: If I don’t be okay then Roshni will kill me instead
Thapki: That’s not funny
Sid: Okay I was joking
Sid pulls Thapki and hugs her
Sid: Thanks best friend
Thapki: No problemo!!!
Sid and Thapki laugh then start leaving the place

Outside the hospital
Roshni rushes down the stairs looking for Karan and Tia. She doesn’t see them and turns to the other. But while Roshni was running she bumps into a guy.
Roshni: I am sorry
Roshni and the guy see each other and get shocked. The guy is Bihaan.
Bihaan: Tanya?
Roshni: Bihaan what are you doing here?
Bihaan: I came here to meet Siddharth and Thapki
Roshni: I think I can handle Siddharth myself and Thapki is already fine
Bihaan: I know I have already met her
Roshni: That’s great and she already told you to leave from here?
Bihaan: I know what I did was wrong
Roshni: No I made a mistake for standing by your side
Bihaan: Look Tanya
Roshni: Wait a minute! My name is Roshni not Tanya
Bihaan: But you said your name is Tanya
Roshni: No you’re mistaken Bihaan, I am actually Roshni Khurana
Bihaan: What do you mean by Khurana?
Roshni: All you need to know is before marrying you I divorced Siddharth for a reason
Bihaan: But why would you playing with people’s feelings?
Roshni: I don’t play with feelings I had reason but you know something? You’re someone who blames everyone for anything they didn’t even do
Bihaan: I know and I am suffering because of that
Roshni: Look Bihaan I don’t have time to talk nor fight with you
Bihaan: Wait Tanya listen to me
Roshni: My name is Roshni not Tanya

Bihaan: Okay Roshni listen to me for once
Roshni: What is it Bihaan?
Bihaan: Can you tell Thapki I am really sorry
Roshni: You should go up to her yourself
Roshni leaves the place and Bihaan looks on
Bihaan: How do I win back Thapki’s love?

Rohan’s house
Razeeni: So what’s your plan now?

Rohan: This Siddharth is always there for Thapki
Razeeni: What do you mean?
Rohan: This Siddharth already saw my face
Razeeni: How do you know that? And why didn’t you tell me yesterday
Rohan: Because you’re an idiot
Razeeni: Shut up Rohan this isn’t funny
Rohan: You think I am laughing?
Razeeni: No you’re causing problems for me
Rohan: Well guess what I have good news for you
Razeeni: Your good news are stupid
Rohan: Can you listen to me first?
Razeeni: Okay what is it?
Rohan: I told one of my goons to shy on them
Razeeni: So what?
Rohan: And he told me that tomorrow is Tia and Karan’s Haldi ceremony
Razeeni: What are you saying?
Rohan: Yes that’s what he heard
Razeeni: That’s amazing now my plan will be easier
Rohan: What do you mean?
Razeeni: Instead of killing Tia, I will take her along with me
Rohan: What do you mean?
Razeeni: I need Tia alive for reason
Rohan: Look I don’t care about them
Razeeni: I know you only want Thapki
Rohan: Yes when will I get her?
Razeeni: After you help me get Tia
Rohan: Okay I will
Razeeni gets up and smirks while talking
Razeeni: Well Karan say goodbye to your lovely Tia

Thapki and Siddharth leave the room and he starts limping and she holds him.
Thapki: Here take this stick
Sid: Thanks Tap

Thapki: Tap?
Sid: Yea can I call you tap?
Thapki: Fine
Sid: Okay Tap let’s leave
Thapki: Aye wait
Sid: What happened now?
Thapki: I need to get your papers
Sid: What papers?
Thapki: Just wait here
Sid: Okay fine
Thapki leaves and Siddharth sits down

Near the parking lot
Roshni reaches there while she sees Karan and Tia coming from the other side.
Roshni: Tia!
Tia then sees Roshni and goes towards her
Tia: Roshni what are you doing here?

Roshni: I was looking for you
Tia: Oh what happened is Bhaia okay?
Roshni: Yea he is fine; in fact Thapki is bringing him outside
Tia: Then what’s wrong?
Roshni: Do you have the paper for the medicines?
Tia: Don’t worry Roshni I already bought the medicines
Roshni: Really? Thank you Tia
Tia: No problem after all his my brother
Roshni: Yes indeed
Karan: Guys we should be going now
Roshni: Yes I think Thapki is with Siddharth
Karan: Alright I will grab the car and come in front of the hospital so you guys can come
Roshni: Thank you Karan
Karan: No problem
Tia and Roshni leave while Karan goes near the car

Inside the hospital
Thapki comes back and goes near Siddharth.
Thapki: Okay I am back
Sid: Can we go now?
Thapki: Yes we can go now
All of a sudden Tia and Roshni show up.
Tia: What are you guys still doing here?
Sid: Well Tap went to get something
Tia: Wait who the hell is tap?
Sid: Thapki’s nick name for me
Roshni starts laughing
Roshni: Okay guys let’s go
Sid: Finally my lovely Roshni is back
Roshni holds Sid and they both walk together while holding hands.
Sid: Roshni…
Roshni: What happened are you okay?
Sid: I love you (He kisses her on the cheeks)
Tia and Thapki smile seeing their love for each other.
Roshni: Siddharth
Sid: You’re mine after all
Roshni: I will always be yours Siddharth
Sid and Roshni walk and Thapki and Tia follow them

Outside the hospital
Karan is waiting for them and they all show up. He then goes towards them.
Karan: Hey Siddharth how are you feeling dude?
Sid: Much better than before
Karan: Seems like you’re trapped between all the girls
Sid: Pretty much
Roshni hits him while Tia and Thapki laugh.
Roshni: Acha now you’re making excuses
Sid: I was joking alright
Karan: Okay are you guys ready to go?
Roshni: Yes I will sit in the back with Siddharth.
Karan: Alright
Roshni: Thapki you come sit with us at the back
Sid: NO
Roshni: What do you mean no?
Thapki laughs and understand why he screamed
Thapki: It’s okay I will take the rickshaw
Roshni: No I understand why Siddharth said no
Sid: I was joking because I don’t want to hear Roshni’s melodrama
Roshni: Very funny
Sid: I am funny that’s why Tia is so quiet right now
Tia: I am quiet; I was listening to you guys
Sid: Sure
Tia: I don’t lie
Sid: Oh really you didn’t even tell me tomorrow is your Haldi?
Tia: I told Roshni
Sid: Excuse me she’s your bhabhi
Tia: Acha Baba I will call her Bhabhi
Roshni: No need
Karan: Okay guys can we stop fighting and let’s go
Tia: By the way Thapki why is your hair wet? Has far as I know it wasn’t raining
Thapki: Siddharth threw water on me
Sid: Tap Tap
Thapki: See he did it
Roshni: Siddharth why you throw water on her
Sid: Why are my jeans wet?
Karan: Wait what?
Tia: Thapki you threw water on Bhaia?
Thapki: Because he was talking stupid stuff
Sid: Okay guys I want to go home and get ready for my sister’s Haldi
Thapki: Oh so you accept this wedding?
Sid: My sister is happy so I accept it
Sid: Stop it tap you’re hurting my feelings
Thapki: Feelings ki bacha
Roshni: Stop it guys and let’s go home
Karan: Yes because Ma is going to decorate the house into a village
Roshni smiles and Thapki remembers something
Thapki: Guys I will be right back from that store
Roshni: Wait why?
Thapki: I will be right back
Roshni: But why are you going there?
Thapki: I have to get something, you guys leave I will take the auto
Roshni: I will stay with you
Sid: Oh wow how rude
Thapki: No it’s okay I will manage, you guys go it’s almost 3 and also tomorrow is their Haldi
Roshni: Are you sure?
Tia: Thapki if you want I will stay back with you?
Thapki: You definitely need to go home because tomorrow is your Haldi
Tia: But
Thapki: Guys let’s stop talking
Roshni: Alright then
Thapki: I will call you gu

ys later
Tia: Okay!!
Tiran and Sidni wave bye to Thapki.
Thapki (In mind): I need to stay because that shopkeeper near the temple knows about Rohan and his intentions… Sorry guys I didn’t want you guys to get involved in this at the wrong time.
Thapki then starts walking towards the road where it leads to the temple.

Pandey Mansion
Kabir comes to meet Dhruv outside his Mansion.
Kabir: Okay I am here
Dhruv: Did you find any proof about Razeeni?
Kabir: Listen to me carefully, my Bhaijaan Karan doesn’t talk to me and I need you to do something for me
Dhruv: What do you mean?
Kabir: It’s a long story but can you do it?
Dhruv: Sure but what is it?
Kabir: Tomorrow is Karan Bhaijaan and Tia’s Haldi
Dhruv: Yea what about that?
Kabir: I need you to keep Tia, Karan and Thapki safe because goons might enter the place and kill anyone
Dhruv: I need you to come to the party too
Kabir: I can’t Dhruv try to understand the problem here
Dhruv: You can’t always hide from your brother
Kabir: I can’t come there
Dhruv: You can’t always hide from him after all he is your brother and I know he cares for you a lot
Kabir: Okay I will come tomorrow just for everyone’s safety
Dhruv: Thank you
Kabir: Okay I need to leave before anyone sees us
Dhruv: Listen I need to tell you something
Kabir: Yea what is it?
Dhruv: Do you have any idea why Rohan is after Thapki?
Kabir: I don’t know anything about that
Dhruv: Then why is this Rohan always following Thapki
Kabir: I don’t know about that but I will try finding out
Dhruv: Okay thanks
Kabir: Alright I need to leave for now
Kabir leaves and Dhruv gets thinking
Dhruv: What is this story about Rohan and Thapki? I need to ask Aditi, I haven’t spoken to her for ages.

On the road
Thapki is walking on the road and then Bihaan sees her from there.
Bihaan: Thapki!
Thapki then turns around and sees Bihaan and starts walking faster. He drives his motorcycle beside her and stops.
Bihaan: Listen to me Thapki
Thapki: Bihaan leave me alone
Thapki: Okay what is it now? Why are you always after me?
Bihaan: I am really sorry Thapki, I don’t deserve your love but I really want you back
Thapki: To play games with me?
Bihaan: No why would I do that?
Thapki: That’s what you always do Bihaan
Bihaan: Okay I will stop asking you that, but why are you out here alone?
Thapki: Why does that concern you?
Bihaan: Because I can’t see you alone like this
Thapki: Um who are you to know what I do with my life?
Bihaan: Look I don’t want to fight, do you want me to drop you off?
Thapki: No thank you Bihaan Pandey
Thapki makes odd faces at Bihaan. He gets angry and says.
Bihaan: You know what forget it… I am trying a lot but I don’t deserve it
Thapki sees an auto
Thapki: I don’t have time to speak to you Mr. Bihaan Pandey
Thapki then walks away from Bihaan and goes towards the auto.
Bihaan (In mind): I know you still love me…
Bihaan and Thapki go the opposite direction

In front of Siddharth’s house
Karan: We’re finally at your house
Tia: I will take you inside Bhaia
Roshni: No need Tia, I will be staying with Siddharth at his place for a couple of days
Tia: Are you sure?
Roshni: Yes and I promise I will bring Siddharth along tomorrow for the Haldi ceremony
Karan: Alright I will see you guys tomorrow
Tia: Bye Bhaia
Sid: Bye Tia and I want to tell you something before you leave
Tia: What wrong’s Bhaia?
Sid: I am sorry for always get angry at you because I know you care (He kisses her on the forehead)
Tia: I love you Bhaia (She hugs him)
Tia gets back in the car and waves bye to Roshni and Siddharth

Thapki’s house
Thapki reaches home and goes straight her room. She grabs a towel and dries and her hair. Then afterwards she sits on her bed and thinks about today.
Thapki: Bihaan doesn’t understand that I don’t want to meet him at all
Thapki then remembers something she saw at the temple….
Thapki: What is Rohan is working for someone?
She then gets confused
Thapki: I need to keep on everyone at Tia’s Haldi
Thapki then quickly grabs her diary and writes something in it. Then Aditi enters the room and asks her something.
Aditi: Di we need to talk about
Thapki turns around and sees her sister very angry
Thapki: Aditi what happened to you?
Aditi: I need to ask you something about Dhruv
Thapki: What about him? Have you spoken to him lately?
Aditi: Di do you like Dhruv’s brother Bihaan?
Thapki turns around and gets shocked with her question.

Karan’s House
Tia and Karan reach home and see the house is decorated with beautiful stuff.
Karan: Well my Ma is really fast
Tia: I don’t want everything so expensive
Karan: Tia is our wedding and I want everything to be done so well…
Tia: Karan I need to tell you something
Karan: Not right I need you to go to your room and wear this dress
Tia: But Karan
Karan: Please Tia; I will meet you in your room
Tia: Wait why
Karan: I need to talk to Ma for a minute
Tia: We both can talk with her together
Karan: Not now Tia, you go to your inside I will be back
Karan leaves with his car towards the front while Tia goes inside her room by the backdoor.
Tia: How do I tell Karan my truth?

Pandey Mansion
Bihaan comes home and Dhruv sees him.
Dhruv: Well you back late
Bihaan: Dhruv I need to talk to you
Dhruv: Oh now you want to talk to me
Bihaan: Please listen to me for once
Dhruv: Okay what is it?
Bihaan: I know what I did was wrong with Thapki but…
Dhruv: You want her to give you another chance?
Bihaan: Yes…
Dhruv: You’re so stupid and retarded
Bihaan: Don’t call me that
Dhruv: Then what do I call you?
Bihaan: Stop talking nonsense Dhruv
Dhruv: Oh shut up Bihaan, you’re driving me insane like hell… If you have the guts then tomorrow at Karan and Tia’s Haldi ceremony you should do something for Thapki…
Dhruv gets angry and leaves from there while Bihaan gets thinking….
Bihaan: But what should I do?

Thapki’s House
Aditi: Di why aren’t you answering me?
Thapki: What are you talking about? Did you get into a fight with Dhruv?
Aditi: No I haven’t
Thapki: Aditi I don’t have any other what you’re talking about
Aditi: Di, I was only joking okay
Thapki: That’s not funny Aditi
Aditi: Okay Di I am sorry
Thapki: Okay Aditi what do you need I need to prepare some stuff for Tia’s Haldi tomorrow
Aditi: That means it’s almost night
Thapki: Yes it’s almost night
Aditi: What time are you leaving the house?
Thapki: Around 8 because I need to help Tia get ready
Aditi: Okay Di I will come along with you
Thapki: Wait what
Aditi: I am coming along with you
Thapki: NO
Aditi: No?
Thapki: I mean you come along with Ma
Aditi: But why
Thapki: Because I need to go to the store
Aditi: I can come along with you
Thapki: But I need to go to the office after
Aditi: Okay fine Di, I will go with Ma
Thapki: Okay I need to sleep
Aditi: Alright Di, but first come have dinner
Thapki: Okay I am coming
Aditi leaves and Thapki gets thinking
Thapki (In mind): Tomorrow I need to go early and warn Tia about some stuff

Siddharth’s House
Siddharth is in his room and is changing his clothes. He struggles putting on his clothes and Roshni is on her way bringing a glass of water and medicines and sees Siddharth struggling while putting his clothes on.
Sid: Ouch
Roshni runs inside and puts down the medicines with the glass water of down on the table. Shw quickly holds Siddharth
Roshni: Siddharth are you okay?
Siddharth looks at Roshni and smiles
Sid: I am much better
Roshni sees Siddharth’s hand bleeding and gets concerned
Roshni: Siddharth your hand is bleeding?
Roshni was about to get the bandages when Siddharth holds hand
Sid: Roshni why are you crying in front of me?
Roshni: I can’t see you in pain…
Sid: Roshni I know why my hand is bleeding…
Roshni: What do you mean?
The song Janib starts playing
“Le lawaan main jind vech ke Je mera sajan mill jaaye”
Sid: I want to make mines forever
Roshni: I am yours already Siddharth…
Sid: No you’re mines forever yet….
Roshni looks at Siddharth with teary eyes and he quickly wipes it and smiles at her…
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir Bhoola dhadkane teri khatir Hai ye waaste tere haazir Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir”
Roshni: Siddharth please don’t try to hurt yourself ever again…
Sid: Then why are you always trying to move away from me?
Roshni: Because I want you to stay safe
Sid: Without me?
Roshni: I tried…
Siddharth takes some blood from his hand and fills Roshni’s mang with it… Roshni closes her eyes and tears fall…
“Neendein bhi le gaye Mujhe yun de gaye Bechainiyan.. bechainiyan..”
Sid: Now you will always belong to me…
Roshni: Siddharth….
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”
Sid: I love you Roshni Khurana….
Roshni gets emotional and hugs Siddharth tightly and he asks her back….
Sid: I love you too Roshni….
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”
Siddharth and Roshni share a romantic hug together…

Karan’s House
Tia is in her room and wears the sleeveless salwar kameez that Karan gifted her for their Haldi ceremony… Tia sees her arms that have burnt marks all around and gets sad. The Karan enters her room and she hides in the washroom.
Karan: Tia are you ready?
Tia: Karan I don’t think you want to see me like this
Karan: What do you mean?
Tia: I look horrible
Karan: Tia come out….
Tia: I don’t want too
Karan: Come out Tia…
Tia comes out covering herself with the dupptta then Karan sees her…
Karan: Why are you covering yourself with that dupptta?
Karan stands far from Tia and tells her to removes it and sees burnt marks all around her arms…
Tia: This is my truth…
Karan then gets shattered seeing burnt marks all around her back and arms…
Karan: Tia….
Tia: This is me Karan… Will you still accept me…?
The song Janib still plays…
Karan: Tia I don’t love you because of your looks… I love you because of your smile and goodness…
Tia: But nobody will love me because of this…
Karan: But I love you Na?
Tia: Karan…
Karan: You’re such a beautiful girl that I will always love you even though you getting older…
Tia looks at Karan with teary eyes… Karan eyes are also filled with tears because of Tia…
“Din dhadakne lage hain tujh mein Saans lene lagi hain raatein Kal talak lafz bhi nahi thheAaj hone lagi hain baatein”
Karan: You’re the cutest girl who smiles and makes everyone smile and I like you because of that…
Tia: Karan you have always loved me and I am proud of myself because I have you…
Karan: So don’t say you look ugly with these marks because you look beautiful
Tia gets happy and runs towards Karan…
“Ho.. Din dhadakne lage hain tujh mein Saans lene lagi hain raatein Kal talak lafz bhi nahi thhe
Aaj hone lagi hain baatein”
Karan gets down on his and proposes Tia…
Karan: So Ms. Tia Khurana or Sharma? Will you marry me and become Tia Karan Singh?
Tia smiles and cries at the same time…
“Meri tu ho gayi Tabhi toh kho gayi Tanhaiyaan.. tanhaiyaan..”

Karan: So is that a yes Tia?
Tia: Yes…
Karan gets up and Tia hugs him tightly… He spins her around and they both are in tears and smile at the same time…
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”
Karan: I love you so much Tia…
Tia: I love you to Karan and thank you for coming to my life again…
Karan: I will always be there for you…
They break their hug
Karan kisses Tia on the forehead…
Tia: I will always be yours too…
They both hug again…
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”

Thapki’s house (Morning)
Thapki gets and quickly goes inside the temple room and prays to god. She quickly changes into clothes and makes breakfast for everyone before leaving the house.
Thapki (In mind): I need to leave quickly and reach Karan Bhai’s house so I can help Tia dress up well.
Thapki then quickly grabs her purse and leaves from there.

Siddharth’s house
Siddharth is sleeping on the bed and finally wakes up and doesn’t see Roshni
Roshni: Siddharth the hot water is ready go shower quickly I will bring you some food
Roshni: Did you say something?
Sid: Yea I am going
Roshni: Do you need help with taking everything off
Sid: It’s okay I got it…
Sid quickly comes out the shower and is holding a stick.
Roshni: Are you finished
Sid: Yea I am
Roshni: Okay here wear this suit
Roshni makes Siddharth wear a red suit… while he is sitting on the bed… He looks at her nonstop… Siddharth then pulls Roshni on the bed… They both fall on the bed…
Sid: Well my pyaari Biwi
Roshni: Siddharth what are you doing?
Sid hugs Roshni from the back
Sid: I love you and can we stay home for today
Roshni: Chup… we need to go remember tomorrow is Tia and Karan’s Haldi
Sid: Acha Baba I will go
Roshni: Okay then I have to get ready too
Sid then pulls Roshni back
Sid: I don’t want to let you go…
He touches her face and she gets touched…
Sid: We do this longer
Sid comes closer towards Roshni and she hits the pillow on him and runs away.
Roshni: To slow Siddharth Khurana
Sid smiles
Sid: Pagal me

Karan’s house
Tia is getting ready and waits for Thapki to arrive
Tia: Where is this Thapki? She’s taking forever to come here?
Thapki then arrives at Karan’s house. Then Ria sees her at the door.
Ria: Thapki right?
Thapki: Hello Auntie I am sorry for coming late
Ria: Ofc you’re not late, it’s only 10am
Thapki: I know I would have come earlier but I had to go somewhere
Ria: It’s okay
Thapki: Anyways auntie do you know where Tia is?
Ria: She’s probably in her room waiting for you?
Thapki: Okay thank you Auntie
Ria smiles and thinks to herself
Ria (In mind): I hope everyone accepts Tia the way she… I am proud to have a daughter – in – law like her.
Thapki runs upstairs and knocks at Tia’s door. Tia opens the door and is happy to see Thapki.
Tia: Thapki you’re finally here.
Thapki: Sorry for taking forever
Tia: It’s alright at least you made…
Thapki: Did you tell Karan about your marks?
Tia: Yea
Thapki: And what did he say
Karan then enters the room and says
Karan: I said she looks beautiful just the way she is…
Thapki turns around and sees Karan near the door.
Thapki: Karan Bhaia then you so much for supporting my best friend Tia like always… I know I couldn’t always be with her but you were….
Tia: It’s okay Thapki I know how you feel
Thapki: That’s why I love you
Tia: I love you to my penguin
Thapki: Penguin? Not again
Thapki hits Tia and they both smile. Karan watches their bonding and remembers Kabir.
Karan: You guys remind me of sisters
Thapki: Tia will always remind my sister in my heart
Tia: Same here
Thapki and Tia hug each other emotionally
Thapki: And I promise you now I am back I will always be by your side
Tia: Thank you Thapki for being my best friend/sister like always
Karan: Okay are you guys are finished with the emotional talking?
Tia: Excuse me
Karan: I am joking, but I wanted to give Thapki something
Thapki: What is it Karan Bhaia
Karan comes forward and gives a gift to Thapki.
Karan: This for you
Thapki: What is this Karan Bhaia?
Karan: You open it and see
Thapki opens the gift and sees a pink Lenghas.
Thapki: This is beautiful
Karan: I know that’s why I bought it for you
Thapki: But you didn’t have too
Karan: You’re my younger sister and I have the right to buy you this
Thapki gets happy and hugs Karan
Thapki: Thank you for this beautiful pink Lenghas
Tia: Thapki I want you to wear this right now, go and change
Thapki: I will change later; I need to finish some more work for your Haldi
Tia: But I want you to wear it now though
Thapki: Acha Baba I will go wear it
Tia: Thank you
Thapki leaves from there and Tia comes closer to Karan.
Karan: Tia what are you doing?
Tia: Why are you walking backwards?
Karan: Because you’re acting strange
Tia: Don’t you like that?
Karan: I do but don’t you think…
Karan hits the wall and Tia brings her face closer to him…
Tia: You…
Karan: You what…
Tia touches his face and runs away from there.
Karan then realizes what Tia did.
Karan: You put black stuff on my face; I will teach you a lesson Tia
Tia: Well now I need to go downstairs, bye and I love you

Outside Karan’s House
Roshni was driving the car while Siddharth looks at her.
Roshni: Okay we’re finally here
Sid: We can still drive
Roshni: Siddharth are you even listening?
Sid comes closer to Roshni and she puts her hand on his face.
Roshni: What are you doing?
Sid: I am trying to romance my wife
Roshni: Acha but first we need to get off this car
Sid: No I am to tired
Roshni goes out and opens the door for Siddharth. All of a sudden Thapki comes out of the washroom and sees them near the main door. She then goes downstairs and greets them.
Thapki: You guys are finally here?
Sid comes out of the car and holds Roshni’s hand.
Sid: Hey Tap
Thapki: Hello are you guys? And Siddharth are you taking your medicines?
Sid: Yes I am no worries
Roshni: Well Thapki I must say you look beautiful in pink
Thapki: Thank you Roshni and also you look beautiful in white
Roshni: Thank you Thapki
Thapki then looks up at Roshni and sees a Sindoor on her head.
Thapki: You guys got married?
Sid: Tap, I remarried her
Thapki: But you should get married all over again with all the rituals
Sid: Not right now, it’s Tia and Karan’s wedding
Thapki: But you guys…
Roshni: Thapki I know you’re concerned about this, but we’re happy like this
Thapki: You know something Roshni, I am really happy Siddharth has a wife like you
Roshni: And I am happy he has a friend like you
Thapki hugs Roshni and so does she.
Sid: Guys I am tired of standing
Thapki: I have realized something after Siddharth had an accident he has become bossier
Roshni: I know I have realized that too
Thapki: Then we should leave me out here
Sid: Hey that’s not fair
Roshni: Fair enough, yesterday you were snoring so loudly
Sid: I don’t snore
Roshni: YES YOU DO
Then Karan comes there and sees them fighting
Karan: What the hell is going out here
Thapki looks at Karan and starts laughing
Thapki: What happened to your face?
Karan: Don’t mention that
Sid: You look like a kala cow
Karan: I look like a cow?
Sid: Well a kala goat could work?
Karan: Wow what kind of friend are you
Sid: I give honest statements
Roshni: But he looks much better then you
Sid: That’s true
Roshni: You look like a monkey
Sid: Me and monkey
Roshni: Yes
Sid: So I say wo heheheheh
Thapki: That’s not how a monkey sounds
Sid: Oink Oink
Karan: Stop it guys and let’s go inside
Thapki: Karan Bhaia you should get washed up
Karan: I will do that right now
Karan leaves and Roshni and Thapki help Siddharth inside their house.

Rohan’s house
Rohan: Okay we need to leave right now
Razeeni: No you fool
Rohan: What do you mean no?
Razeeni: We can’t leave right now
Rohan: Why?
Razeeni: Because first we need to wait till more guests come
Rohan: How will you know that?
Razeeni: I told your goons to go there
Razeeni: No you fool stop shouting
Razeeni slaps Rohan
Razeeni: I said stop shouting
Rohan: How dare you slap me?
Razeeni: You fool if anyone finds out what we’re up too… We will be doomed
Rohan: Did you have to hit me for that?
Razeeni: Ofc I did because you have no brain
Rohan: Geez
Razeeni: Anyways listen to me
Rohan: Okay what is it?
Razeeni: I sent one of your goons and he told me that
Rohan: Told you what?
Razeeni: That not much people are there yet
Rohan: But you know something
Razeeni: What?
Rohan: The light will fall on Tia today
Razeeni: What do you mean?
Rohan: You will see
Rohan smirks and Razeeni makes a confused face

Karan’s house
Bihaan and Dhruv reach the place and Kabir comes there and signs Dhruv.
Dhruv: Well you go inside I will be there
Bihaan: I don’t feel like going alone
Dhruv: Look Karan invited you, so don’t be scared
Bihaan: I am scared though
Dhruv: Then?
Bihaan: I want to meet Thapki
Dhruv: She’s already inside
Bihaan: How do you know that?
Dhruv: Because Thapki always comes early
Bihaan: Are you sure?
Dhruv: Yes, now go inside I will be right back
Bihaan: Okay thanks
Bihaan goes inside and Kabir comes there
Kabir: No sign of Razeeni or Rohan
Dhruv: I think their goons are here
Kabir: Okay I will go inside and check
Dhruv: I will wait here
Kabir: Why?
Dhruv: I am waiting for Aditi, she’s probably mad at me because we haven’t talked for awhile
Kabir: Okay I will give you a call when I need help
Dhruv: Alright
Kabir goes inside and Dhruv waits for Aditi

Inside Karan’s house
Thapki is walking with a basket of flowers in it and Bihaan is going that direction too. They both bump into each other and the flowers fall on both of them. They both stare at each other.
Bihaan: Thapki…
Thapki looks at Bihaan and gets shocked
Thapki: What are you doing here?
Karan comes there and says
Karan: I invited him
Thapki: Oh I see
Karan: Are you okay with that?
Thapki: Yea I am fine
Bihaan: Thapki I need to talk to you
Thapki: I can’t talk; I have some work to do
Thapki leaves from there and Bihaan looks on
Karan: Bihaan, you need to give her some time.
Karan leaves and Bihaan thinks to himself
Siddharth and Roshni are sitting down and watching Tia come downstairs with Thapki.
Sid: I am happy for my sister
Roshni: You know something Siddharth
Sid: Yea?
Roshni: Sometimes I feel like marrying again with the proper rituals because both our marriages were done like this…
Sid looks at Roshni and understands.
Sid: What do you feel like?
Roshni: I feel like marriage is a beautiful thing if you love each other till the last breath of your life
Sid: And your mines…
Roshni: I know… but look at Tia and Karan…
Tia comes downstairs and Karan comes closer to her and sees her smiling.
Thapki: Not now Karan Bhaia, first we need to put the Menhdi and then it’s the Haldi
Roshni: I am going to go help them out
Sid: No don’t leave me
Roshni: You enjoy your time with Karan
She leaves and Sid becomes sad
Sid: Every girl is shy
Thapki and Roshni take Tia away from Karan and she smiles at him. Sid then starts calling Karan from the cell phone.
Karan: Hello?
Sid: Hey Dude
Karan: Siddharth?
Sid: Yes it’s me
Karan: Why are you calling me? And you’re right in front of me
Sid: Come and chill with me because my wife is very rude for leaving me alone
Karan: I know they both took my Tia away
Sid: I realized
Karan: Okay I am coming
Roshni and Thapki are doing Menhdi on Tia and see the letter K on her hand.
Roshni: Uffu she’s blushing
Thapki: After all its Karan Bahia’s name
Roshni: I know that
Tia: Stop you two
Thapki is doing Menhdi on Tia’s hand and then remembers Bihaan. Tia realizes she’s not doing the Menhdi and is thinking about something else.
Tia: Thapki is everything fine?
Thapki: Yes…
Tia: Are you sure.
Thapki: Yea everything is fine…
Bihaan looks at Thapki from far and becomes sad…

Karan’s House
After some time Tia’s Mehndi was done and they call Karan.
Thapki: Jiju!! Tia is waiting for you
Sid: Hmmm
Karan: Hmm what
Sid: When did Tap start calling you Jiju?
Karan: Don’t even ask
Sid starts laughing and Karan leaves from there.
Sid: Hey take me along
Sid gets angry
Sid: Even guys are shy? Then what am I?
Karan goes near Tia and sees her Menhdi and they both smile at each other.
Tia: Can you find your name?
Karan: I already did
Tia: Where?
Karan: It’s written in my heart
Roshni and Thapki smile at this.
Thapki: Roshni I will be right back from upstairs
Thapki is going upstairs and the goons is about to pull the light when Bihaan sees it moving. He rushes upstairs where nobody is there.
Bihaan: Oh shit Thapki
Thapki phone drops and she about to pick it up when Bihaan pushes her and the glass falls on his hand.
Thapki: Bihaan!!!!!!!!!

Outside Karan’s house
Aditi reaches there and Dhruv sees her.
Dhruv: Aditi
But he then realizes her mom is there too
Aditi: Dhruv what is he doing out here…
Poonam: Aditi I think your friend is calling you
Aditi: Ma you go inside I will be back
Poonam: Acha Aditi
Poonam leaves and Dhruv comes near Aditi.
Dhruv: Aditi how are you?
Aditi: Oh now you ask me that?
Dhruv: I know I am sorry Aditi
Aditi: I don’t want to talk about it
Dhruv: Listen to me Aditi
Aditi: What is it Dhruv

Karan’s House (Upstairs)
Thapki: Bihaan is your hand hurting a lot?
Bihaan: Not much has I hurt you
Thapki looks at Bihaan
Thapki: Why did you come here?
Bihaan: I didn’t want you get hurt
Thapki: But now you’re hurt because of me
Bihaan: And I know you still car me
Thapki and Bihaan look at each other (While the song Janib is still playing)
Thapki: Bihaan I need to bandage your hand first…
She starts bandaging and Bihaan says ouch in pain… Thapki kisses his hand and he gets touched….
“Bin tere ye jahaan ab nahin Tu hai jahaan Rab hai wahin Tu hai toh hai maayne mere Warna koi mera matlab nahi”
Bihaan: Thapki I know you still love me you…
Thapki: It’s not that… I just couldn’t see someone in pain like that…
Bihaan: Then why did you kiss my hand
Thapki gets up and was about to leave Bihaan holds her hand… He drags her towards him… They’re very close towards each other… They both share an eye lock while the wind blows….
“Bin tere ye jahaan ab nahin Tu hai jahaan Rab hai wahin Tu hai toh hai maayne mere Warna koi mera matlab nahi”
Thapki: Bihaan let me go…
Bihaan: Why are there tears in your eyes then?
Thapki: Let me go Bihaan…
Bihaan: You still love me a lot Thapki… I know you can’t leave me…
Thapki: Yes you’re right… Then why can’t you trust me?
They both share an eye lock
“Yaadon mein hai tu hi Khwabon mein hai teri Parchaiyaan… parchaiyaan..”
Bihaan: Because I am idiot…. And now I know you’re the person I will always trust….
Thapki looks at Bihaan and so does he…
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”
Siddharth and Roshni both hug each other and he kisses her on the forehead.
Sid: I will marry you again…
Roshni: I am yours forever….
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”
Karan carries Tia and spins her around…
Karan: I love you Tia and thank you for coming into my life…
Tia: I love you too…
Their faces touch…
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”
It ends with Bihaan touching Thapki’s face…. Siddharth is holding Roshni’s face and hugs her tightly while Karan and Tia share a romantic hug…
“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib Aana jaana lagta hai wajib Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein”

Episode ends

Moral – “Most couples love each other but you now know Thahaan, Tiran and Sidni’s love story.”

Recap – All the couples back together, Dancing and party 24/7? Siddharth and Bihaan become friends again? Tia and Karan want Roshni and Sid to get married again on the same date has them? Rohan and Razeeni’s plan fail because of? Dhruv and Aditi confess their love? More stories to unfold but just to let you know next episode is gonna be full of music and fun aha xx.


Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys we have completed Twenty five episodes. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.

(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the next episode whenever I have time aha xx.

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