Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 24


Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 24
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Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)
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Anyways let’s get started with the episode.

At Pandey Mansion
Roshni is holding Siddharth’s head on her lap.
Roshni: Siddharth please get up
Karan: Tia I think Thapki has a high fever
Tia: Hurry we need to leave quickly
Karan: Tia relax
Tia: I can’t relax I’ve lost my temper
Karan carries Thapki in to the ambulance car.
The ambulance comes there and takes Thapki and Siddharth along with everyone else. Bihaan and Dhruv run after them.
DD (In mind): I don’t want anything bad to happen

At the hospital
Thapki and Siddharth are rushed into operation room. Thapki’s fever is high and her arm is bleeding at the same. Siddharth has been injured really badly too.
Doctor: Okay everyone wait out here
Tia: How are my Bhaia and Thapki? Please tell me
Doctor: You will have to wait
Tia: Wait doctor
Karan: Tia relax please
Tia: How can I relax if my brother and Thapki are suffering because of these people are around them.
Roshni in a bridal outfit is sitting down on the ground with her hand on the chair and is crying so much.
Roshni: Siddharth! (She gets up and was about to go near the door when Tia holds her hand)
Tia: Wait right there Tanya, Oh wait your name isn’t Tanya Kapoor? It’s Roshni Patel right?
Roshni: Tia let me go?
Tia: Oh shut up stop acting like you care, I even warned you before the wedding didn’t I?
Roshni jerks Tia’s hand away from her.
Roshni: What do you even know about me? Why are you getting into my business?
Tia: Wah, you’re so well mannered Roshni
Roshni: What do you think about your own self? Have you even believed your brother? It took you at least three months to realize how good – hearted he is
Tia: And you ditched him?
Roshni: When did I ditch him?
Tia: You said it yourself and also Ms. Roshni Patel you were already ready to marry Bihaan
Roshni: You don’t even know me properly
Tia: I don’t even want to know you at all
Karan: Can you two stop fighting?
Tia: I am not done dealing with her
Roshni: I am not in the mood to fight with you, I need to meet Siddharth
Tia: Stop acting selfish Roshni Patel and I know this your plan
Dhruv and Bihaan come there along with DD.
Tia gets angry and pushes Roshni and Dhruv comes on time and holds her.
Dhruv: What the hell is wrong with you Tia?
Tia: Why are you saving him? I have already lost my temper and want to start a fight
Dhruv: Karan what the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you tell her to relax?
Karan: She doesn’t even listen to me no more
Tia: What do you mean? You think I am wrong
Karan: You’re not only wrong but also acting selfish at the same time
Tia: What do you mean?
Karan: Why are you pushing Tanya like that?
Tia: Because this is all her entire fault
Roshni then gets away from Dhruv and says thanks to him and goes towards Tia.
Roshni: You know something Tia? You’re more selfish then I, you want to know why because you’re someone who never trusts your own people but others who try to harm you.
Tia becomes quiet and then the doctor comes out.
Roshni: Doctor how is Siddharth?
Doctor: Is condition is very critical
Roshni: What do you mean by critical?
Doctor: We’re still trying because he has lost a lot of blood due to the injuries
Roshni: Look I don’t want anything to happen to him
Doctor: We’re trying but can someone go with the nurse we fill up the paper?
Tia and Roshni: I will go
Doctor: Both of you?
Tia and Roshni look at each other and Tia says.
Tia: Roshni will go instead
Roshni looks at Tia and she smiles back.
Roshni: What do you mean I go?
Tia: Go I will stay here with Thapki
Roshni goes with the nurse.
Karan: Tia?
Tia looks at Karan with teary eyes.
Tia: I am horrible person, but I know Roshni loves Siddharth I was just testing her love for him
Karan sees Tia crying and hugs her
Tia: I am sorry Karan for being rude
Karan: No Tia I understand you that’s why I played along
Tia: No Karan, I hurt my own brother a lot and I was trying to split them up.
Karan: Whatever you do is right I know that
Tia: Wait what about Thapki
Tia starts panicking
Karan: Tia
Tia: What if Poonam Auntie and Aditi find out… Oh GOD THEY WILL PANICK
The doctor comes out and tells Tia sometime
Tia: Doctor how is Thapki?
Doctor: I don’t know she’s not responding and her fever is high
Bihaan comes there and says
Bihaan: I will get the medicines but please don’t let anything happen to her
Doctor nods and goes back inside
Karan: Tia
Tia gets angry and holds Bihaan’s hand. He turns around and she gives him a tight slap which shocks Dhruv and Karan at the same time.

Other side of the hospital
Razeeni smiles seeing all this happen but still angry seeing Tia alive. Kabir sees Razeeni and taps her back. Razeeni turns around.
Kabir: Wah Razeeni Mausi
Razeeni: Kabir, what are you doing here?
Kabir: Shouldn’t I be asking you that?
Razeeni: Oh so you knew after all
Kabir: I don’t think you even have the right to be here
Razeeni: Who are you to tell me what to do?
Kabir: You need to get out of here before I call the police
Razeeni: I can kick you out of the house
Kabir: You can’t do that
Razeeni: Or kill your brother and dad at the same time
Razeeni starts laughing
Razeeni: I will leave for now, but watch when I come to kill Tia
Kabir: If you lay a hand on my Bhaijaan and his future wife, I will destroy you myself and I swear to god
Razeeni: I will wait for that day
Kabir: Wait for what? I don’t know why you’re doing this? But you have already ruined my father’s life.
Razeeni: I am older then you
Kabir: You know you’re right
Razeeni: I thought so
Kabir: Razeeni I think you should leave the place right now before I expose your truth
Razeeni: How dare you call me that?
Kabir: Um because that is your name, right Razeeni?
Razeeni: Hey
Kabir: Don’t hey me, you better leave right now
Razeeni: I will ruin you and everyone else
Kabir: I’ll be waiting for that day
Razeeni points a finger at him and leaves the place in anger
Kabir (In mind): This Razeeni can do anything to ruin my family and loved ones; I need to tell Bhaijaan before this causes more problems

Roshni quickly signs the forms and was about to leave when she bumps into DD.
DD: Roshni are you okay?
Roshni: What are you doing here?
DD: I just came here to check everything
Roshni: Did I ask you to come here?
DD: I know what I did was wrong but you need to listen to me
Roshni: I don’t have time for your crap
DD: Roshni please don’t marry Siddharth and leave him
DD gets shocked seeing Roshni in this condition

Near the ICU door
Tia slapped Bihaan which shocks Dhruv and Karan.
Tia: Mr. Bihaan Pandey how dare you come here?
Karan: Tia
Tia: No Karan let me speak for today
Bihaan: Tia I know what I did was wrong but let me meet Thapki?
Tia: What you did wasn’t only wrong? It was selfish and disgusting
Bihaan: Please Tia try to understand me
Dhruv (In mind): Bihaan you should have listened to me
Karan: Tia please
Tia: No Karan, I had enough now he has to listen to the truth
Bihaan: Tia please
Tia: You know something Bihaan, Thapki loves you a lot… She never had feelings for anyone like that other then you… You know why? because you’re someone who taught her the meaning of love? But you ruined everything in her life? HOW DARE YOU SAY SID BHAIA AND THAPKI ARE A COUPLE? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? SIDDHARTH LOVES ROSHNI AKA TANYA… But you know something you also thought ROHAN AND THAPKI WERE TOGETHER? YOU FOOL ROHAN WANTED TO RUIN THAPKI’S LIFE…
Bihaan is shocked and dumbfounded
Dhruv: Bihaan, I even told you
Bihaan is shocked and walks backward and hits the wall he slides down and touches his head… Bihaan starts crying
Tia: Wah! Wah!!! Bihaan Pandey is showing fake tears… If anything happens to Thapki I will destroy you myself
Bihaan is crying a lot
Bihaan: Tia please let me meet Thapki… I love her a lot
Tia gets angry and picks Bihaan up and holds his collar.
Karan: TIA
Dhruv and Karan go towards her
Tia gets angry and slaps him even more and Karan holds her hand
Bihaan cries and Dhruv looks on while Tia is crying heavily and Karan is consoling her.

DD sees a man looking at her and then changes her attitude towards Roshni.
DD: Okay then if you marry Siddharth, I will kill him
Roshni: What the hell is your problem? You always change within minutes
DD: Don’t even try to act with me Roshni, I will destroy you
Roshni: Look DD, I am interested in listening to you, I will marry Siddharth that’s it
DD: I will kill him
Roshni: And I will kill you
Roshni: Relax DD this is a hospital
DD: You have no right to talk to me like that
Roshni: What kind of mother are you? Who doesn’t understand the love they have for their lover? Please let me go and meet Siddharth because I have no interest talking to you
Roshni gets angry and leaves from there
DD (In mind): I am sorry Roshni… I am so sorry
The man looks on and leaves from there while DD goes after him
Near the ICU door
Roshni reaches the place and seeing Tia and Bihaan there.
Tia: Roshni….
The doctor comes out and everyone turns around.
Tia: Doctor how is everyone?
Doctor: Thapki is out of danger but Siddharth is losing a lot of blood, does anyone here have the same blood group like him here?
Tia: I do
Roshni gets shocked and drops on the floor and Dhruv goes near her.
Dhruv: Roshni please control yourself
Roshni: This is my entire entire fault
Dhruv: No Roshni it wasn’t your fault
Roshni: Ofc it was, if I didn’t leave Siddharth in the first place nothing would have happened like this
Dhruv: You need to fight for your love
Roshni remembers her memories with Siddharth and runs from the hospital
Roshni runs towards the main door of the hospital
Tia: This all Bihaan’s fault
Dhruv: Stop always blaming him for everything
Tia: Oh now you’re taking his side
Dhruv: I wasn’t taking anyone’s side, Bihaan didn’t know anything about Siddharth and Roshni, and yes I know he blamed everything about Thapki but now she is out of danger too.
Tia: Oh so you’re saying she should be in danger?
Dhruv: Why do you always think negative about everyone?
Tia: I didn’t say anything about that
Dhruv: Oh shut up please, you know who I blame? I blame you for everything
Tia: What are you saying? Karan why would I do something like
Dhruv: Because you’re more selfish then Bihaan
Karan becomes quiet and Tia turns towards him
Tia: Karan why aren’t you answering me?
Bihaan gets up and starts leaving the hospital.
Dhruv: Oh god I need to go see where Roshni went
Tia: Karan answer me, isn’t Bihaan wrong?
Karan: BAS (Stop) I am tired of listening to your taunts against everyone
Dhruv stops and turns around
Tia: What are you saying?
Karan: I am saying the right thing, but I should have told you earlier? I am tired of you blaming everyone for everything Tia… Not only that you also blamed me for some things I never did
Tia: You’re saying I am the blame for Siddharth’s condition?
Tia is shocked and Karan’s eyes are red with anger in him.
Dhruv: Karan relax
Karan gets angry leaves from there and Dhruv looks at Tia
Dhruv: I told you not to do that
Tia falls on the ground and cries
Dhruv: Now cry and look around you and see everything is breaking apart because of you… Great now Bihaan left too
Dhruv gets angry and hits the wall and leaves from there…
Tia sits on the ground crying heavily…

Roshni runs towards the temple and prays for Siddharth’s life.
Roshni in a bridal outfit is holding a diya and is crying. The wind is blowing heavily while the bells are ringing at the same…
Roshni: Oh god please save my Siddharth… I will die without him…
Roshni cries even more and remembers people walk on the fire for their love.
Roshni: I will do anything to get you back to life
The doctors are giving Siddharth shocks while he breaths heavily and gets flashbacks of his past when he lost his memory.
Roshni: Siddharth you need to come back and bring the truth out
Roshni starts walking on the fire and screams in pain while the priest watches her in shock.
Priest: What are you doing Beti?
Roshni: I am doing this for my love…
Siddharth gets flashbacks
*Flashback two years back*
Roshni: Siddharth
Sid: What is it Roshni?
Roshni: Where’s my gift?
Sid: Excuse me, we’re married remember?
Roshni: What kind of excuse is that?
Sid: Oh meri pyaari Biwi (my loving wife)
Roshni: Yes Mr. Siddharth Khurana?
Sid pulls Roshni closer and says
Sid: I love you Roshni Khurana
Roshni: Siddharth I need to call Nani
Sid: Wait what why?
Roshni: Because Nani is going to get angry with me?
Sid: Oh come on
All of a sudden Siddharth gets a phone caller from an unknown caller
Siddharth: Hello?
UC: Wanna save your family?
Sid: What do you mean?
Roshni turns around and sees Siddharth screaming
Roshni: Siddharth what happened?
Roshni grabs the phone and puts it on speaker
Roshni: Listen what do you want?
UC: Meet me at the cliff and you will find out
UC hangs the phone up.
Sid: Roshni we can’t waste time
Sid: Roshni please relax, we need to go now
Sid and Roshni leave the place quickly
*Flashback ends*
Roshni is finished walking on the fire and falls on the ground.
Priest: Beta you okay?
Roshni: Yes I am Baba; I need to save my Siddharth
Priest: What do you mean?
Roshni: I lost everything 2 years back
*Flashback 2 years back*
At the cliff
Roshni: NANI!!!
UP (unknown person: Any last words for your Nani?
Roshni: Mom why aren’t you doing anything?
DD: Because I want everyone to die
Roshni: Mom what are you saying?
Siddharth: Mom why are you lying please tell her the truth
DD: I AM NOT LYING… (DD pushes Siddharth with a bullet and Roshni screams)
Roshni: MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The UP shoots Siddharth on the hand and leg…
Roshni falls on the ground and cries
*Flashback ends* (rest revealed later)
Priest: Beta why don’t you tell him everything?
Roshni: I don’t want him to know about the past
Priest: I have a sign showing that he might remember everything
Roshni smiles after hearing that and says
Roshni: I need to leave and meet him
Priest: Wait look at your leg
Roshni: I will manage
Roshni gets up and starts walking but in pain
Priest (In mind): What a brave girl, I hope she reaches her destination
Roshni: I am coming Siddharth
Thapki’s hospital room/ in the middle of the road
Bihaan is walking on the road with a beer bottle on his hand and crying at the same time while Thapki is opening her eyes slowly.
Thapki: What happened?
Thapki touches her head and sees Aditi and Poonam near her.
Aditi: Di what the hell happened to you?
Thapki: Aditi how did you get here?
Aditi: Tia told me about you being at the hospital
Thapki: Where is Tia?
Aditi: She’s with her some guy name Siddharth, apparently his in the hospital too
Thapki: Oh no I totally forgot… Is Siddharth okay I need to meet him?
Aditi: Wait Di where are you going?
Thapki: I need to go meet Siddharth
Aditi: No Di, look at your condition
Thapki: But his hurt because of me
Aditi: Wait weren’t you going to Bihaan’s wedding?
Thapki becomes quiet and remembers Bihaan; meanwhile Bihaan is walking on the road while drinking.
Old man: Are you blind??
Bihaan: Sorry I didn’t see (In drunken condition)
Aditi: Di, you stay here I will be right back
Thapki then sees a locket on the desk and grabs it and remembers Bihaan gifted her that.
Bihaan: Thapki I am sorry….
The song Sab Kuch Bhula plays
Thahaan’s part
“Hum ne tum se tum ne hamara rishta joda gham se Ek wafa ke siwa kaun si khata huvi thi humse Kabhi bandhan juda liya kabhi daaman chuda liya Kabhi bandhan juda liya kabhi daaman chuda liya Kabhi bandhan juda liya kabhi daaman chuda liya”
Bihaan falls on the ground and screams while it starts raining heavily. Thapki cries and throws the locket on the ground.
Thapki: Bihaan I hate you so much for not trusting me… I will never forgive you
Bihaan: Thapki I am sorry… please give me one more chance…
Sidni’s part
Roshni reaches the hospital with her foot burned a bit. Tia sees her and wipes her tears.
Tia: Roshni what happened to your foot?
Roshni: It’s nothing, how is Siddharth?
Tia: He is out of danger
Roshni: Tia were you crying?
Tia: Ofc not…
Roshni: Then why are your eyes so red and where did Karan go?
Tia: He went to get something
Roshni: But why would he leave without you
Tia: I needed to stay with my brother until you came back Na
Roshni: Okay (Ouch)
Tia holds Roshni and makes her sit on the chair.
Tia: You should rest
Roshni: I am fine, I need to meet Siddharth
Tia: You can go inside
Roshni: I will go meet him in any condition
Tia: But Roshni listen to me
Roshni: Tia I will be right back
Roshni then quickly enters Siddharth’s room and sees him lying down on the bed. Roshni walks on the ground while her leg is paining badly.
Roshni: Siddharth you finally got up didn’t you?
Roshni sits beside him and cries remembering their past. Siddharth moves his hand and puts it on Roshni’s hand.
Siddharth: Roshni…
Roshni gets shocked after listening to what Siddharth said.
“Oh saathi re kaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diyaKaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diya Tere vaade woh irade tere vaade woh irade Oh saathi re sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya”
Roshni: Siddharth…
Siddharth: Roshni why did you leave me…
Roshni gets emotional after listening to her name from Siddharth’s mouth so she quickly lays her head on his chest and cries.
Tiran scene
Tia starts calling Karan on the phone but he cuts her call.
Tia: Why isn’t he answering my phone calls?
Karan is shown outside the hospital beside his car
Tia: I think he might be outside I need to go find him
Tia starts running towards the main doors and looks for Karan and then finally sees him. Tia hugs him tightly from the back and he get touched by it (It’s raining by the way)
Karan: Tia let me go…
Tia: No I won’t let you go… I am sorry Karan please forgive me
Karan: Tia I said let me go
Tia: I said no
Karan then pushes Tia away from him.
Karan: Stop it Tia… you’re acting like a kid
Tia: But why are you acting so rude with me?
“Baat kuch samaj na aaye kami kya hame paayi Ek tarfa yeh mohabbat humi ne sirf nibhayi Jaam chaahat ka dekar zaher nafrat ka pila diyaJaam chaahat ka dekar zaher nafrat ka pila diya”
Thahaan’s scene
Dhruv finally sees Bihaan and picks him up.
Dhruv: Bihaan what the hell are you doing?
Bihaan: Meri Bhai you see I hurt Thapki and you were right
Dhruv: Okay Bihaan stop acting like this and get into the car
Bihaan: No I want to meet Thapki
Dhruv: Okay we will until you get up and stop drinking
Bihaan: I am drinking okay
Dhruv: Stop it Bihaan
Bihaan cries and hugs Dhruv
Bihaan: I am sorry Dhruv I am a horrible person…
Dhruv hugs him back
Dhruv: It’s okay Bihaan, you still have time to get back Thapki
Thapki is sitting on her bed and then gets up and goes near the window and sees the rain.
*Flashback of Thahaan’s rain scene*
Thapki: Please Bihaan I love the rain
Bihaan: But I hate it
Thapki: Well I love it
Bihaan: Okay then you get sick
Thapki gets angry and pulls Bihaan outside the rain
Bihaan: Thapki have you lost it?
Thapki: Yes I am lost in your love
Bihaan smiles and kisses her on the forehead
Thapki: I love you…
Bihaan: I love you too Thapki (He carries her and spins around in the rain)
*Flashback ends*
“Zaher nafrat ka pila diya Tere vaade woh irade tere vaade woh irade Oh saathi re sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya Sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya”
Thapki: Why Bihaan?
Sidni scene
Siddharth then starts opening his eyes and sees Roshni
Siddharth: Roshni you finally came back for me…
Roshni: Siddharth how do you remember my name?
Siddharth: Because I remember that you’re my wife whom I loved two years back.
Roshni is shocked hearing that and Siddharth looks at her.
“Umar bhar sona sakege kisi ke hona sakege Ajnabee to ho jaao gair hum ho na sakege Kisi begaane ki khaatir tumne apno ko bhoola diya…(2) Tumne apno ko bhoola diya haan tumne apno ko bhoola diya”
Tiran’s scene
Karan: Because you don’t understand anyone
Tia sees Karan crying and goes near him
Tia: You know something Karan… I hate to see tears in your eyes
Karan: But why do you always get angry
Tia: Because if anyone hurts the people I love the most it hurts me a lot
Karan: But I don’t like that kind of Tia
Tia: I am sorry I will never be rude again
Karan: I think it’s too late
Tia: What do you mean?
Karan: I don’t think we should get engaged anymore
Tia: What are you saying Karan
Karan: I just said it
Tia: If you want that… then you will get it
Tia gets emotional and starts walking when Karan drops a green dupptta on her head…
Karan: That’s why
Tia turns around with the dupptta on her head.
“Tere vaade woh irade tere vaade woh irade Oh saathi re sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya Sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya”
Thahaan’s scene
Bihaan and Dhruv reach the hospital while Thapki was about to leave her room and meet Siddharth.
Bihaan: Thapki I need to meet her
Dhruv: Bihaan relax
Bihaan: No I hurt her so much
Bihaan rushes towards her door and Thapki gets dizzy and was about to fall when Bihaan catches her. They both share an eye lock while Dhruv looks on.
Bihaan: Thapki are you okay?
Thapki gets up and Bihaan keeps his hands on her shoulders
Thapki: Don’t touch Bihaan
Bihaan: Thapki please listen to me for once
Thapki: What do you mean listen to you? Haven’t you caused problems already?
Bihaan: Yes I am sorry because of that
Thapki: Please Bihaan leave me alone
Bihaan falls on the ground and begs forgiveness while Thapki looks on.
Bihaan: Just once Thapki
Thapki: I am sorry Bihaan Pandey you already had your chance.
Thapki then leaves from there
“Ab mujhe jeena nahin sanam yeh zaher peena nahin sanam …(2) Janam janam ka naata chand lamhon mein mita diya …(2) Chand lamhon mein mita diya Tere vaade woh irade tere vaade woh irade Oh saathi re sab kucch bhula diya yeh wafa kaisa sila diya”
Bihaan: Thapki… I am sorry
Dhruv looks on
Sidni’s scene
Roshni: Siddharth…
Siddharth: Roshni…
Roshni: Please don’t say anything else
Roshni gets up and was about to leave when Siddharth holds her hand.
Siddharth: Please don’t leave me ever again Roshni
Roshni gets emotional and turns around.
Roshni: Siddharth I love you…
Siddharth: I love you…
“Kabhi bandhan juda liya kabhi daaman chuda liya …(2) Oh saathi re kaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diya Kaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diya”
Tiran’s scene
Karan: Will you marry me instead?
Tia gets emotional and runs back towards him… She was about slips and the dupptta falls on both of them…
Tia: I am sorry…
Karan: No need because I know you can’t do anything wrong
Tia: I love you Karan.
Karan: I love you too.
Tia and Karan hug each other under the dupptta while it is raining heavily.
“Oh mitwa re Kaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diya Oh mitwa re Kaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diya Oh mitwa re Kaisa sila diya yeh wafa ka kaisa sila diya”
Tiran and Sidni share a romantic hug while Thahaan is still in pain. Thapki goes to meet Siddharth after Roshni leaves the room. Thapki is discharged from the hospital and goes home with Aditi and Poonam. Roshni and Tia stay back with Siddharth at the hospital along with Karan. Tia also asks the doctor to bandage Roshni’s leg while Bihaan is crying and Dhruv consoles him.
Hospital (Morning)
Siddharth’s room
Tia gets up from her sleep and sees Roshni and Karan still sleeping.
Tia: I should go get some tea for them
Tia goes to get tea and hears a lady screaming something
Tia: What the hell is that noise?
Tia walks towards the door and hears something
Lady: I want her dead in any condition
Tia: What are they talking about here?
Lady: But why isn’t she still dead?
Guy: You fool I told you I couldn’t kill her
Lady: And what the hell are you doing the hospital
Guy: I came here to meet someone
Lady: Oh I see
Tia: Who are they trying to kill? I need to see who they’re
Tia was about to open the door when Karan stops her
Karan: What are you doing here?
Tia: Oh I came here to grab tea for you and Roshni
Karan: But what are you doing by the door
Lady: I think someone heard us
Guy: Wait I will check
Karan: Okay no more about this rubbish, let’s leave from here
Tia: But Karan
Karan grabs Tia’s hand and they leave
The guy opens the door and sees no one there.
Lady: Who was it?
Guy: There is no one here
The lady is Razeeni and guy is Rohan
Razeeni: Oh god I think someone heard our conversation
Rohan: Like who?
Razeeni: Tia
Rohan: How would you know? They were sleeping
Razeeni: Listen we need to leave right now
Rohan: I am not leaving without Thapki
Razeeni: Have you lost it?
Rohan: Lost what?
Razeeni: If you Thapki right now, they will kill you
Rohan: I don’t care, I need Thapki at this moment
Razeeni: Look we get Thapki after
Rohan: Okay fine, now let’s leave
Razeeni and Rohan leave the place
Near Siddharth’s room again
Karan and Tia come back with tea while Roshni starts opening her eyes.
Roshni: Oh it’s already morning
Karan: Finally you woke up
Tia: Here Roshni I got tea for you
Roshni: Thank you Tia
Tia: Roshni I think you should go home and rest
Roshni: No it’s okay; I will stay here with Siddharth
Tia: You know his going to be discharged from the hospital today
Roshni: I know but I will stay here
All of a sudden Thapki comes there with a limping leg.
Tia: Thapki what are you doing here?
Thapki: I came here to see Siddharth and you guys are doing?
Tia: But look at your condition
Thapki: I am fine I just have a limping leg
Tia: But you should still rest
Thapki: Tia I am fine I promise
Tia: Thapki this isn’t fair
Thapki: Karan Bhai please tell Tia I am fine
Karan: Like she will ever listen to me
Tia: Okay happy you’re fine
Thapki: Okay thank you for understanding
Tia: By the way what are you holding your hand?
Thapki: I got some clothes for you guys and breakfast too
Karan: Be quiet
Tia: So sorry Karan
Roshni: Thank you Thapki
Thapki: Don’t mention it Roshni
Roshni tries getting up but Thapki holds her.
Thapki: Hey you sit down don’t stress much
Roshni: I am fine no worries
Tia and Karan smile seeing their bonding
Thapki: Okay here you have some breakfast
Roshni: No thank you
Thapki: What do you mean?
Roshni: I won’t eat until my Siddharth gets up
Thapki: But Roshni
Roshni: I will eat later; you give it to Tia and Karan
Tia: It’s okay I will wait too
Roshni: No guys I promise I will eat right after Siddharth opens his eyes
Thapki: Roshni look at yourself, you haven’t eaten anything
Roshni: Thapki I know I did many things to hurt others but I can’t eat without Siddharth
Thapki smiles and remembers Bihaan.
Thapki: Okay if you insist
Roshni sits and waits for Siddharth to wake up while Tia and Karan talk and smile with each other. Thapki is happy seeing everyone smiling.
Kabir’s House
Razeeni enters the house and Kabir stops her
Kabir: Oh you’re already back
Razeeni: What do you want now?
Kabir: Why the hell did you go to the hospital?
Razeeni: Don’t scream you fool your dad is outside
Kabir: So what are you scared he will find out about your dirty secret
Razeeni: No because he won’t believe you
Kabir: Oh stop it with your crap; I don’t want to hear it anymore
Razeeni: I didn’t even say anything
Kabir: You’re already ruining everyone’s lives
Razeeni: My main target is Tia
Kabir: You can’t apart Tia and Karan Bhaijaan
Razeeni: Ofc I can
Kabir: Just because you lied to my dad doesn’t mean you can do it with my brother
Razeeni: Wow you think I am stupid
Kabir: I will ruin your daughter
Razeeni: What do you mean?
Kabir: You don’t need to know anything
Razeeni: If you harm my daughter I will kill you
Kabir: I won’t harm people, I teach them lessons
Razeeni: KABIR
Kabir: Razeeni relax
Razeeni: I will
Kabir: I need to leave
Razeeni fumes in anger while Kabir calls someone up
Kabir: I need you to find out who is helping Razeeni
Razeeni (In mind): Now I will kill your brother too
Kabir smiles and says
Kabir: Game over Razeeni… I need to meet Karan Bhaijaan tomorrow
Back at the hospital
Tia: Guys we will be right back
Karan: Wait where are we going?
Tia: I need to tell you something important
Karan: Tell me here
Tia: No
Karan: Yes
Thapki: Here we start again
Roshni starts laughing a bit.
Karan: FINE
Tia and Karan leave from there.
Thapki: They’re so cute
Roshni: Yes they’re
All of a sudden Doctor comes out of Siddharth’s room and Roshni tries getting up but Thapki helps her.
Thapki: You can ask me anything time Roshni
Roshni: Thank you Thapki
Thapki: Doctor how is Siddharth?
Doctor: Well he is out of danger and is totally fine
Roshni: Is he awake? Can I meet him?
Doctor: Yes but one at a time
Roshni: Okay doctor, thank you
Doctor: Also he can be discharged today too
Roshni: Thank you once again
The doctor leaves
Thapki: Okay Roshni you go inside and meet Siddharth
Roshni: Thank you Thapki
Thapki: NP, I will drop you inside
Roshni: No it’s okay I will manage
All of a sudden Thapki gets a phone call from
Thapki: Okay Roshni, I am going outside I need to attend this call
Roshni: Okay and thanks one again
Thapki leaves and Roshni enters the room and sees Siddharth sitting on the bed.
Roshni: Siddharth you finally awake
Siddharth looks at her when Roshni was about to fall and Siddharth runs towards her. Siddharth catches Roshni in his arms and they share an eye lock
Near Karan’s car
Karan: Okay why did you pull me all the way to the parking lot when we could have talked outside the hospital?
Tia: Because it’s an important talk
Karan: Is about our wedding night?
Tia: Huh? Were not even married?
Karan: I know but are you planning to have kids on that night
Tia: You’re very dirty minded
Karan: I can get even dirtier
Karan pulls Tia’s waist and touches her neck…
Tia: What the hell are you doing?
Karan: You want to romance me before our wedding
Tia: You’re insane (Tia pushes him away)
Karan: Hey
Tia: Okay listen to me Karan
Karan: Okay what is it?
Tia: I think I saw Rohan at the hospital
Karan: Do you even know how Rohan looks like?
Tia: Yes we went to college together but I think he changed
Karan: Then how would you know it’s Rohan
Tia: I don’t know I heard a woman in that room too
Karan: Tia you’re just thinking about stupid things
Tia: No I swear to god, I feel like something bad is going to happen
Karan: Not anymore because Ma got our Haldi fixed tomorrow
Tia: What??
Karan: Yes she finally understood our problem and wants to make you the daughter in law of our family
Tia: Karan what are you saying?
Karan: Yes Tia she finally understood you
Tia gets happy and hugs Karan tightly
Tia: I am so happy I can’t even express it
Karan: I am happy too Tia
Tia (In mind): I hope my doubt is wrong because I want everyone to be happy
Karan: I love you Tia
Tia: I love you too Karan
They both hug each other and Tia smiles
Outside Pandey Mansion
Dhruv: Okay you’re finally here
Guy: Yes I need to talk to you
The guy is Kabir
Dhruv: Okay Kabir listen to me, this won’t be easy
Kabir: We need to stop Razeeni and Rohan
Dhruv: No Kabir because someone else involved in this
Kabir: Who else?
Dhruv: I am not sure but I need to find out
Kabir: But I heard tomorrow is Tia’s and Karan Bhaijaan Haldi
Dhruv: How do you know?
Kabir: I heard my dad talking to someone on the phone
Dhruv: Okay listen we need to keep them safe
Kabir: But how?
Dhruv: Leave that with me
Kabir: Are you sure?
Dhruv: Yes Kabir I am sure
Kabir: Thank you Dhruv for helping me out
Dhruv: Always here to help buddy
Kabir and Dhruv hug
Back outside the hospital
Thapki is outside talking to someone on the phone.
Thapki: Are you sure?
Thapki is depressed after hearing the news.
Thapki: Okay thank you for letting me know.
Thapki gets thinking how Rohan left town.
Thapki: How can he leave town without anyone knowing… I swear this is another plan by him I need to find out.
Thapki turns around and sees Bihaan on the ground with his hand together and asking forgiveness.
Bihaan: Thapki…
Thapki: Bihaan what are you doing here?
Bihaan: Thapki I am sorry please listen to me
Thapki: Bihaan I don’t want to talk about this anymore
Bihaan pulls his ears and goes up and down for her
Bihaan: Please give me one more chance
Thapki looks at Bihaan with pain but holds her tears in.
Thapki: There isn’t anything to listen to Bihaan
Bihaan: Thapki please
Bihaan gets up and holds Thapki’s hand
Thapki: Leave my hand Bihaan
Bihaan: Okay I will but can you listen to me… I can do anything but please forgive me
Thapki: Okay I forgive you
Bihaan: Really?
Thapki: Yes but it doesn’t mean I will be with you
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Thapki: I can’t love you
Bihaan: What are you saying Thapki
Thapki: I can’t forgive you after breaking my heart into pieces… I loved you so much couldn’t you see it in my eyes
Bihaan: I am sorry Thapki… I know I am stupid and an idiot
Thapki: You’re not stupid nor an idiot… But you’re a selfish person
Bihaan: You can call me anything but please forgive me Thapki
Thapki: I am sorry Mr. Bihaan Pandey but you have lost me forever
Bihaan: No…
Thapki opens her bag and throws the locket on him
Thapki: I hate you Bihaan Pandey
Thapki gets angry and leaves from there while Bihaan falls on the ground and looks at the locket.
Bihaan: I am sorry Thapki… you’re right I don’t deserve your love
Siddharth’s room
Siddharth: Tanya what happened to your legs?
Roshni: Nothing
Siddharth: Don’t lie you did this for me right?
Roshni: No…
Siddharth: Why Tanya…
Roshni: Because I love you Siddharth
Siddharth: But I don’t love you…
Roshni: What do you mean?
Siddharth carries Roshni to the sofa and they sit there.
Roshni: What are you doing?
Siddharth: Why did you leave me two years back?
Roshni: I didn’t…
Sid: Yes you did
Roshni: because you needed to be safe
Sid: By making me sign the divorce papers
Roshni: I am sorry Siddharth… this is all DD’s fault
Siddharth hugs Roshni
Sid: Roshni you’re still my wife and always will be
Roshni gets happy and hugs Siddharth…
They both sit on the sofa and hug each other.
Tiran are romancing in the park lot… Thahaan is in pain while Sidni are sharing an emotional bond together.
Episode ends.

Moral – “Our love will always stay strong if we’re together”

Recap: Tiran’s marriage… Everyone plans to get Thahaan together and unknown stories to unfold in the next episode.
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys we have completed Twenty four episodes. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe next week aha xx.

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