Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 23

Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 23
(Episode 24-26 all the couples will get back together) I am so so so so so so so sorrrrrrrrrryyyyy a big one…. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me always reach to 100 – 200 Comments!!! And we have reached twenty three episodes!!!!.. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars. Nusz (Love you guys aha xx)
Tiran known has- Asya (from Qubool Hai) & Taharth known has- Sidni (from Jamai Raja)
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Anyways let’s get started with the episode.

At Pandey Family’s House
Thapki and Siddharth run upstairs after hearing Bihaan screaming Tanya’s name…
Thapki: Siddharth listen to me… (She pulls him aside)
Sid: Thapki what are you doing?
Thapki: Listen to me carefully…
Sid: What’s wrong? Did something happen to Tanya, I need to go see her….
Thapki: Listen to me first
Sid: Okay
Thapki: Remember when I came down running… I saw Tia come after she looked sad… She said Tanya and Roshni? I didn’t get that…
Sid: What do you mean Tanya and Roshni?
Thapki: I don’t know, but that’s what I heard her say…
Bihaan screams to call the doctor
Thapki: Siddharth… (In mind): I need to find out how Tanya is related with Roshni?
Siddharth then enters the room and sees Tanya’s hand bleeding… He runs towards her and cares for her while Bihaan looks on…
Thapki: I need to go see what Siddharth is doing… If Bihaan find out something then he will cause a bigger problem…
Sid: Tanya why did you do this? Tanya please wake up…
Bihaan (In mind): Why is Sid so worried about Tanya like this? Didn’t he hate Tanya?
DD (In mind): I can’t do this anymore… I need to talk to them… (She leaves the room without anyone noticing her)
Dadi: Everyone please go downstairs, everything is over you can go home…
Vasu: The doctor is on their way…
Sid: Bihaan how did this happen?
Bihaan: I just saw her lying like this
Dhruv: When someone tries to hurts others… The pain comes back to them….
Bihaan looks at Dhruv angrily while Dhruv makes a face at him…
Sid: I won’t let anything happen to her…
Bihaan gets shocked while Dhruv gets confused… Then all of a sudden Thapki arrives there
Bihaan: Wait a minute, why do you care so much for Tanya?
Thapki (In mind): Oh no if Bihaan finds out about Siddharth and Tanya’s relationship it would cause a problem…
Bihaan: Sid, what is going on between you two?
Sid: I…
Thapki: Bihaan let me clear one thing for you… If Siddharth cares about someone like that it means he has a big heart not like some people…
Bihaan looks at Thapki…
Dhruv: Well Thapki isn’t say anything wrong…
Sid: Stop it you guys, look at Tanya (He carries her to bed and makes her lay down)
Just then Vasu and the doctor enter the room and bandages Tanya’s hand… and the doctor gives medicine and leaves with Vasu….
Sid: I can’t do this anymore… I love her much… I want to be with her…
Thapki looks at Siddharth and feels so bad… Then she looks at Bihaan who comes towards her…
Bihaan: We need to talk
Thapki: But I don’t want to talk to you
Sid: Bihaan leave her hand
Bihaan: Who are you to stop me?
Thapki: He is my…
Sid: I am her future husband…
Bihaan: But I need to talk to her…
Bihaan drags her and Thapki tries to stop him…
Thapki then looks at Siddharth and he realizes that she wants him to stay with Tanya…

Another room
Bihaan drags Thapki’s hand and let’s go in a rough way…
Bihaan: What’s your problem? You think I don’t see you lying? What kind of girl are you? You’re trying to ignore me in front of Sid… You also ruined my friendship with him… What else do you want?
Thapki: Whoa Bihaan, I’ve made a big mistake falling in love with you
Bihaan: Wait shouldn’t I be saying that you to you?
Thapki: How selfish can you be, let me tell you one thing… You will realize your mistake by ruining people’s love for each other…
Thapki was about to leave when Bihaan pulls her back and pushes Thapki against the wall… He holds her hands up…
Thapki: Bihaan what the hell are you doing?
Bihaan: Look into my eyes and say you don’t love me
Thapki: I don’t love you…
Bihaan: You didn’t look into my eyes Thapki…
Thapki looks into his eyes and says…
Thapki: I don’t love you…
Bihaan comes closer to her… She closes her eyes…
Bihaan: Thank you for proving that I can’t love someone like you…
Bihaan then let’s her go… He looks at her and she looks back… She runs away from there and Bihaan gets angry and punches his punching bag….
Bihaan: Why Thapki? Was my love for you that weak?

Tanya’s room
Tanya was lying down her bed and Siddharth was about to leave when she holds his hand… She didn’t know what she was doing because Tanya was sleeping and thinking Siddharth was with her…
Tanya: Siddharth don’t leave me… I can’t live without you… please take me away from these women… I want to live under a house in your arms…
Siddharth turns around and gets emotional…
Tanya: Siddharth please sit with me and don’t leave my side… They’re forcing me…
Sid: Forcing you?
Tanya: Yes…. Because if I don’t… (She then falls asleep)
Sid: Tanya!!!
Thapki then enters the room
Thapki: Siddharth we need to leave right now…
Sid: Thapki, Tanya was telling me something
Thapki: What did she say?
Sid: She said someone is forcing to do this…
Thapki gets shocked…
Thapki: What?
Sid: Yes she was trying to tell me something
Thapki: What is it?
Sid: I need to stay here and find out what Tanya is hiding
Thapki: No Siddharth you can’t do that
Sid: What do you mean I can’t?
Thapki: Have you forgotten this is Bihaan house
Sid: Thapki you know something, Bihaan has changed into such a selfish guy
Thapki doesn’t say anything and stands there quietly
Sid: I don’t know why he doesn’t believe in anyone other then what he seen
Thapki: Siddharth we need to leave
Sid: Thapki why aren’t you even listening to me?
Thapki: I don’t want to talk about it
Thapki eyes are filled in tears and Siddharth runs after her…

Outside Pandey Mansion/ Bihaan’s room
Sid: Thapki listen to me
Bihaan: This Thapki never listens to me… But whenever I am with her I feel like…. Ugh I shouldn’t say these things she already fooled me once she can do it again…
Bihaan was about to leave the room when he sees blood on the floor
Bihaan: Blood where did this come from? (Then he remembers)
Bihaan: Thapki why are you lying to yourself?
Thapki: Bihaan you’re hurting my hands
Bihaan: And the pain you gave me?
Thapki: Bihaan let me go
*Flashback ends*

Bihaan: Oh god I hurt her hands when I was pushing her against the wall… Whenever I see her it looks like she would never do such a thing… What if someone is trying to frame…? I need to go say sorry to her before she leaves (He runs out of his room and rushes downstairs)
Back outside Pandey Mansion it’s raining heavily every guest has left the house by now and it’s already night.
Thapki was about to leave when Siddharth holds her hand. Thapki was in pain when he touched her hand because it was bleeding from there…
Thapki: Eh (She had tears in her eyes)
Sid: Thapki why are you crying
And then he looks at her hand
Sid: Thapki how did this happen?
Thapki: It doesn’t matter we need to leave and find where Tia and Karan Bhai went
Sid: First tell me how come your hand is bleeding?
Thapki: It’s nothing Siddharth, we should really go and it’s already raining too
Sid: Stop lying to yourself I know Bihaan hurt you when he took you to his room
Thapki: It’s nothing like that
Sid drags Thapki and holds her shoulder and asks her something
Sid: How many times are you going to test yourself?
Thapki falls on the ground and cries
Thapki: Every time my parents gets insulted because of me, even people tell Tia not to be with me because I am a girl who stammers nonstop and you know something else why would someone ever love me? Every time my parents want me to marry someone they always say I am weak and leave me… I had three marriages that broke and when I fell for Bihaan he was the guy who taught me the meaning of love but now he always blames me everything, why would I ever love someone if I was with him more than three months? What was my sin (She’s crying in pain)
Siddharth looks at Thapki who is crying and he picks her up.
Sid: I promise when I get Tanya I will find someone who will keep you happier
Thapki: No I don’t want to fall in love again… The only guy I have ever loved is Bihaan…
Sid (In mind): Thapki why are you so kind-hearted for her
Thapki: I don’t want anyone else sad in my life because of (She cries so much)
Sid hugs Thapki and so does she
Sid: You’re the sweetest girl, you have always helped everyone
Bihaan comes running outside and sees Thapki and Siddharth hugging each other under the rain and gets shocked
Bihaan: Whoa what a beautiful movie scene
Thapki and Siddharth break the hug

Middle of the streets
Karan: HEY YOU WAIT!!!!!! (He runs faster)
Rohan (In mind): This Pagal saw me now his going to chase me forever
Then his goons come there and surround Karan and Rohan
Karan grabs Rohan and punches him but doesn’t see his face
Rohan pushes Karan and his goons come and beat Karan up badly
Rohan: You stupid idiot how dare you beat me up
Karan pushes the goons with his muscles and they all fall down on the ground
Karan: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (He pushes them)
Rohan then tries running again but Kabir holds him
Kabir: You retard how dare you punch my Bhaijaan
Tia comes there and sees Karan getting beat up
Tia: HEY (Tia takes her slipper off and throws it on the goons and it hits his head)
Goon1#: Ouch
Tia: How dare you touch Karan (She slaps him)
A goon comes from behind and was about to hit Tia with a rot but Karan holds it
Karan: If you even lay a hand on Tia I will break you face
Tia turns around and sees Karan’s heading bleeding
Rohan then gets angry and pushes Kabir on the ground and runs away from there
Kabir: Oh shish
Kabir, Karan and Tia are surrounded by goons
Karan: Great even more goons
Kabir: Don’t worry Bhaijaan I am here to help now
Karan: Kabir what are you doing here?
Kabir: No time to talk now let’s start beating these goons and sending them to China
Karan smiles a bit and Kabir does too
Tia: YES!!!!
Karan and Kabir start beating the goons up while Tia hits them with her slippers… The goons get scared and run away from there
Kabir: Yes we did it
Karan: Indeed we did
Kabir and Karan were about to hug when Karan remembers his past…
Karan: Thank you
Kabir: You’re welcome
Karan: Tia we should go back and look it’s already raining and I get sick
Kabir: Bhaijaan why are you always avoiding me?
Karan: Kabir, you should go home…
Kabir: What did I ever do to you?
Tia: Karan…
Kabir and Tia are shocked to see Karan in this condition

Outside Pandey Mansion
Siddharth and Thapki break their hug while Bihaan is clapping his hands.
Bihaan: How what a beautiful scene from that song Tum Hi Ho
Sid: Bihaan (He gets angry but Thapki holds his hand)
Bihaan: Are you guys planning a romantic dance under the rain
Thapki gets angry and slaps Bihaan which shocks Siddharth and Bihaan at that same time.

In the middle of the streets
Karan: Kabir what are you even doing here at the first place?
Kabir: Bhaijaan I only came to save you
Karan: I don’t need anyone’s help
Tia: Karan why are you acting like this, his your brother
Kabir: I don’t want to cause anymore problem between you guys… but Bhaijaan I really want to hang out with you like I always did
Karan turns around while tears are falling from his eyes…
Kabir: But I promise none thing can happen to you when I am alive
Karan was about to say something when Kabir was already walking into his car.
Karan (In mind): I am sorry Kabir; I can’t let you know the truth
Tia gets sad by Karan’s behavior and then he looks at her
Karan: Tia listen to me
Tia: Let go off me, I don’t know why you get angry at everyone…
Karan: I am sorry Tia I didn’t mean it… I was just confused and mad seeing him here
Tia: You should be happy you have people who love you… My own brother is already ignoring me
Tia: Why does it matter to you?
Tia: Oh you didn’t care awhile ago
Karan: Okay I am sorry
Tia: I don’t want to talk right now, just leave me alone… I am already causing problems and I can see that and you don’t have to remind me… remember I have no right to speak between you and your brother’s conversation
Tia was about to leave when Karan pulls her hand angrily and drags her closer to him.
Karan: I told you to listen to me
Tia: What are you doing? (She makes an angry face)

Outside Pandey Mansion
Thapki: That’s it!! What do you think of yourself?
Sid: Thapki please leave it
Thapki: No today I won’t stay quiet I will speak out the truth
Sid: No Thapki don’t
Thapki: I am tired of all everything, what do you think of yourself Bihaan?
Bihaan: How dare you slap me because of him?
Thapki: I slapped you because of your behavior
Sid: Thapki please just leave it
Thapki: Listen to me Mr. Bihaan Pandey, I don’t think you have any manners, just because you see someone with another person it doesn’t mean they love each other, but I don’t have much to say when you find out the truth don’t coming cry to me saying I am sorry Thapki because I won’t forgive you and that’s my promise to you
Bihaan: Thapki
Thapki: I don’t want to hear it, let’s go Sid (She pulls her hand and leaves the place with him)
Bihaan looks on with a sad face…
Bihaan: Did she really move on?

In the middle of the streets
Karan: I am sorry Tia…
Tia: It’s raining we should go home
Karan: I know you’re angry with me
Tia: No I am not let’s go home….
Karan pulls Tia and carries her
Tia: Hey what are you doing?
Karan: I am taking you somewhere
Tia: Let go I need to go back to Thapki and Sid Bhaia
Karan: They already went home
Tia: How would you know that?
Karan: Because they just text me
Tia: Can you please let me down
Karan carries Tia to the car and leaves

Tanya/Roshni’s room
Tanya slower gains conscious and touches her head and then sees the wound on her hand.
Tanya: How did I get here?
Tanya then remembers how she fainted after cutting her hand with a knife.
Tanya: I don’t know why I am acting like this anymore… I am tired and hurt of everything around me…
She then picks her phone and looks at a picture of her and her father.
Tanya: Dad, I miss you a lot… But I don’t know what do… I am doing this for a reason but I don’t want to hide my real name anymore… I want people to know me has Roshni not Tanya…
Tanya then sees a picture of Siddharth and her when they shared a drink together.
Tanya: I am hungry
Sid: Good for you
Tanya: You’re so rude
Sid: I was only joking and guess what I made smoothies
Tanya: Really?
Sid: Yes but only one cup
Tanya: Then where’s mine?
Sid: Oh I forgot about you
Tanya: Siddharth you’re joking right?
Sid: No I mean it
Tanya: Oh okay then I will go make one myself
Tanya was about to leave the table when Siddharth holds her hand and says
Sid: I was only joking
Tanya: But if you’re joking then why is there one smoothie?
Sid: Because I want to share one with you
Tanya: Huh?
Sid: Two straws one smoothie?
Tanya smiles
Tanya: Then why didn’t you tell me before
Siddharth puts the smoothie down and makes Tanya sit down.
Sid: Because I wanted to see if you knew what I meant
Tanya smiles and makes Siddharth sit and both share a smoothie and enjoy time together
*Flashback ends*
Tanya cries while remembering that moment
Tanya: Why does life have to me unfair with everyone?
DD comes upstairs with medicines. Then she hears Tanya crying while looking at pictures she hides and hears her conversation.
Tanya: All I wanted is a mother who would love me after my dad died… I also lost Siddharth but I am ready to sacrifice my happiness for people that I love.
DD sees this and gets into tears but wipes them and goes inside.
DD: Here take your medicines
She throws them on the bed
Tanya: Listen DD I didn’t ask you for the medicines
DD: If you don’t take them then
Tanya: Stop threatening me
DD: Just take the medicines (Tears fall from her eyes)
Tanya: DD why do you have tears falling from eyes
Durga quickly wipes and points a finger at her.
DD: Oh please I don’t have time to hear this story; you think I would cry for you
Tanya: When did I say you were crying for me? I know you’re crying because if I die you will lose your money
DD: Wow you’re pretty smart; now take your medicines and get ready because we need to leave; the driver is going to come in awhile.
DD leaves the place and Tanya takes the medicines….

Downstairs PM (Pandey Mansion)
DD was walking downstairs and thinking about Tanya…
DD (In mind): I am sorry Roshni… I am hiding so many things from you… But I need to keep you safe
All of a sudden Vasu comes there and sees DD upset and thinks it’s about Tanya’s condition.
Vasu: DD Ji is everything okay?
DD: Nothing is wrong
Vasu: Are you worried about Tanya’s condition?
DD: Ofc I am worried about her
Vasu: Then why don’t we cancel the wedding and let her rest here for a few days
DD: No that can’t happen I need the wedding to take place tomorrow and also she’s totally fit
Vasu: But what’s the rush?
DD: It’s not like that, I want my daughter to get married and be happy. She’s coming downstairs anyways
All of a sudden Bihaan comes there and Dhruv from the other side.
Vasu: Bihaan there you are, where were you the whole time? Wait a minute were you outside in the rain?
Bihaan: Yea I was just checking something
Dhruv: What were you checking Bihaan? Feels like Jealously
Vasu: Jealously?
Bihaan fumes in anger and Dhruv smiles
Vasu: Bihaan what is Dhruv saying?
DD looks on…
Bihaan: It’s nothing like that Ma, I was just checking if all the guests left and I got jealous because of the love between many couples
Dhruv starts laughing
Dhruv: Dumbest excuse I heard
Vasu: What did you say?
Dhruv: I said Bihaan is so pity of himself
Bihaan: Look Dhruv
Dhruv: Don’t try to act smart with me Bihaan
All of a sudden Tanya comes downstairs in pain. Bihaan goes near and takes her downstairs.
Bihaan: Tanya what are you doing down here?
Tanya: I am going home with my mom….
Bihaan: Tanya you don’t have to leave the house though
DD: She has to leave
Bihaan and Dhruv: Huh?
Vasu: What do you mean she has to leave?
DD: I mean she needs to go home and rest because tomorrow is her wedding
Vasu: But why can’t we wait a few more days
Bihaan: No if Tanya wants us to marry tomorrow, then I accept her decision
Dhruv: Wah what a beautiful praise
Bihaan: I wasn’t praising anyone
Vasu: Can you two stop fighting like always
Dhruv: Ma when you hurt someone don’t you realize that
Vasu: What do you mean?
Tanya turns around and DD looks on.
Dhruv: When you love someone deeply and then blame them because you saw another boy with that girl you loved
Vasu: Okay why you telling me this Dhruv, is there something you’re hiding?
Dhruv: Na Ma I saw this happen before that girl was hurt badly
Vasu: You know something those people are worth nothing but a slap
Dhruv: You’re totally correct Ma, I agree you with that answer
Bihaan looks at Dhruv with a dirty look while Dhruv smiles
DD: Okay we will take our leave
Vasu: Tanya Beta please do take rest
Tanya: No worries Auntie when you have such a caring mother like her you don’t need to worry at all.
DD (In mind): I am sorry Roshni; I have hurt you a lot… But I have to keep you safe now
Vasu: Okay take enough rest
Tanya: Don’t worry Auntie I will
Vasu: I don’t want anything to happen to my Bahu
Tanya smiles
DD: Let’s go
Bihaan: I will drop you guys outside
DD: No it’s okay we will manage
Bihaan: But
Dhruv: You’re coming with me (He drags his hand upstairs)
Tanya and DD leave the house.

Unwanted place
Rohan calls up Razeeni and tells her something
Rohan: You stupid woman
Razeeni: Oh so this is my fault?
Rohan: Oh please ofc it is
Razeeni: If you plan to get Thapki it’s impossible
Rohan: How is that impossible?
Razeeni: This stupid brother of Tia’s is always near her
Rohan: I will kill him
Razeeni: If you even touch him I will kill you myself
Rohan: What the hell you want me to Tia not but her brother
Razeeni: I need Tia killed for a reason
Rohan: And what is that reason
Razeeni: I will tell you when the time comes
Rohan: But you old lady I need your help
Razeeni: Don’t you have any respect?
Rohan: Oh shut up and just help me
Razeeni: Tomorrow is the wedding you need to at least beat Siddharth up by your goons and kidnap Thapki
Rohan: Wah what a beautiful plan
Razeeni: After all Razeeni is the smartest
Rohan: Okay I am coming to meet you
Razeeni: Okay
He hangs him and smirks
Rohan: Well Thapki it’s time to become mines

Outside Karan’s house
Karan: Happy we’re finally home
Tia opens the doors and slams it hard
Karan: Tia
Tia ignores him and goes inside the house
She enters the house and Karan thinks of a plan and smiles
Karan: Well I hope this plan works out well

(Okay don’t get angry on me, but someone requested me to do Siddharth and Thapki romance… Don’t bash me either because she requested me so nicely and I am doing this once… it’s not that romantic but don’t bash me… I was going to do a one shot on them because she kept on asking me… but I am adding it in here and just once… I am hope you’re happy I am adding this for you… Has you already know that this Fan-Fiction is only based on those three couples nobody else. Also Thahaan, Sidni and aka Asya are my favorite couples anyways aha.)
In the middle of the streets (Raining)
Sid: Thapki are you okay?
Thapki: Huh yea?
Sid: Come I will drop you off home with my car
Thapki: You’re telling me you want to turn back and get your car
Sid: Well this is your fault for rushing out so quickly
Thapki: I was angry
Sid: You still love Bihaan don’t you?
Thapki: No…
Sid: You don’t have to lie, you’re a great friend of mines and you even think of me has your brother
Thapki: Eh brother? That sounds odd
Sid: Well you said that
Thapki: I don’t remembering saying that
Sid: Oh Tia and Karan witnessed that scene though
Thapki: Maybe I did but us brother and sister?
Sid: Yea I know it sounds odd
Thapki: You should go home I will go alone
Sid: You know it’s raining
Thapki: I know I can manage
Sid: Why do you always say that?
Thapki: Because I can that’s why
Sid: You know something Tanya would always do that
Thapki: I promise tomorrow we will stop the marriage from happening
Sid: I am losing hope everyday and I feel like I am going to lose her
Thapki: Your love for her isn’t that weak
Sid: How would you know that?
Thapki: Because she loves you a lot and I know that
Sid: I know I seen it
Thapki: You just need to smile and wait… But sometimes love does change for others
Sid: You still love Bihaan don’t you?
Thapki: I should really be going home
Sid: Thapki answer me
Thapki: I don’t want to talk about it
(I am not going to lie while writing this I felt very awkward and funny Ha-Ha… My expressions though -.-)
Thapki trips on a rock and Siddharth hold her and they both fall on the ground and share an eye lock… Thapki is on top of Siddharth… The rain is falling nonstop… Thapki thinks it’s Bihaan and smiles a bit and then Siddharth snaps his fingers.
Sid: Eh Thapki I am not Bihaan
Thapki: Sorry I wasn’t looking while walking
Sid: It’s okay but can you try to get up
Thapki then gets off Siddharth and he stands up too
Thapki: Sorry
Sid: I found that funny
Thapki: Huh
Sid: Nothing let’s keep walking
Thapki starts laughing and Siddharth does too
Thapki: Your face though, I bet you thought I was Tanya
Sid: You smiled
Thapki: Because I thought it was Bihaan
Sid: Busted I knew you still loved Bihaan…
Thapki becomes quiet and then Siddharth driver comes
Driver: Sir, Ma’am I was looking for you guys… please come inside
Sid: Finally you’re here… Thapki you coming
Thapki (In mind): How did Bihaan’s name come out of my mouth?
Thapki gets in the car and Siddharth gets thinking.
Sid (In mind): I knew you still loved Bihaan but he needs to realize his mistake… But first I need to stop this wedding
A while later Siddharth drops Thapki at her house and he leaves…

Karan’s house
Tia’s room
Tia is sleeping on her bed when all of a sudden the lights go on… Tia wakes up and sees sparkling stars and beautiful candle lights…
Karan: Did you like the surprise?
Tia: Karan what are you doing here?
Karan: I know you are still angry with me
Tia: No I am not angry with you, but did you plan this?
Karan comes and lies on the other side of the bed far away from her…
Karan: Yes because I want to see you happy
Tia smiles and Karan stares at her…
Karan: I want to spend this night with you… Many problems are happening and I don’t want anything to stay between us that would cause problems…
Tia remembers her moments with Karan…
The song Mujhko Barsaat Bana Lo plays
Karan: So are you still angry with me?
Tia: I never was but
Karan: But?
“Mujhko barsaat bana lo, Ek lambi raat bana lo, Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana.”
Tia: But I love you
They share an eye lock and the stars start shining brighter…
“Mujhko alfaaz bana lo, Dil ki aawaaz bana lo, Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana.”
They both bring their hands in the middle of the bed…. Karan and Tia hold hands and look up…
“Nasha hoon main behakne do, Mere qaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.”
Karan: You’re my soulmate and my life
Tia: You’re someone I love and always will
“Mujhko barsaat bana lo, Ek lambi raat bana lo, Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana…”
Tia hits Karan with a pillow and the features fall all around them… They both start laughing… She trips and they both share an eye lock…
“Mujhe apne sirhaane pe, Thodi si jagah de do. Mujhe neend na aane ki, Koi toh wajah de do. (x2)”
Karan carries Tia back on the bed and makes her lay down… They share an eye lock again.
“Hawa hoon main lipatne do, Mere kaatil, mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.”
Karan was about to leave when Tia pulls him back… She hugs him tightly…
“Mujhko barsat banalo, Ek lambi raat bana lo, Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana…”
He sits beside her and they both hold hands and look at the stars while smiling…
“Tere sang guzar jaaye, Yeh umar jo baaki hai. Hans do na zara khul ke, Kaahe ki udaasi hai. (x2)”
Tia slowly closes her eyes and sleeps on Karan’s shoulder… He then looks at her face and smiles…
“Subah hoon main aane do. Mere kaatil, mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.”
He makes her sleep on the bed and kisses her on the forehead…
Karan: I will always protect you till my last breath.
“Mujhko barsaat bana lo. Ek lambi raat bana lo. Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana.”
Karan was about to leave the room but looks at Tia and then leaves…
“Mujhko barsaat bana lo. Ek lambi raat bana lo. Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana.”
Tune finishes with the song

At Thapki’s house/Tia’s room (Morning)
The sun was shining bright outside and Thapki slowly wakes up. Thapki then sees her cell phone and sees 20 missed calls from Tia.
Thapki: Oh god I didn’t see that
Thapki quickly calls Tia and she is sleeping.
Tia: WHAT IS IT (In her sleep?)
Then she wakes up and sees Thapki calling her…. She picks it up
Thapki: I am sorry Tia I didn’t pick up your calls yesterday
Tia: Thapki is that you?
Thapki: Yes it’s me
Tia: Where the hell were you? (She then gets up)
Thapki: What’s wrong?
Tia: Where did you and Sid Bhaia run off too?
Thapki: Um sorry about that
Tia: Yea but why did you leave all of a sudden, without letting us know? Is Tanya okay? Did Bihaan do something to you?
Thapki: No…
Tia: Don’t lie to me
Thapki: Tanya is fine now
Tia: What about Bihaan?
Thapki: What about him?
Tia: Thapki tell me now
Thapki explains the whole incident that happened outside his mansion.
Tia: How dare he insult you? I will teach him a lesson
Thapki: No Tia don’t
Tia: What do you mean don’t?
Thapki: Today is Tanya and Bihaan’s wedding
Tia gets shocked and drops her phone
Thapki: Tia are you listening to me?
Tia: How did this happen?
Thapki: TIA???

Pandey Mansion
Bihaan’s room
Bihaan is angry and starts hitting his punching bag. Then Dhruv enters him room.
Dhruv: Someone looks so angry on their wedding day
Bihaan: What are you doing here?
Dhruv: Hey Bihaan don’t get angry with me; hope you didn’t forget what I told you yesterday night.
Bihaan glares at him and then remembers what Dhruv told him.
Bihaan: Dude why the hell are you dragging my hand?
Dhruv let’s go and starts shouting at him
Dhruv: You’re freaking crossing your limits
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Dhruv: You’re ruining so many lives
Bihaan: I am just ruining mine and Thapki’s
Bihaan: Huh
Dhruv: When you find out the truth you will cry yourself
Bihaan: Stop with your Ram Leela drama
Dhruv: Does it look like I am Ram Leela?
Bihaan: We’re not watching the film
Dhruv: Excuse me I am Leela nor Ram
Bihaan: You look like Leela
Dhruv: You’re so stupid and a dumb idiot
Bihaan: Okay I don’t have time for your nonsense
Dhruv: I will stop you
Bihaan: From what?
Dhruv: Your mistake
Bihaan: What mistake?
Dhruv: For hurting Thapki
Bihaan: I didn’t do anything, she told me herself today…
Dhruv: Told you what?
Bihaan: That she loves Siddharth
Dhruv: Oh really, just wait tonight
Bihaan: I don’t understand
Dhruv: You will be the one who will be hurt the most
Dhruv gets angry and leaves from there
Bihaan: What does Dhruv mean by that?
*Flashback ends*
Dhruv: Bihaan Pandey you should start getting ready for your wedding within four hours…
Bihaan gets angry and Dhruv leaves the room
Bihaan: I don’t know what to say anymore… Who should I choose?

Thapki’s house/Tia’s room
Thapki: I think her phone died
She hangs up the phone and starts fixing the bed and gets ready to go help her mom with breakfast. On the other hand Tia is still shocked.
Tia: Oh god I forgot about Thapki
She picks up the phone and says hello but no answer.
Tia: Great she hung up
Tia then sees the time and realizes there is four hours till the wedding.
Tia: I need to meet Tanya before the wedding… I can’t risk this wedding to happen in any condition
Tia then rushes out of her bed and gets ready and reaches the living room

Patel House
DD comes into Tanya’s room and leaves the wedding dress on her bed.
Tanya: What are you doing in my room?
DD: You get ready
Tanya: I am not wearing that ugly wedding dress
DD: What do you mean?
Tanya then goes to the wardrobe and grabs the wedding dress the father gifted her when she was little.
Tanya: I am going to wear this wedding dress
DD: Ewe that’s so old fashioned
Tanya: For you it is, but this is gifted by my father
DD: So what
Tanya: I promise him I will wear it
DD: But this one is better
Tanya: I will never wear that, you should leave my room
DD takes the dress and was about to close the door when she sees Tanya smiling at the wedding dress…
DD (In mind): I am happy you’re wearing that wedding dress… Your father will be very happy of you… (She wipes her tears and leaves the room)
Tanya: Dad I hope you’re watching me… I am wearing this wedding dress for you (She smiles a bit)

Karan’s house
Karan: Tia you’re finally here
Tia: Sorry I slept in a bit
Karan: No it’s okay; did you select an outfit for their wedding?
Tia: Karan I need to stop their wedding
Karan: I don’t think we can do anything anymore….
Tia: What do you mean?
Karan puts the bread on the table and Tia sees a smiley face on it… She starts laughing
Karan: Hey why are you laughing?
Tia: That face is cute and your suit too
Karan: I didn’t put that face
Tia: I did when you weren’t looking
Tia makes fun of Karan and he gets angry.
Tia: By the way where are the others?
Karan: Ma and Neha out for some reason
Tia: I think they are still angry with me
Karan: Ofc not
Tia: Are you sure?
Karan: Yes I am, okay I will be back within 30 minutes.
Tia: Did you eat breakfast?
Karan: Yes I have and you should eat your smiley faces
Tia: Yes I will Ha-Ha
Karan kisses on the forehead and leaves
Tia (In mind): Now I have to go meet Tanya
Tia quickly grabs her phone and locks the house… She takes the car and leaves.

Thapki’s house/Siddharth’s Mansion
Thapki finished helping her mom and ate breakfast too.
Poonam: Thapki here take this dress for the wedding tonight
Thapki: Ma…
Poonam: I know this is my favorite dress but I want you to wear it
Thapki: Thank you Ma
All of a sudden Thapki’s phone rings
Poonam: Thapki your phone is ringing
Thapki: Huh oh (She grabs it and sees Siddharth’s name)
Poonam: I will be the kitchen if you need me
Thapki: Oh okay
Poonam leaves and Thapki picks up the call
Sid: What took you so long to pick the call up?
Thapki: Sorry I was talking to my Ma
Sid: Listen to me… I don’t feel like going to the wedding tonight
Thapki: What do you mean?
Sid: I give up
Thapki: You can’t just give up on everything….
Sid: I feel like she is happy with life now
Thapki: Siddharth listen to me… She evens said it to herself… That she loves you a lot…
Sid: But I can’t stop her either way
Thapki: We’re going today and we will stop it… do you understand me?
Sid: Yea….
Thapki: Okay I will talk to you later
Sid: I will come pick you up
Thapki: No it’s okay I will manage
Sid: Stop saying that, I will see you in three hours
Thapki: Okay
Thapki hangs up and Siddharth starts thinking…
Sid: I don’t know what to do anymore?? But what are you hiding from me Tanya?

Unwanted place
Rohan calls up Razeeni again
Rohan: I need your help
Razeeni: What do you want?
Rohan: I need to get Thapki
Razeeni: Okay and why are you telling me this?
Rohan: Because you fool, this Siddharth is on my way too now
Razeeni: You can’t do anything unless you kill Tia
Rohan: Where the hell did Tia come from?
Razeeni: I will stop Thapki and Siddharth from going to the wedding if you kill Tia
Rohan: But how do I kill Tia if her lover is always with her
Razeeni: Okay listen to my plan
Rohan smirks and Kabir was standing behind Razeeni and heard everything
Kabir: Shit I need to stop this idiot
Razeeni: Now listen to me carefully…. Tonight I will bring Thapki to you… and tomorrow you kill that Tia for me
Rohan: Okay
Kabir: Now who do I stop?
Razeeni turns around and Kabir hides
Kabir: I will stop this woman in any condition

Patel House
Tanya is getting ready has a bride and DD helps her.
Tanya: Did I ask you to help me?
DD: I am your mom for god sake
Tanya: Oh please you and my mother? Are you dreaming or something?
DD gets angry
DD: You’re crossing your limits way too far
Tanya: Then you should leave my room

Outside Patel House
Tia: I need to meet Tanya; I will go through the back door
Tia sees guards there
Tia: They would never let me in because Tanya hates me
Tia then gets an idea and smiles

Tanya’s room
DD: What’s your problem? You know we have to leave within an hour
Tanya: Yes I already know that, but you should leave my room and let me change peacefully
DD: I raised you and I want to let you go with happiness
DD is shocked

Outside Patel House
Guard: Um who are you?
Tia: I am here to give sweets
Guard: But a man just came here
Tia: Yes he gave half it
Guard: Oh okay
Tia: So can I go inside?
Guard: Okay
Tia goes inside and hears screaming

DD gets angry and was about to slap Tanya when she holds her hand.
Tanya: Nope not anymore, I am a strong and brave girl now
DD: How can you say something disgusting like that?
Tia hears their conversation and gets shocked
Tanya: I am tired of you torturing me every time, but I won’t stay quiet
DD: No I wouldn’t do something like that
Tanya: So you’re saying
DD: Listen to me Roshni; I loved your dad a lot… I would never try to kill him
DD gets emotional and leaves the room while Tia hides
Tanya: Ugh I am tired with life…
Tia then enters her room and says
Tia: Why are you doing this Tanya? Or should I say Roshni Patel?
Roshni turns around and is shocked to see Tia

Pandey Mansion
Everyone is decorating the place while Bihaan is getting ready in his room and Dhruv helps him out.
Bihaan: I can manage myself
Dhruv bends down and puts his shoes on and says
Dhruv: I don’t know why you’re doing this? But I know you still love her
Bihaan: Dude, I am trying to move on but you’re always bringing that girl’s name up
Dhruv: I don’t understand you Bihaan, why are you doing this?
Bihaan: Because when you fall in love you will realize how much it hurts
Dhruv: I already know the feeling Bihaan
Bihaan: Oh so you know the feeling of love?
Dhruv: I know you’re the biggest idiot; I shouldn’t have come here in the first place
Dhruv leaves the place and Vasu enters Bihaan’s room
Vasu: Bihaan are you ready? Hurry up and come down… Tanya and her Ma are on their way….
Bihaan: I am coming Ma
Vasu: Bihaan today you look very nice
Bihaan: Thanks Ma
Vasu: I always want to see you happy like this after marriage
Bihaan: I will try
Vasu: No tries, now let’s go
In the car
Tanya enters the car has a bride, she looks very sad and depressed… She remembers what Tia told her
Tia: Whoa Roshni Patel? I thought you were Tanya Kapoor
Tanya: What are you doing here Tia?
Tia: I never knew that you lied so much
Tanya: What did I lie about?
Tia: Why are you marrying someone?
Tanya: Tia you need to leave right now
Tia: Listen to me Roshni
Tanya: Don’t call me Roshni, I am Tanya and that’s all you need to know
*Flashback ends* (Rest of the flashback will be revealed in the next episode)

Pandey Mansion
Tia and Karan reach the place and sees everyone there.
Tia: Karan I forgot to tell you something
Karan: What is it Tia? That I am looking handsome
Tia: No not that
Karan: Oh you’re looking beautiful today
Tia: I am not joking, listen to me
Karan: Okay what is it?
Tia: I met Tanya today
Karan: Wait what? When did you meet her?
Tia: When you went outside for something
Karan: And you didn’t tell me
Tia: You wouldn’t let go alone anywhere
Karan: Because of that kidnapping drama
Tia: Okay I am sorry but nothing happened to me
Karan: Next time you do that, I will never talk to you
Tia: Okay I am sorry (Pulling my ears)… See I am also pulling my ears
Karan: Okay I forgive you this time
Tia: Okay now listen to me
Karan: What is it?
Tia explains what Tanya and she talked about and Karan is shocked… (Will be revealed in the next episode has I said before)
Tia: But now I don’t what to do… I feel like everything is breaking apart
Karan: You’re right; look over there… even Bihaan is coming downstairs
Tia: This wedding has to stop
Karan: There is no way
Tia: Unless Sid Bhaia and Thapki hurry up
Karan: I will call them
Tia: Okay
Karan: You wait here, I will be right back
Tia: Okay… God please make everything go back to normal…

Roshni’s car/ Siddharth’s car/Bihaan’s room/ Pandey Mansion
Roshni is sitting in the car and tears fall from her eyes while remembering Siddharth…
The song Ankhiyaan plays from Do Lafzon ki kahani
Roshni is crying and looking at a picture…
“Ankhiyaan ne ankhiyaan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Siddharth picks up Thapki and starts driving fast while thinking about Roshni…
“Ankhiyaan ne ankhiyaan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Bihaan gets ready and starts walking down the stairs and remembers something about Thapki and smiles a bit…
“Rondiyan ne chham chham karke Teri yaadon mein marke”
Siddharth is losing hope while Thapki looks through the window and sees the ice-cream truck where Bihaan and her spent time together… Siddharth screams seeing Tanya and Bihaan getting married in his mind… He drives faster and hits a car… But no one gets hurt… Siddharth comes out of the car and falls on the ground…
Sid: I have lost everyone… My mother now Tanya… WHY ALWAYS ME GOD
Thapki goes near him and tries to console him…
Rondiyan ne chham chham karke Teri yaadon mein marke
Roshni reaches Pandey Mansion and comes out… She quickly wipes her tears and closes her eyes a bit and sees Siddharth in front of her…
“Bhul gayi’aan jindri de raaste”
Bihaan is finally downstairs and he looks at Dhruv… Dhruv sees Bihaan who is looking sad…
Dhruv: I lost… making my brother go to Thapki….
“Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Thapki hugs Siddharth and he cries heavily…
Sid: I can’t do this Thapki… They have got married already…
Thapki: How do you know?
Sid: I saw them Thapki… I have lost…
Thapki is consoling Siddharth while remembering Bihaan… She cries but covers her mouth at the same time…
“Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Roshni finally enters the place and everyone looks on… Vasu takes Bihaan to the mandap and makes him sit there… DD brings Roshni there and makes her sit too…
“Duniya ki bheed mein main tanha si ho gayi Paakar jo tujhko khoya Khud hi main kho gayo”
Sid gets a phone call from Karan and tells him to hurry up before the marriage happens… Thapki gets happy after hearing this and Sid gets emotional too…
Thapki: We need to go
Sid: But my car broke down
Thapki: It’s nearby we need to hurry
Sid and Thapki start running when they see goons surrounding the place with rots on their hands… They both get shocked seeing them…
“Duniya ki bheed mein main tanha si ho gayi Paakar jo tujhko khoya Khud hi main kho gayo”
The priest is making Bihaan and Tanya get married to each other… Tia gets sad seeing this and runs towards them when Karan holds her and says no…
Karan: We can’t do anything anymore
Tia: No I can’t risk it…
Dhruv sees this and gets emotional
Dhruv: I have lost…
Tanya and Bihaan are holding hands while praying…
“Kya bataun tere bin Kajal se hai yeh din Taare bhi bujhe bujhe hain raat mein”
Sid and Thapki are shocked and asks the goons
Sid: What do you want?
Goon1: You can leave here quietly and we won’t hurt you
Sid: What do you mean?
Goon2: We just want the girl
Sid: You’re not getting her
Goon1: Okay then hit him
Sid starts punching the goons and Thapki screams to stop….
The goons hit him with the rot and Thapki gets scared and pushes them away… Siddharth is bleeding badly…
The wind blowing heavily in the Pandey Mansion and Roshni thinks something is wrong… She hears Siddharth calling her name… She then drops Bihaan’s hand and he looks at her with a shocked face…
“Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Thapki: LET HIM GO…
Sid is hurt and injured really badly…
Goon1: Grab the girl
Thapki: NOOO…
Someone holds the goon’s hand… Thapki looks on…
“Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Bihaan: Tanya is everything alright?
Tanya: Huh… yes it is…
Bihaan: Then?
Tanya (In mind): Siddharth wherever you’re… please be alright
Tia looks on and hides her emotions
Tia: This is the first time I lost in my life… I am a failure
Karan: Tia please don’t cry here…
Tia: I will try…
“Raahon mein baithe baithe Nain pathra gaye Khushiyon ke honthon pe Dard kaise aa gaye”
Kabir reaches the place with the police and gets the goons arrested
Thapki: Thank you for saving us
Kabir: You’re welcome but you should take him to the hospital
Thapki: I know, but what about the wedding
Sid: We’re still going
Thapki: But your condition will get worse if we don’t go now…
Sid: I said we’re going
Kabir: He need to get his love back…
Sid: Yes (feeling dizzy)
Thapki holds Siddharth
Kabir: Come I will take you along in my car
They leave in his car
Thapki (In mind): I hope I can get everyone back together
“Raahon mein baithe baithe Nain pathra gaye Khushiyon ke honthon pe Dard kaise aa gaye”
The priest asks Bihaan and Roshni to take 7 rounds around the fire… Roshni doesn’t stand up but Bihaan helps her up…
1 Round…. 2 round… 3 round…4 round…5 round… 6 round… 7 round…
Priest: Okay now please sit down…
Bihaan (In mind): I feel like…. I need you…
Tia: I have lost… I can’t watch this anymore…
Karan: They will have to come
Dhruv: I need to stop this wedding…
Roshni looks at Bihaan and thinks it’s Siddharth….
“Sapne jo roothe roothe Jud ke jo dil hai toote Tooti hain lakeere bhi ye haath mein”
Priest asks Bihaan to fill Roshni’s mang with Sindoor…. Everyone is shocked…
Bihaan was about to fill Roshni’s mang when Thapki, Kabir and Siddharth reach the place…
Roshni looks at Siddharth condition and gets shocked…
Everyone turns around…
Tia: SID BHAIA… (She runs towards him)
Sid tries to stand up in vain…
Sid: I finally stop… (He then falls on the ground)
Roshni: SIDDHARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Roshni pushes Bihaan’s hand and runs towards him…)
Bihaan is extremely shocked seeing this and Dhruv smiles a bit…
Roshni: Siddharth wake up please… look your Tanya is here… Please wake up…. SIDDHARTH…
Bihaan is taken back while hearing this and remembers when he saw Siddharth and Tanya always close to each other…
DD: What is this? I bet this was a plan of Siddharth and that girl
Dhruv: Nope Siddharth and Tanya love each other…
Thapki gets happy seeing this and faints at the same time… But Karan holds her…
Tia: We need to take them both to the hospital
Tanya: Siddharth you finally got a way to stop my marriage… I am not your Tanya… I am your Roshni who loved you three years back and still do….
“Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
“Ankhiyan ne ankhiyan nu Rabb jaane kyun diye faasley”
Everyone is shocked hearing this and Bihaan gets emotional seeing Thapki…
Episode ends

Moral- “Love always finds its way now you have to wait… for their story to progress”

Recap: So many stories to tell… Next episode will be best one ever!!!!!!


Hey guys I am so sorry updating late, because of summer break I couldn’t post much but now I am finally back with another amazing episode for you guys. (Also it’s not proof read because I was lazy to read over 9,000 words xx aha)
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys we have completed Twenty three episodes. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Monday July 25th 2016 or Tuesday July 26th 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

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