Destiny or True Love??? A Swasan and Raglak Fanfic. (Introduction)

Title of the Fan fiction – Destiny or True Love??
Main Couples – Swasan and Raglak…
Storyline – This love story revolves on two different couples who love each other truly and unconditionally…There will be Drama, Love, Humour, Jealousy and much more…This story will start one day before Swalak marriage…In my Fanfic, Ragini won’t be negative…Yes, you all read correct..Ragini won’t be negative in my ff..So How Swasan and Raglak will be pairs?? For knowing this stay tuned with me..
A/N :- Hi guys, I m Ishanvi and I m a very big fan of Swaragini seriel…Yesterday my favourite serial ended and I m very sad.. So I thought to start a fanfic. on our heavenly couples- Swasan and Raglak..I cant promise with u all that I will give equal importance to all couples..So I have an idea..I will dedicate one episode to Swasan and one to Raglak for some speical episode like Propasal, Marriage, etc…

Please give your response as I need them..

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    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..???

  1. Awesome

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?

  2. will swalak become as raglak & swasan.

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?Yeah, just wait and read to know how Swalak will become Swasan and Raglak?

  3. superb update soon

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di?..I will try to post soon?

  4. Shilpi99

    Wow yar awesome please update soon and ya I am missing swaragini very badly ??????

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di?..I will try to post soon?..
      I m missing Swaragini too…My fav serial..?????

  5. Nyc…

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di?

  6. Loved it. Pls do update

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di?..I will try to update soon..?

  7. I liked your intro di. Its awesome. Waiting for the first part.

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di.?.I will post soon Di..?
      BTW I dont think I m elder than you.?.I study in seventh standard..?

  8. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Plz continue ….

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di???…I will surely continue..

  9. AahanaReddy

    Its awesome di.Loved it. Eagerly waiting for the first part

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?..I will try my best not to make you wait for long time..?
      BTW I dont think that I m elder than you.?.I study in seventh standard.?

  10. IQRA222

    and i will read your ff
    are u new to the website

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di?…No, I m not new to this website..?..I was a silent reader..?..

      1. IQRA222

        i don’t know if you are younger than me or elder but i am 13
        and even i was a silent reader

  11. Anu

    nice ishanvi!! keep rocking!! update soon!! but plzzz never show rag…san scene..but if they will be bro sis then i dont have problem… post soon

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di??…As I have told Di, the pairs will be one and only our Swasan and Raglak but there will be a bonding between Swalak and Ragsan too..?..I will try to post soon..

      1. Anu

        ya i know pairs will be my fav swasan…but want only bro sis type bonding between ragini……….sanskar… plz plz plz…uh can atleast fulfill this small wish if your di na?

    2. Ishanvi

      I will surely try to fulfil your wish Di but I cant show Brother Sister type of bonding between Ragsan from first episode but I will surely show them as brother sister in coming episodes..?

  12. Srusti

    I am really impressed with ur idea dear nd i am really happy u dont make ragini negative in many ff’s they make ragini or either swara negative although i am a swasan fan but i liked ur idea a lot eagerly waiting for ur episode nd post next episode asap dear

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?..I dont appreciate to make main characters as negative for no reason…In my fanfic, neither Swara nor Ragini will be negative.?..I will try to post next part soon..

  13. pls dont none of them as mahaan… pls show like they support each other

    1. Ishanvi

      Nooooo Di…I will not show neither of them mahann…Yes, They will support each other but in some case, sometimes swara will sacrifice something for ragini and vice versa..?..Thanks a lot for your comment..?

  14. hummm wating for the story to begin and thank u for writting this ff

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?

  15. Sanswa

    Will wa8 4 ur update

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?..I will try to post soon..

  16. Simin

    Keep up dear

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?

  17. nice..continue

    1. Ishanvi

      Thanks a lot Di..?

  18. nice amazing next part

  19. Nice concept

  20. Sri

    its awesome dear.and
    welcome to tu as a writer. Hope u will do magic with ur writings and plzz give equal importance to both swara and ragini
    Plzzzzz post soon. Eagerly waiting for how it will gonna be swasan and raglak
    All the best for writing
    Stay blessed dear

  21. Sreevijayan

    Excited to read it dear…

  22. Nd plz agr swara ragini k liye secrfc kri h to plz kch aysa b kro ki ragini b swara k liye kch secrfice kre taki dono cpl ko eql imp mile agr 1st swalak honge to sm hi story ho jyegi nd rag fir se side lin ho jyegi so plz dnt mk swalk strting se hi swasn nd raglk ka rakho plzplz starting se hi plzzz

  23. Nagamanasa

    It’s interesting dear…waiting to see how it will be swasan and raglak…post next one soon

  24. interesting and waiting for next part

  25. Raglak story, wow

  26. Awesome and

  27. Plz continue… Loved it ????❤❤❤❤

  28. Asra

    awesome dear….

  29. Vivi


  30. Jazzy

    Amazing dear thank u for not making my ragini negative and waiting eagerly for raglak

  31. A.xx

    fab cant wait for 1st part.xx

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