Destiny (Tashan e Ishq fan fiction) Episode 3

Thank you so much for all the love. All of you are amazing, the way you welcome a newcomer is really sweet . Today is Twinkles POV. Sorry for being too late I had to study as exams are coming. Please do comment and tell me how the episode was.

Twinkle P.O.V

What! me and Kunj shout at the same time after realising that we had bhang pakoras.
God! please help me if I spit out about Yuvi and me. I will be dead. I started freaking out and I realise that even Kunj was freaking out and holds his head and says If Dad comes to know about Alisha I will be dead.

He turns towards me and says this is all your fault . Who told you to steal my pakora? I ask him.

I ask Chinki who told her about this. She nervously says Yuvi mixed bhang in your pakoras. Why? Where is he I ask her. She says she doesnt know he was in the kitchen in waiter costume. I go to the kitchen Yuvi was not there.

I drink three or four glasses of water and wash my face even though i know that is not going to help. Even Kunj comes and washes his face.

I started feeling weightless I just sit on the floor and cup my eyes with my eyes. I dont know what is going to happen now.

Kunj loses balance and sits next to me.

Get lost! I shout.

I am your guest can you talk to me like that he tells me. I tell him that I dont care and I tell him go.

He says fine i will go and tell Leela Aunty how you were jumping out of the window.

I close his mouth and tell him to not say a word or not… He removes my hand and says Or not..what? I will take advantage of you I say laughing at him.

You are not allowed to I am the guy he says laughing. We both start laughing.

We start talking.He tells me about Alisha and how they met. Even i tell him about Yuvi and our mothers enmity. Then I heard music I ask Kunj to come and dance. He said he doesnt want to get up.

Ok fine then I will go I tell him and try to get up but he pulls me back down. Dont go? How can you leave me I am an alone boy with so many girls in this house he says. I want to dance! Get up! I pull him up.

We both go out. I start dancing to the music. I pull Kunj also. We both start dancing. I was having so much of fun.

12 hours later

Twinkle get up! Chinki is here to meet you my mom shouts waking me up.

My head was throbbing I slowly get up.

My mom kisses my forehead and says my daughter has become so big I am proud of you. She leaves.

I couldnt remember anything for a moment. I try recalling what happened yesterday. I remember a little Oh god! I had bhang pakoras then …. remember Twinkle i thought to myself

. I should be dead by now it makes no sense will any mother proud that her daughter was drunk in front of so many people I am missing some part of the picture.

Chinki comes and says Wow! seems like you are going to get married even before me she says smiling sarcastically. Oh my god! does that mean I told mom about Yuvi and she agreed for our marriage.

That is amazing i get up with joy. Chinki says Wait! dont get so excited. Why shouldnt I be excited very soon I am going to be Twinkle Yuvraj Luthra I tell her.

Remove the Yuvraj Luthra and insert Kunj Sarna she tells me she tells me. Then I realise the missing part of the picture was Kunj Sarna. Never! i tell Chinki.

You dont know what you did yesterday Dont you!.

What did I do? I ask her worried about her answer. You and Kunj agreed to get married that to in front of Yuvi.

What! no! no! I couldnt have done that not even in my wildest dreams. Chinki you are pulling my leg right I tell her. She says the truth is bitter.

Yuvi! He is going to be so angry with me.

God! now I understand I am going to die but not in my moms hands but in Yuvis.


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  1. Awesome… Pls update the next part…

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  4. Thank you Aarti ,Rashi and Janvi . I am happy that you liked it.

  5. Sm1 has such a talent of writing that even expert writers r less in front of her. Right harshi

    1. You are an amazing writer too Keira. I am happy that you liked my epi . Thank you.

  6. harshi u are too good..m enjoying ur ff the most….can’t really wait for ur next epi..actually since the time u have started writing i really can’t hold my excitement..keep it up..!!

    1. Thank you Tara. I am happy that you are liking my ff.

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