Destiny (Tashan e Ishq fan fiction) Episode 1

Honestly i loved the way tashan e ishq started so i decided to start it with the same story line but later i will bring the changes. Todays episode will be Twinkles point of view [P.O.V] tomorrow will be Kunjs P.O.V. I just cant wait to write Kunjs P.O.V. Please forgive me for my grammatical errors. This is my first fan fic ever so wish me luck. Please tell me how it was in the comments.

Twinkle P.O.V

How much time will this guy make me wait. When i called him he said he already reached.Idiot! i thought to myself. I take out my phone to call him up.

Boo! someone shouts from behind. Yuvi ! I shout. What pleasure do you get by scaring me. I ask him holding his collar. I dont get any pleasure by scaring you but i do get pleasure when you are this close to me he says pulling me closer. I smile at him. You can be this close to me only after marriage i tell him taking his hands off me.

My phone starts ringing. It was my moms call. Yuvi clicks on the speaker. Twinkle come home fast today you know its Chinkis engagement today and even Manohar Sarna and his son Kunj is coming to meet you today if you do something wrong today you are gonna get it from me my Mom tells me.

Surprisingly Yuvi smiles . Okay mom i am coming i tell her and I cut the phone. Why are you smiling? You are so happy about my alliance. I ask him.

He laughs. If your so happy I will get married to this guy only and come to take blessings from you ,I tell him angrily.

Baby I was just laughing because I pity that Kunj because of how your gonna make him run away and embarrass him.

I remove a book from my bag and write forty nine Kunj Sarna. I realised I almost reached half a century in making guys runaway from me.

Please do call me and inform me how you make this Kunj run away he tells me i give him a flying kiss he catches it and keeps his hand near his heart. I smile.

I quickly take my car keys and drive home. My whole house was decorated for Chinkis engagement. I go to my room and Chinki was sitting right there.

Finally you came she says. How can i miss my best friends engagement. Now go any change your dress i still have to do makeup for you. Go fast i tell her.

I quickly wear my lehenga and get ready.

Chinki comes out she looked absolutely stunning. Wow! someones looking hot I tell her. She says not as hot as you are, do one thing you stay here only because if you come down I am scared that the my groom will go after you she says smiling.

Now come here lets do your make up i tell her. I finish her makeup and tell her that she looks fabulous and her fiancee is going to faint because of her beauty. She starts blushing.

By the way how was your meeting with Yuvraj. She asks me winking her eye at me. I look at the door whether its closed or not. It was good but that guy came late and i had to come home fast so it wasnt as good as i expected i tell her. Fine lets go your the bride so you will have to go down fast i push her outside. Have you decided how to make Kunj Sarna run way or not she asks me. Routine plan I dont have to think much I tell her. Now can we go I tell her.

I bring her down. Everyone were staring at us and my mom was standing next to a man who must be Manohar Sarna, Kunjs Dad. He looks at me and smiles. I couldnt help smiling back. I go and drop Chinki next to her Fiancee who couldnt stop smiling at her.

My mother calls me. I go there. This is my daughter Twinkle she tells him. His mobile rings so he excuses himself. My mom takes my hand and takes me a side and says If you try to ruin this alliance I am going to give you nicely . Mom i am just a sweet and kind girl how will i ruin this alliance I tell her sarcastically smiling at her. Ya!Ya! of course you are my sweet daughter and you never ruined any of your alliances right she replies to me sarcastically. Then Mr Sarna comes and again smiles at me. I smile at him back again. Twinkle your mother told me you just finished your college , even my son just finished his college he says.

Oh! Wow! really thats a coincidence I tell him trying my best not to make it sarcastic. Would you like to meet him he asks me.

No I cant.. I tell him.

My Mom stamps my foot Ouch! i scream she gives me a death stare. Of course she would like to meet your son where is he she . Kunj! he calls upon his sons name.


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  1. hey its not ur first ff..i can bet…my god i have cmpltd 18 epis of my ff bt still i never thought like this…this is the best intro i ever was just wow! i loved it.,cant w8 4 kunj’s one!

  2. Tara thank you thats really sweet of you to say I am really happy that you liked it
    I will try my best to make my second epi even better

    1. ya u r story narration is nice and usepast tense instead of present tense and go through ur ff and make necessary corrections when where u r free and all the best and keep writing

    2. ur welcome plzz update the next part…can’t wait..

  3. I like your idea of writing in the form of P.O.W, it sounds like you are reading a novel
    excellent &I keep it up ??

  4. Thank you so much Sudha and Sabanana I am happy that you liked my first episode. I will work on editing it when I am free .

  5. very nice intro…a new concept,,just can’t wait to read kunj’s p.o.v.

  6. it is really awesome…..,,eagerly waiting for kunj’s p.o.v…..

  7. Thank you Gopika and Prapti I am working on Kunjs P.O.V and i promise you it will be better than this one.

  8. wow great harshi……..waiting for the kunj’s p.o.v

  9. Harshi I agree with Tara….you cant be a new writer….btw you are very skilled….keep it you

  10. Thanks a lot Tina and Rakshita
    I submitted the second epi
    It is a bit long though i hope you dont get bored

  11. really nice idea.i think that u are a commer bt no u are too gud

    1. Thank you Tara

  12. I can’t believe that’s ur oh God so amazing

    1. Thank you Keira that is sweet of you to say so

      1. My pleasure dear

  13. Awesum episode Harshi..

  14. Wow! Harshi when she gots this idea amazing, wonderfull,fantastic, nice,rockiiinggg, am so happy kept it up.

    1. Thank you SMC and Aarush. Honestly the POV thing isnt my idea I read alot of books so in them its often the main characters point of view. So from there I took the concept.

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