Destiny takes its course (part 2)

Recap: introduction about Radhika and her family. Boy was coming to see Radhika.


My dad called my mom, well you are thinking right they do talk to each other regarding their daughters. Well my dad was present at my sister’s wedding but not when she was growing. Her marriage was fixed and everything was arranged by my mom. And my father just attended as a guest. But I was happy that at least he was around. Otherwise many people are fatherless.

The bell rang at the front door and my sister said, “ my hands are sweating.” And I was like they will not like me. In my heart I knew I going to get rejected. Why would I not think, when my relatives used to give me advises that I should take good care of myself and should always be representable. I was not a person to live half of my life in front of the mirror applying makeup. And my relatives were like no your should do makeup as boys nowadays wants to see a model in their wives. Well well the guy who is going to marry me should know me without makeup. He should see my inner beauty. Here I go again in my fantasy world that men nowadays go for faces not the inner self.

“ Ok Radhika time to face your destiny,” my sister came to me. Holding my hands and glee on her face really showed that she liked the boy. “ Radhika the boy is the same you would talk about. He is very down to earth. And he is really handsome. And….” I cut her in between. After listening to my sister I did not wanted to raise my expectations and somewhere in my heart I was not prepared to digest the man in my fantasy world really exists.

“ Well you can’t say that. If he is my dream man then I will feel music around me when I see him.” I laughed at my own joke and my sister gave me that impossible look.

I came to the hall with my eyes looking towards the ground. It’s not like I was shy but my mom and sister asked me to be shy in front of them. I felt very artificial. In heart I was nervous like anything. Even after giving the result of this proposal to myself like hundred times now still this nervousness caught me. Oh god are they looking at me. Now I really starting to sweat.

When I looked up to greet. I only saw his mother sitting and he was standing in the balcony with back at me and was on call with someone. Wearing a black top and blue jeans. I could see the muscles built in his biceps and his back was like next to perfect. His curly hairs were not exactly black but with the shade of sun felt kind of golden brown. The way he was holding the phone on his ear, his biceps were like any girl would fall for him. I took a seat beside aunty. She introduced herself, “ I am Nandini Mehra, he is my son Arjun Mehra.”

I smiled at her. Then my mom and his mom started talking. I was feeling weird sitting there. And I started observing the embroidery of my dress which I felt I never saw it so keenly while buying it. And started imagining how the dress may have got embroidered. I was engross in my own world that I did not realize Arjun came and sat just opposite of me. Dumb me was appreciating the embroidery work on my dress when I felt that someone was looking at me or maybe staring at me. I felt nervous all of a sudden and raised my eyes to see that he was in front of me with that intense look. The look was so intense that I just bowed my head even more and started examining the dress material as if I was going to give an exam and how the dress was made.

“Radhika do you want to ask him something?” His mom asked me which brought me back into the room. And I just nodded negatively and cursed myself that I had all the list prepared beforehand that what all I wanted to ask but here I just said no. This nervousness was like eating me from within. I just wanted to run inside and close the door behind me and relax my heartbeats.

“ I don’t drink or smoke,” he said softly. And again I lifted my eyes to meet his and smiled at his answer. Then I looked down again. I wanted to just run inside. “ Do you both want to talk in private?” My mother asked us. And again I said no. And I guess Arjun compiled with me and said no. I guess he knew I was hell nervous. I asked for a leave and walked seem more like running I went inside.

My mom came inside and asked me to bid them goodbye. I went to the front door and they were already standing there. Nandini aunty gave me a hug and I just smiled at her. And when I looked at Arjun he was smiling at me. I smiled in return and started looking at Nandini aunty to avoid his gaze. I heard a soft chuckle but I ignored it. They left and I sat with a thump in the living room. And started to breath as if I was not breathing at all.

“ Did you like him?” My sister asked me sitting beside me.

“ I did not hear or feel music,” I said with a pout face.

“ It happens in movies only. Come on Radhika be serious.”

“ No I did not like him. He is like more handsome compared to my beauty.” I said honestly.

“Who said that you are not beautiful. You don’t know yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself.” Riddhima told me with assuring smoke.

“ Still….” I wanted to argue. But mom stopped us both and sat at the front couch opposite to us.

“ Radhika…. Umm…. His should I say this? ….” My mom was lost at words.

“ I know they rejected me. I was already prepared. You don’t have search for better words to convey me.” I said with a faint smile.

My mind started working. Well it’s good that they said no. I was not ready for marriage at first place and just for mom’s sake I got ready to meet the boy. Everything happens for a good reason. I assured myself that I am good now same like before. I felt relieved and automatically I smiled and looked at mom.

“ Now I can complete my college peacefully.” I smiled excitedly.

“ Your happiness is short lived Radhika.” My mom said with a broad smile.

Me and Riddhima just exchanged glances. And looked at mom to understand what she was trying to say.

“ Radhika they want to do engagement this weekend.” My mom said. And I could make out that she was stressed.

“ But nobody asked my opinion before arranging the engagement. I mean I did not say yes.” I said with a frown.


Precap: engagement preparation and a picnic.

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