Destiny (A shivika OS)

Though India is a modern country and everybody has freedom. Freedom to their own choices but still people like us suffer.Their is a problem which has killed many love stories.SOCIETY. This is not accepeted in our societies. Why? Don’t they have the right to marry the one they love?

Why is the society so cruel?

We love each other but My dad is against him. Against us. The idea of us being together does not match his idealogies. Which makes us wrong for him.Little did I know, my father would be against us. I don’t care what the society thinks about me but seeing hatred for us, in his eyes pierce my heart. He need to know he’s wrong. He can’t be right everytime.

From childhood, I have been a pampered child. I got what I wanted, there’s an exception though. Freedom. That was never mine. I was a bird caged in a trap. There were certain rules that bounded me but now I want to fly. When I finally gained the courage to stand against the wrong, my father won’t let me.

Before meeting him, my life was dull and boring. I did not enjoy and cherish life.The tadi of Shivaay Singh Oberoi filled colors in my life. I learnt how to cherish what you have.

“Oh Anika! You are so boring. You are such a nerd I tell you.” He sighed.

I laughed a little and pushed my glasses up. “I’m proud of being a nerd. At least I don’t need to be stressed on the night before exam.”

He made a face and then replied “Do you ever do something else than being in bed and reading books with your favorite black coffee”

“I do.” I replied. It was true that I love reading but I don’t have a serious liking for textbooks,though.

“What else do you do?” He asked, surprised.

“Hangout with an idiot like you” I chuckled.

“That’s so not cool Miss.Panika” He laughed.

“Don’t you dare spoil my name Mr.Bhagad billa”I warned him.

“Same goes for you,Nerd” He smiled at me.

“Why do you always irritate me?” I sighed.

“That’s one of my favorite things to do” He smiled.

A smile crept my face. I was always a nerd and I think Shivaay singh Oberoi was my first guy friend .Panika. A name that has lots of memories attached to it.I have habit of throwing water on people when I’m angry. Weird, right?

“You write poems?”

“Yeah! Sometimes” I sighed.

“That’s cool” he said. “Show me” he said, taking the diary from my hands.

“They are not that good” I said. These poems are just a way to empty my mind.

“Are you even serious?” He said, with his eyes wide. “How many more talents do you have Miss.Nerd? he said. “Do tell me about your other talents?”

“You really think these are good?” I asked.

“Of course, why don’t you enter a poetry contest? ”

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of a gun shot. Then I realized, that we have reached the cliff. We were running for our lives. I turned back to see at least 10 goons in front of me.My father’s men.

One of them spoke “Anika mam, your father has told me to ask you last time. Do you want to leave this man and lead a normal life?”

“No” I said, my voice firm. He need to know that he isn’t always right.

“Then I have no choice left…” he said, pointing the gun towards him.

I threw my arms around Shivaay. For the last time, just for the last time I want to feel him.He stroked my hairs gently, soothing me.”I love you,Anika” he told me sincerely. ” I love you too”

“Enough of your nonsense” one of them said. Then, I felt the bullet hit me and slowly everything seemed to blur. I intertwined my fingers with his and then there was another gun shot. My knees gave up and fell down, blood oozing out from my body and fingers still intertwined with his.

This was the end of our love story.Shivika’s story. No one can say that our story was incomplete. It was indeed complete.Even death couldn’t separate us.We lived together and today we die together. I smiled at him fotr the last time and then closed my eyes.

This was my destiny. Maybe we were destined to be this way.
A/N- Hey people! Do let me know what you think about this story.I know it wasn’t that good but I want to improve my skill so feel free to point out the mistakes so I can improve. After this, I’ll be posting on the coming weekend, so stay tuned.

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