destiny – a secret [manan] intro


Hii everyone I am charollete a huge fan of manan so Its my first ff..i will introduce the characters .plz tell me should I continue..n plz comment everyone cz thats the only means which motivates me…
So lets start
Manik malhotra-manik lives with his mom nyonika in new York city,USA.He will join the university in next few days and he is doing part time job in a store.He is a dashing guy with arrogant personality.
Nyonika malhotra-nyonikaa is mom of manic.she is a successful business personality well known in new York.she has divorced from her husband from last 10 years and hence no conection.
Aliya malhotra-sister of manik.she is beautiful and silent shy types girl..she loves her brother a lot and manik is very much protective about him.
Nandini murthy-nandini is a strong and bold confident girl who has got scholarship and will study in the same university of manik.she has come to USA with her mom dad and her best friend navya..she wil live beside maniks house.

Dhruv vedant-dhruv is another guy in the locality who lives with his two friends mukti and cabir…he has a secret crush on aliya..
Mukti vardhan-mukti is a sweet girl.she is friend of cabir and dhruv and lives with them.she has no mom and dad..dhruv and cabir are like her brothers.manik s also her friend as both work in same store..she has secret crush o harshad their boss.
Cabir-he is mature and cool..he works in a near by hotel..he is a gay but no one knows it.
This story is set in USA.where nandini and manic will meet and will eventually become lovers..but are they made for each other?and how all these will become friends?and how will nandini adjust in usa with nawya?to know the answers stay tuned with charollete and her manan story ‘destiny-a secret]

Credit to: charollete

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  1. Sunitha.k

    Good start keep going

    1. thankyou somuch sunita dear for commenting.i am glad you liked.and thankyou once again for commenting..and ur ffs are really nice..

  2. Manan_0206

    It’s very nice start . Do continue .

    1. thankyou verymuch for reading and commenting.i will surey continue

  3. Mehar

    Hahahah ….Yaar alya ko manik ka bhai bana diya ….. but the story is good ….keep going

    1. oh yes it will be intresting to see aliya as maniks sister for a change..and thanx for reading dear

  4. Interesting…..plz continue…….

    1. thanx dear..i am glad u like it.i wil surely continue

    1. thnxx

  5. Mahi13

    Plz update soon. It’ll be fun to watch alya as Manik’s sis.

    1. thankyou verymuch.i am glad u liked it..i will update i soon

  6. Tash

    Superb start…keep going dear!!!

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