destiny – a secret [manan] epi-9 [last epi]


She entered the forest.running as fast as her legs could carry her..she was scared….she kept running very fast…..very fast!!!!!until she heard no voice..she was tremblnig with fear.she was exhausted and tired..she wanted to rest.but there was no time….anynoe can come here…..
Island of mystrey this one is!!!!
Nandu ran till she came in the canopy of huge trees.she looked around.there was darkness…sound of only wind..she sat on a rock nearby…
Who was that person?and who shot gun?the same one or some other ?whats happening…
She again walking ….the wind was fast and the branches of the trees were swinging hard…the whole tmoshpere was dark and frightnig…nandu kept walking and then again she heard the cries of that animal..

So the animal is here!!!!
She ran in the opposite direction.she was too much exhausted and fell down..she took cover under tree and then no sound..she slept and slept seeing dreams of wiild beasts following her or mystriuos people following..
Manik was driving his car his work has began..he needs to find nandini..soemhow request her to comeback….he need to…
Manik drove the car and entered a café.he ordered capichano and took out his laptop.he opened facebook and wrote nandini murthy..
There were 100s of nandini murthy.he kept looking at each account to find some tric some evidence thst its of nandini..

Nothing..he wrote nandini murthy new york….he again found 1oos of nandini…he scrolled the cursor to see but then he remembered she don’t live here..he again wrote nandini murthy usa ..nothing..
Then he remembr nandini saying something about job…he know nandini must have got a big job as she is living he opened websites of jobs in usa..he found sites where women emplyes names were written.he found nothig.
Where the hell this girl is?he kept looking but he could find nothing no hint..
Saddly he went home.
Aliya came running towards him
Aliya-bhai bhai we are going for a planned it!!!!it will be fun.
Manik-what where when?

Aliya-today is promoted so a little vacation for all three of us..
Manik-oh [he smiled seeing smile on his cute sister]great lets go!
Manik pretended to be happy but was sad cz he needed to find nandini but now 5 6 days are wasted.still for his sis and mom he smiled.
Nyonika-okok now food.tell what we need to get
Aliya-mom we need biscuits tinned tomatoes sardines choclates cakes tinned noodles and a big ham..
Manik-your wish my command.ok so I will bring this from market.
Nyonika-no mr manik I have already brought[with a smile]

So all of them went there on the same island were nandini is..
And there manik found nandini sleeping under the tree and so they met each other..
First nandini did not listen to manik and malhotra family but then when manik told her the meaning of life parents she said ok
Now after 10 years manik nandini are married and have 2 children..1year old daughter and 4 year son.
Nyonika and nandus parents live together in india..
Manan live in usa..aliya and dhruv are married and live in florida…
And this is the end of the story.

Sorry piya tash mahi for ending this ff abruptly.but you all can see there are no comments no one is reading.i am hell disappointed guys cz I write for you all…
Silent readres if any plz comment it feels very bad to see no comments on ur ff and having 50 50 on others.that means I am writing bad…I m realy sory for boirng fan fiction..
And yes tassh dear I too have big bro so I too got conencted and wrote thati am glad you too have brother dear…
Piya dear thnkyou very much for alwz commenting on the ff..thnxxx.ur very nice frnd..
Mahi dear thnxxx a lot for commenting alwz thnxxx.

Anandi kawya manan thnx for commenting.
Sunisha sunita,k nesle joseph thx for reading and commenting it means a lot to me.thnx
Thnx all my readers for reading but I think I am not upto the mark so I ended this ff guys.soryy lvuuuu tc be happy in life and yes a very belated happy frndshp day to you all..
Tc seeyou soon I hope….

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  1. To tell the truth i didnt undarstand it i was trying too but now you end it

  2. Its very disheartening that you ended such an mindblowing amazing ff but we all understand that you guys make so much efforts to write an ff for us and it would make you of you won’t get comments but dear you are not at all a bad writer I missed your ffs so much happy friend ship day to you too dear take keep writing don’t stop writing as very few ppl have this talent

  3. plz plz plz plz plz don’t do this….
    I literally love ur ff…..

    Actually…i m bit busy in this days….that’s why I doesn’t get time too comment….

    But plz…..don’t stop writing dear….

  4. Hey sry yaar..actually my exams have come therefore I used to stop reading but it’s not done..don’t end it..v all love ur story plzz

  5. Mahi13

    Ur story was amazing but u put a sudden end which was unfair. Plz if possible then do continue plz. Take care.

  6. Sindhu_Varma

    sry.! for not cometning but i was to busy with clg.!
    but ur story was good..! :'(
    plz continue

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