destiny – a secret [manan] epi-8


Manik remembers it well..then came nandus parents and nandu with those guilty faces and heavy luggage.they were homeless.they had only one option….to go back to india…that means nandus carrer was ruined.
But nyonika took them.she said live here don’t ruin her carrer..initially they did not agree but then they didn’t had any choice.nandini was there only child and they wanted her to be successful..they wanted her to not face such finanical problems and hence theystayed..

They stayed for somedays mostly 1 month.but that one month felt like a year..everyone was so happy.nnadus dad used to bring sweets everyday and manik aliya and nandu used to eat them as if they were sibblings..manik used to protect both of them as sisters…..
Nandus mom always helped nyonika in cooking cleaning.and yes what food she made..we used to be full!and then slept..[manik smiled]….and then everyday nandus dad and manik used to go for household shopping.and there there bond became strong…they used to had lot of fun….
And then when everything was arranged by nandus uncle in india they left to india leaving nandu in their care till a good hostel they get.and so nandu stayed with them.
Manik became too emmotnal remebering nandini..she was such a cute girl.innocent and smart.she used to be aliyas sister.always with her.explaining her concepts she wont understand in her study..aliya and nandu used to go out everyday for shopping and outing.aliya became litle bold cz of nandu..

And about manik nandini?they were friends sometimes more than friends..going to university together everyday…people thought they were couple..but what they both thought?yes they were friends more than it but couple no they were not officialy couple but then what was it?they were as if in mind they were a couple.possesive caring loving protective..they were really like it..and both had feelings..manik could see in nandus eyes and nandu in maniks..they knew they love eachother but they never expressed..never…they were good like this.happy with each other….
But then something happened.he sont know what but something….nandini changed..she literally changed..what happened to her god knows but she changed.
She came home one evening and went straight to nyonika telling she is going..going to other city for other studys and she has got job their too.and she didn’t want to be a bhoja on them anymore…she will manage…nyonika was shocked..she didn’t alllow her..but nandu was firm..she wont listen.she had decided…aliya cried.nyonika was sad.and manik he was broken..[,manik cried ]

Manik tried to stop hr.but she wont.she told him that if he felt anything for her than do one thing and that is tell her parents that she is with them only…and she too will tell them that.and she left…..
She left manik alone.he cried her he requested her not to…but she was dtermined and wont listen.and manik asked hhimself what authority he has to stop her?nonthing only his he stopped requesting her…he askd where she is going but she wont tell..and he stopped that too..he asked god is this true?what made this girl do that?what?but no reply…
He cried and cired but no answer….aliya consoled him…and nandini left him alnoe..what made she do that?god knows….
But manik decded to keep her promise and from that day whenver they called him he lied…..not cz of nandinis promise only but they meant a world to him..they were like his own dad and mom and he did not want them to be broken…so he lied……
But now after 3 months he know nothing of nandini nothing.where she is?which city?is she fien?nothing….but in his heart he know she is fine and happy somewhere safe….

And suddenly his mom changed.she will tell truth…no he will not allow this..he know what to do……..
Thinking this manik gotup and decided to do his work….
Nandin is sitting on a beach…its a night with nomoon.theres darkness everywhere.its 11pm..nandu gestup to go home but to her great surprise her boat in the sea is no where to be seen…she is shocked and teriffied.
Where is the boat?oh shit!!! I forgot to get the boat tied and now it got driffted in th opensea with these high tides and I am here in an inhabitated beach in the middle of the forest.
The thing is nandini wanted peace of mnid and hence decided to travel alone to any forest or beach where no one lives…and so she went in her boat to this place..a isolated beach where no one lived for years..the beach is on an island in the pacific ocean…there are 100 of such islands and here she is on one of them..
But why nandni wanted peace of mind?oh her past hunts her and whenever she ses her past things she gets depresed so she came here for a change but now it turned to nightmare..she took out her phone but there was no signal as what?what should she do here….she need to wait till morning here so that in mornig some fishermen boats will come and she would ask them help..

Holy shit!why I am surrounded with problems…thought nandu..she sat under a tree near the beach looking at the vast sea…it looked horribel.the sound of the waves the rustlnig of the trees surronuding it was realy dangerous…she was frigthened to death…she loooked arownd and to her horror she felt that someone is looking at her fro the trees behind…
Nandu gotup ..she was firgthened…she knew there was no must be her own vision now that she is firghtened.she ought to see things on this isalnd.
She looked arround again.there was no one but suddenly she saw light there on a mountain top high above..there was someone there.the light was was the person with it….damn!who he is?
Nandu decided to discover.but in the ngiht?no she cant do trekking here and a person who is on an isolated island on the top of a mountain and the middle of the night is not a very pleasant guest to nandu sat again under the tree looking at the waves..but she cant resist herself to see in that direction..and she again looked at the mountain and to her horror the lght was moving in downward direction!!!!!!!
So whoever he must be is comnig down..and then she suddenly heard a shrill!!a long low whistle!!!a sound in the dead of the night on this island!!!

She ran from who was there?that whistle it was of some animal!!!!and then again a bark a hollow bark……she heard it..who was there?are there wild animals here????
Noo she ran and ran till she came to an another side of the island…she looked in the direction of the sound..there was no one..agaain she looked towards that mystrious mountain with that mystreious one no light can be seen there…the man must be coming down…and those wild beasts..the howl of that animal…..
Nandini was scared to death…she didn’t know what to do….and then suddenly she saw that light coming down again and a figure not clearly but a sillouhte with it..nandini ran..she need to find someplace to hide..she need to…omygod who is t in the dead of night….

And then she heard a shot a gnu shot!!!!!!
Nandini ran..but where?if she ran on open she would be seen…..she entered the forest………
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    Awesome update….u left us at such a desperate point that I have to check for the updates every 15 minutes….waiting for more….

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