destiny – a secret [manan] epi-7

Manik sat on the couch thinking hard.he has two months to solve everything.he cant forget what they did for him so he just cant tell them truth.they are like his family..they are no one but nandini’s parents.manik remembred it well.they were broken when that agent threw them out of their house just because they cant pay their rent for just one month.and at that time they came to their home.thanx to mom…
And in that way they all became so close to eachother.nandini was also protected.her mom helped nyonika somuch.and her dad treat aliya like his own daughter.they were really very nice people.they all lived like a family.but we all know they cant live here forever.but those moments with them.mostly wih nandus dad were like he got his own dad back…

His own dad..he don’t remember him well.but 10 years back he with aliya used to go with hi dad in parks amusemment parks.and that day when manik and dad had a ride on that giant roller coaster…it was so much used to bring gifts on every cristmas day.and on his 9th birthday that cycle dad gifted him.manik still have preserved the his dad mom him and aliya used to go to restaurants for dinners.and mom always used to shout when some expensive dish was ordered by them.but his dad he was cool and always used to order those dishes..

Tears rolled on maniks face as he remembered those beautiful and valuable moments with his dad.they were few but were for lifetime.
He also remembers why dad left was cz of made dad a bully and dad didn’t like it..she even forced dad to do liked money and dad didn’t but mom fforced him to do things to get money and slowly dad cant bear this and left them.he rememers how he and aliya used to sit in one room and mom and dad in other shouting and fighting like scared aliya a lot.but manik was there to console her to care her.but for every daughter her first hero is her dad but for aliya it was manik as her dad and mom had time for fighting only.thats the reason aliya is she didn’t get the support which only a father can give to her daughter.he safety and that feeling of having dad so no one can harm them,that feeling aliya never felt.for a daughter father is her 1st hero her 1st love cz he is the 1st male in the girl’s life who teaches her to walk to talk to behave in this world.when the girl enters this new world her dad is there to show the tell her that I am here so don’t worry.that authority of dad a girl knows it well.the secure environment which dad provides a daughter is the only reason why a girl is so she has seen her dad growing up.she has seen how her dad is strong and she imitates her..a girl only knows what father means for her…..

But for aliya there was no such dad to play dad to be free and secure…but she had manik…manik never left her own.he was always there to protect her to play with her to tease her to never let her feel alone.manik was her best friend her broter who was always there to protect her from everything..a brother makes a vow a promise to protect her sister.and manik never failed to keep his promise.he was and is her true hero.her best buddy.with whom she shares everything…
A brother
Breaks your doll
But holds you when you fall
Teases you
But beats those who tease you
A brother holds your hand
When eeryone points finger on you
Dies but saves you
A brother is your true hero
Who cares for you more than anyonne
In this world
A brother is your best friend your saviour
Your hero who loves you more than anyone
Manik remembers this song aliya made for him on brothers day.he know what he meant for aliya..and he was never gone leave aliya alone.never…aliya meant a world for hi.a world where he can be himself.
Guys next part tommorow…lvu all tc see you soon.

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  1. Super amazing dear very emotional update keep going dear love the song aliya wrote for manik

  2. Mahi13

    Superb, update asap plz.

  3. Very emotional n beautiful dear..good going…n a brother n sister relationship is so strong….I too have a big brother n I really love him…n the way Manik n Alya is..the same way me n my brother are…so I literally connected with everything n the song too made me fell intensely…loved it..

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