destiny – a secret [manan] epi-6

Host1-hey guys so its time for next game.and the game is you have too…guess what? have to……. You have to perform an act with your patner.any act.a dance song play anything you like.ok so time starts now.half an hour start thinking newcomers.
Everyone cheered and nandu groaned.
Nandu-hey yr whts this stupidity to perform act with this monster?
Manik-helo miss witch I am also not interested in acting with you

Aliya-shutup guys plz.let us think now.
Manik-both of you leave then.
Aliya and dhruv left.
Nandu thought ok now think nandu you not gonna spoil your we need to be best.
Manik-hey where are you?[clapping his hands]
Nandu-manik we need to win this act
Manik-oho!what a change in attitude is miss lizard.[but he liked this attitude of nandu whenever work was involved she was so mature]
Nandu-monster manik
Manik-miss lizard
They laughed but immediately looked away
Nandu-so what shall we do?

Nandu-afcourse not
Manik-you tell then
Nandu-we will perform a play.
Manik-what type of?
Nandu-use your brains
Manik-we will tell cute friendship…..
15 mins latter.
Host1-hurry up now.manik nandini
Nandu and manik came on stage
manik gave intro-a girl named lily is sitting on a bench criying.[nandu]a boy sam[manik] came there and saw her.

Sam-hey what happened why are you crying?
Lily-cz the one whom I loved most cheated me and left me alone.
Sam-hey that’s sad but forget gives us sometimes things we don’t want to see but have to
Lily-why me?jejus help me
Sam-hey dear don’t cry.lets have fun.
Lily-no I don’t even know you.

Sam-sometimes strangers are the best people to have fun with.
Lily-strangers become friends later bffs.
A father nearby is looking at them.he comes there.[father is portayed by a guy]
Both of them stands.father bless us
Father-you know my children one thing?
Lily and sam-what?

Father-once friendship and love met..
Love asked’why do you exist when I already exist?
Friendship smiled and said’to put a smile where you leave tears’
Lily and sam were stunned and tears came in their eyes with such a truth of friendship
Also were all the juniors seniors and host stunned with such a cute act.
Host1-mindblowing!wow manik and nandini
Everyone clapped and there was a silence which soared in everyone the meaning of friendship.

Other pairs performed their acts accordingly.aliya and dhruv sang a song[yeh dosti] but manan were best.
Host1-hey guys it was splendid really.this was a great some food plz.
Dinner started.nandu was very hungry.she and manik joined the queue and soon were sitting on the couples table enjoying the yummy and tasty included panner items cakes naan veg kadhai briryani Chinese non veg soups salads deserts and more and more…
Nandu-hmm yumm!!its best

Manik-yess!iwas so hungry!bythe way our act was realy a nice one lizardy
Nadu-yes monster manik it was best.

Both of them smiled.they too became friends from stranger right?
Guys sorry for shortupdate..not feeling well that’s why but your support and comments gave me that strentgh to write for my beautiful friends..and I am so happy my silent frnds are commenting too.thnx piya kawya sindhu anandi aliya tash manan mahi snisha sunita.k nelson joseph and my silent friends thnxxx I am glad you liked it.i will post my update soon tomorrow for guys tc

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    Awww….love you too dear…the update was really cute…

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