destiny – a secret [manan] epi-5

Host-so the second condition is..any guesses?
Everyone looked at each other laughing.nandu looked tensed.
Host-okok I will the second condition is you are not gonna decide who will be your patner.but we will decide it.from a small game.
Host2[girl]-yes guys a game!!a quite nice game which will tell us who is your mr /miss right today.
Host1-the game is simple.first we will put all lights off.then all girls and boys will be blindfolded and then you all will be on the dance starts you all will dance individually shuffle up and then whoever is in front of you girl or boy will be your patner!!!
Host2-yes this is the game.
Everyone roared with laughter and excitement begin.
Nandu was tensed.shityr were I am oh gosh!
Nandu-dhruv no I don’t want to play this stupid game.
A senior came there
Senior-no dear you cant leave now and put band on her eyes.
All girls and boys were sent on dance floor blindfolded and the music started.
Nandu didn’t know what to do she just stand there..everyone around her were dancing.the music was getting louder and faster.
Host-pair up guys.
Someone hold nandu’s hands,the lights were on.nandu removed her band.the boy infornt of her also removed his was manik
Nandu-oh you?
Nandu-you made it clear that this evening will be worst for me!
Manik-not I but you
Host1-hey hey guys back to your places.

Everyone left……so nandu and manik mood was off..nandu looked everywhere.dhruv and aliya where pairs and to her great surprise………
Host2-ok now couples are 1st of all you must know your patner.but we must also know your patner the next game is first you will know your patner well and then you will introduce your patner here.
Everyone cheered and laughed.
Nandu thought desrciibe this manik?
Host1-ok so we will give you 10 minutes talk with your patner and then will start the game..
Manik-so I need to describe you?ok silent rude and a lizard
Nandu-what lizard?why?
Manik-cz you change your colour according to the person
Nandu-shutup.and you faker.
Manik-hey yyou..
Host-5minutes to go guys.hurry what is your full name?
Manik-manik malhotra and you miss khados
Nandu-miss nandini murthy.
Manik-ok you are from indai.wht are your hobbies?
Nandu-mine are singing dancing and reading books
Manik-okok mine are siniging playing guitar and watching movies.

Both fell silent.nandu thought we have same likings.same did manik thought.
Host2-okok time the first pair is dhruv aliya.
Everyone cheered and clapped.dhruv and aliya came no stage
Host1-ok ladies first mr handsome can you plz introduce your girl
Dhruv-um..ya.she is aliya malhotra.a girl of smartnes And beauty as you all can see[everyone laughed]..
Host2-okok your beauty..
Dhruv and aliya laughed
Host1-ok so can you tell me how you felt when you saw her
Dhruv-um actually I felt lucky to have her
Everyone laughed.
Host2-oh flirty miss aliya beauty queen plz describe you’re here
Aliya-oh ya this is dhruv my hero..[all laughed].he is a very cute and friendly guy.
Host1-ok but how you know he is friendly?
Aliya-cz he is friend of my friend.
Host2-okok sosetting is already….
Everyone laughed
Hsot1-nice intro guys.ok next..
10 15 pairs were completed
Host2-now manik and nandini
Both came on stage.nandu was tensed
Host1-o ho handsome manik!
Manik smiled.

Host2-so manik describe your girl
Manikk-she is nandini murthy innocent girl with lots of attitude you cant even imagine looking at her.[nandu throwed him look]
Everyonel aughed
Host2-okok and how you know this?
Everyone cheered.
Host1-ok mr miss attitude intro ur handsome
Nandu-[little tensed]-um..he is manik malhotra an arrogant person
Everyone laughed
Host2-okk and how you know this?
Everyone roared with laughter.nandu and manik also laughed.manik smiled at girl he thought
Host1-ohh!!! wow you both are really mr and miss right.thankyou…
More pairs came and went and then the game was over
Host2-now now we all know eachother we will do something different.but for half hour theres break you all can hangover.
Everyone cheered and meet their friends.drinks and food were distributed..
Manik and nandu went to aliya and dhruv
Aliya-bhai!!!its fun.really
Dhruv-its too good.[he looked at aliya]
Nandu-you did well dhruv and alu
Manik-alu?remember of surprise[ looking at nandu]
Nandu-hey I am not fat!
Aliya-oh you two stop fighting now!
Nandu and manik gave angry look then nandu looked away and was surprised to see….
So guys what is nandu surprised of?to know read next epi which full of fun games and..
Heey my friends kawya aliya mahi tash piyaa manan sindhu sunita nesle joseph and sunisha thnxxx for your beautiful comments.thnx for motivating means a lot to me.i will definitely post next epi soon today or tomorrow..thnx once again.and all my silent friends thnkyou for commenting.plz keep commenting guys.and all my silent readers thankyou verymuch for guys see you all soon tc.lvu..

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