destiny – a secret [manan] epi-4

Nandini enters kitchen.
Nandu-mom I wanted to talk to you and dad.
Mom-yes beta.what?
Nandu-mom I think that you both should not live here only because of me.because mom dad has not got a decent job here and you are a in usa everything is so costly.we cant manage.
Nandus dad kept newspaper down and said-nandu bea what are you talking?we cant leave you here are still young beta.
Mom-nandu beta why you are saying this ?what happened dear?
Nandu-mom and dad I am saying this cz I thought over it last you know our job is not decent and we cant manage and I don’t want you to be always stressed.and you can find me a good hostel.i can live there.i will manage dad.

Nandu mom and dad look at eachother.
Mom-nandu don’t be like a not possible. I told you na that we will manage you just concentrate an your studys.
Nandu-but mom why are you not understanding?just think over it wih dads salary of just 50000 how can we three manage?we cant mom.
Dad-nandu beta don’t worry I will dosomething different then.and beta we will live with you are small dear.we cant let you live alnoe that too in aa foreighn country.
Nandu-dad I am 20 and many girls live here in hostel.

Mom-nandu but why you are talking about this now?when we have setteled?what is wrong with you?
Nandu-mom nathng is wrong.i am just telling the truth.
Dad-nandu beta you don’t understand things.just leave this topic plz.
Nandu –but dad.
Mom-leave nandu-o to your room.and don’t bring this subject again.we are not leaving you here alone.

Nandu came to her room
Nandus pov
It always happens with me.why mom and dad are not understading..this will be so stressful.and why everyone thinks I am small and cant handle on my own?am I that dumb?no I am not.
Oh nandu you need to chill.all this thoughts and this people I should not care.only one thing is necessary and that is I need to be cautious confident and focus..
End of pov.
Nandu started studying with full concentration.
Maniks house.

Manik is sitting on the couch thinking about his fight.
Maniks pov

I should not have fought like this with nandini.she is new here.and afcourse anyone will be little shy when he is new in this country with unknown people.but the way she talked and how can she accuse me.i helped her genuinely and she said…no she is too rude.what the hell she thinks?
Manik lied on his bed.nandus earing fell down.he looked at it.didnt bother to pick it and slept.
15 days later.
Everything was getting good with nandu.she had made a new friend now.dhruv.he was very helpful and was like real friend not like manik.
Dhruv and nandu were sitting in the canteen.suddnely there was commotion near the notice board.both of them wentthere.
Dhruv-hey nandini[reading the notice borard]theres freshers party tomorrow.
Nandini-oh I don’t like it.
Dhruv-nandu wow it will be are coming with me ok.we will have lot of fun.only couples are aloud so wee both will go.
Nandu-okok.i wil come.

Manik is looking at them
Manik-hi dhruv so coming ot freshers party?
Nandini looked at him.manik too looked.they both felt a awkward feeling and looked away.
Manik was sitting with his new friend nawya.she was hot beautiful cute and smart confident girl.manik liked her ttitude.he always thought that nandini must be like this..but his ego did not let him talk to nandu.both of them have not spoken fro theirlast fight.
Nawya-manik don’t you think that dhruv and nandini are more like couple?
Manik-no nawya they are just friends.
Nawya-how you know?

Nawya-oh great.
Manik never liked this dhruv nandu topic.he felt angry why he didntknow but he felt very angry.
Nawya-okok just forget it.lets go I want to get ready for tomorrow.
Manik-ok bye
Manik looked at nandu and dhruv.both of them were having fun talking about freshers party.
Manik always thought that he had genuinely got such a nice friend in nandu and he was so happy for it but cz of a mere misunderstanding this has happened.he must have been sitting there with nandu deciding about the freshers party but..
He left.

Nandu was in delima sielecting dress for freshers party.the theme was one piece.but nandu had never wore a one piece in her life.
[aliya became her friend 1 week ago when both were alone at home and he neighbouring house caught both were together in aliyas home and this was thre beginning of friendship.]
Nandu and aliya were now in the mall selecting dresses but nandu rejected everything
Aliya-comeon nandu n this way we will not select a single dress.and these are so beautiful dresses.look at these white will look princess in this one.
Nandu-but its so short.i cant wear it.
From last 2 hours both were selecting dresses but to no vain.
Manik entered.

Manik-aliya where were you?i am calling you from last 1 hour.
Aliy-oh bhai!you here.sory bhai my fon is silent and I was busy selecting dresses for nandu.
[aliya did not know about manik nandu fighting]
Manik-oh ok
Manik and nandu looked at eachother.
Aliya-bhai you select one ok
Manik-aliya shutup its not your shopping
Aliya-but whts wrong?you both are friends and you know bhai nandu is not able to slecet so plz help na plz.
Manik looks at the dresses.he knew nandu will not like short dresses.he looks everywhere.manik picks a dress.nandu also picks same dress.manan look at eachother..
Aliya-oh nice timing.this dress is nice bhai
Nandu-yathis one is too good.i liked it.
[she smiled very beautiful..manik too smiled ooking at nandus beautiful smile..mana smiled at eachother but immediately looked away giving each other an angry look]
Aliya-thnx nandu lets go and get the cosmetics

Next day in the evening dhruv is waiting for nandu in the campus.people are coming finding there patners.the whole college is decorated beautifully with flowerbs ballons lightings.everywhere there is a mood of fun and masti.
Manik is also waiting there wearing a black shirt and jence looking hot and immensely handsome.most o the girls passing by looked at manik noto once but twice.
Manik is bored waiting for nawya.this girl he thought.he is looking at the gate.suddnely nandini enters there looking gorgeous in her white one piece matching heels and long slender hair waving..manik keeps looking at beautifu she is.he thinks.nandu comes there.she too looks at manik and had same feeling ‘hot handsome’..

Dhruv comes there.
Dhruv-hey nandu you are looking gorgeous.
But nandu cant keep her eyes form manik who too is looking at her lost in her beauty.
Everyone entered the hall.
Host[a senior]-wlecome guys a warm welcome to all new friends of make yourselfs feel like home we have arranged this beautiful party for you all.but but but the condition was couples are only alowd and I can see all are couples but the second condition is….
So my beautiful friends this is whats the second condition?to know stay tuned with charollete your friend.

And piya kawya aliya tash sindhu mahi sunti.k manan and all my silent readers thankyou so much for your beautiful coments which make my day and also for your exam was too good and I hope of getting better scores..and my friends thnx once again for your comments it makes my day see you soon.ds

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