destiny – a secret [manan] epi-3

Manik enters house.
Aliya-what happened bhai?why you are so happy and how did she was with you?
Manik-aliya she is in my university.she is my new friend.
She left.but manik didn’t care.he was immensely happy.nandu was such a cute girl.they had enjoyed a lot.he was looking forward to go to university tomorrow.
Nandini was also very happy.manik was a nice guy.he helped her.he saved her.he is like a true friend.she was very happy to find she will have manik as her friend.
Next day manik and nandu went to college together.both were sitting together.lecture was going.
Manik-nandu I am bored yar.
Nandu-what?pay attention manik..concentrate.
But maniks full concentration was on nandu
Manik-what concentration?this Buddha is so boring yr. will sleep if this goes on.
Nandu-manik what we can do.
Manik-just will see.
A chalk falls on nandu’s head..

Professor-getup both oof you.talking in my think it is garden?
Nandu and manik stands.
Nandu-[gultly]no sir sorry sir. excuses will be
Nandu-sir plz.we will not talk.
Manik-sir I am sorry.but if we are disturbing you then we must go[nandu throws him a look]we will respect your decision.
The professor looks dumbfounded by this behavior.whole class roared with laughter.manik grabbed nandus hand and both of them came out.
Manik is laughing..
Manik-see?i told you na nothing si impossible if you have guts.
Nandu-but manik what if professor takes action against us?
but she too cant restrain herself from laughing…this was the first time she bunked lecture.but it was cool.thought nandu.
Manik-don’t what should we do now?
Nandu-manik you told me that you work in a store.i want to see it.lets go there.
Manik-ok boss.letsgo.

Both of them leaves.nandu didn’t want to take so much help from manik as she wanted to be independent so she came by taxi to the place manik told.manik instructed her how to go.but he was tensed to let nandini go alone as she was too innocent so he drived right behind her taxi.
Manik and nandini entered the store.
Manik-so this my store.there is my cabin[you can call it a small room]
Nandu-cabin or storeroom hhahaha.
Manik-oh shutup..[smilies]
A girl comes there.
Girl-hi manik whtsup?
Manik-oh hi mukti…nandini this is mukti.she also works here..mukti this is my university friend.
Mukti-oh helo nandini?so you are from india?[looking at her clothes]
Nandu-yes.[little shy]
Mukti-oh so manik’s friend cool..
Nandu said nothing.
Manik-so mukti how is work going?
Mukti-fine.i am late see you later.

After mukti was gone
Manik-why mukti behaved so weired.dono
Nandini-its cz of me.i am behenji types girl na.
Manik-hey no its not like that.she must be feeling ill.
Manik-hey nandini why you feel so shy?and why inferiority complex?
Nandini-what?i never said that.
Manik-it tells from your behavior ok.
Nandini-excuse me.dont think cz I take your favour I am going to listen all this.
Manik-what?are you out of your mind?i helped you cz he was teasing you.
Nandini-oh realy..initialy I thought you helped me genuinely.but now I got to think I cant take care of myself? can you even think like this?
Nandini-I am saying the truth.
Manik-no you are not.i thought you aceepted me your friend but.
Nandini-I had.but look at are calling me inferior and all
Manik-you are going to far.
Nandini-you and all boys are similar.bye I don’t want to see your face.
Both of them left.
Nandu came home..lying on the bed she is thinking hard.

Nandus pov
In just two weeks so many things happened.why people think I am weak?shy innocent?that mukti how she was looking at me.and that manik he thought I have inferiority complex.that prem he misused my nandini no I am not going to let this happen.i will change.i will be the typical smart modern girl.i will show these people that I am not looser.but with mom and dad living here..i need to do something.

So guys how is this epi ?i am sorry this epi is small cz I have exams.i will be free on 27 july.and as ihave holidays I will defiantly post 1 2 epi each day.but sorry for this.
So now what will nandini do?what was her meaning of modrn girl?and how manan will be friends again?n most important why mukti showed cold behavior?was there something?did she already new nandini?or something about manik?to know stay tuned to charollete your friend.

And once again thnx sindhu kavya piya tash mahi manan sunita and all my friends fo commenting,your comments means a lot to me.thnx guys.and sory for small epi..very guys see you all on 27july..plz comment guys.thnkyou..

Credit to: charollete


  1. piya

    Amazing superb so much suspense exciting for upcoming episodes missed your update come soon with exciting updates take care dear keep going

  2. Tash

    All the best for ur exams.. N dear it was super good episode.. Nandu bunking lectures.. Haha.. N I m still in disbelieve.. Hahah alya manik’s sis… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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