destiny – a secret [manan] epi-1


Manik is sitting on the breakfast table eating eggs and rolls. His mom comes and sits there.
Mom-so manic what you are going to do today?
Manic-um is holiday so just enjoy.
Mom-ok will come with me for shopping.we have to bring grocery and other general things.
Manik-but mom the meaning of just enjoy was not to go and do household work.i wanted to go for party and go with aliya ok I am not coming.
Mom-manik you are not a kid now to tell excuses.and aliya have exams.let her do are going to come with me and that’s final.
Maniks mom left the table to bring marmalade.manik threw her an angry look.but nathng could be done.when nyonika[maniks mom]is in her temper no one can cross her.
manik-ok I will come but in evening not now.i need sleep and rest.
Mom-no one is asking you to come now.
Aliya enters kitchen
Aliya-hi bhai whatsup?
She sits besides manik and poured some coffee for her. wants me to go with her for grocery shopping.can you imagine
Aliya-oh bhai that’s sad but you cant deny now when mom is so angry on you..[with a smile] manik-ya and you have a good reason of exams to escape work.
Aliya-no bhai.thats not it.actualy bhai mom is angry on you cz you came at 3am last night.and you know na mom wants us to be before 12.
Manik-ya I am grownup now.i can handle things but mom
Aliya-bhai plzna don’t get angry na..plz.
Manik-ok meri sweetsi behna[with a smile] Aliya-thnx now come with me.
Mom comes there

Mom-what you both are so happy about?
Aliya-mom bhai was angry and I was. now.manik don’t waste her time.
Manik-hey how could you blame me?she came here.
Aliya-bhai mom stop it..dont start fighting again now.
Suddenly a loud sound of something falling down came from the three ran towards the door
Manik-what happened?
A fat man was lying on th ground of the nextdoor house..a fat lady was trying to help him.while a girls is laughing..
Aliya-oh mom.they are new here I think.
Mom-oh yes.wait here you both I will go there.if they need any help.
Nyonika ran towards there house.
Nyonika-excuse me I live here[showing there house]you are new here.
The fat man who was now on his feet looked at her..
Man-oh yes yes helo miss I am venkatesh murhty and this is my family.this is nandu..
His wife put foot on his leg and looked angryliy.then she looked at nyonika and said.
Wife-helo I am shanoo murhty..this is my daughter nandini.we are from india.
Nyonika-that’s great..welcome to USA then..
Both of them laughs.
Nyonika-so if you need any help then please be free tell us..
She looked at nadnu

You dears be free if you need any daughter aliya is of your age only..
Nandini-yes afcourse aunty.
Venkatesh-oh yes yes we will ask you.actualy if you have zandu back and legs…
Shano again put on his leg.nyonika looked amused.
Shano-no no ji.we will ask you.thankyou very much.
Nyonika-oh yes.afcourse.see you then.
Nyonka came back.
Manik-who are these jokers?
Nyonika-shutup manik.they are from of .one daughte..they are nice people..
Aliya-oh girl.
Nyonika-yes she will be your friend aliya dear.
Manik-I am here ..and aliya don’t need anyone when I am there.rit my alu?
Aliya-yes bhai.
Manik-so they are new here.
He looks at them.
Nandus house.
Everyone is unpacking everything.nawya and nandu are in same room
Nandu enters kitchen.its a big nice one.
Shano-nandu beta you liked it na?
Nandu-yes mom…actually mom and dad thankyou so much you both came here for me.and we are middleclass people and still you adjusted somuch..its just.
Nandu papa got up from his chair and hugged nandu
Dad-nandu beta you are my daughter and what is most important for me is that your future is secured.and don’t say thankyou dear its owr duty,.
Mom-nandu beta don’t worry we will manage everything.we are so far na we will not look back.
Dad-nandu beta remember always that family matters are not important.what is imp is your carrer your future.i and your mom will do everything for nandu just std hard and be strong my girl.alwz remember never look are my daughter..
Nndu-yes papa.i love you somuchhh…

All of them hugged each other.then they had breakfast.
Nandu came to her room.she opened her window..the next house was exactly parallel to thirs and the room was parallel to nandus.nandu looked at the was a well furnished its infrastructure it must be a boy’s room thought nandu..
Manik entered his room and looked outside window.he saw nandu looking.nandu immediately looked away.manik looked at her.
Manik thought such a innocent girl she is.he was looking at her.nandu closed window.Manik too closed his window..
Manik lied on his bed her face still in front of his eyes.oh not now thought manik.
So everyone this is it.hope you all liked to know how nandu adjusts in usa and how manik will eventually fall for her and how stayed tuned with charollete and doo comment realy motivates me..thankyou very much for your you all seeyou soon..

Credit to: charollete

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