Destiny (SDCH FF) Episode 1

Hi guys iam back. I hope u guys remembered me. No I’m not Akash but her sis.

Just discharged from hospital for Diwali. Oops dnt glare at me. I’m good fit and fine taking care, eating medicines and etc etc.

So I was missing u guys badly so iam back.I just can’t stay away from u guys. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Do you guys missed me?


Let’s start

A big stadium is shown.All cheering same name.

Otherside a girl is running in the road. She fell down.

Girl -ouch

She looks at her watch and gets shocked.

Girl -oh shit I’m late. He gonna kill me. How to reach.

She saw a old couple and smirks. She went to them.

Girl – Dada dadi pliz help me

Dada -wat happened beta

Girl – i hate to go to stadium. Pliz drop me

Dadi -no we r late

Girl pov – dadi ki toh

Girl cries -dadi kiski Jeene marne ka sawal hai. Pliz drop me.

They agreed and girl sits quickly.

Other side in stadium.

A handsome boy looks around misses the ball and fell down. He gets up and looks at watch.

Boy -she didn’t came till now.

Boy again stands up and plays. Rival players hit him with ball. He got hurt and didn’t paying attention again looking for someone and fell down.

Girl cums running. She saw boy lying on ground.

Girl – wake up u can do it.

Her voice went to his ears. He moves his fingers and opens his eyes. Slowly he stands up .

He saw girl with curly hair simple ear ring wearing jeans and top with sandal.Boy smiles at her.

Boy -sanchi

So yeah it’s ashi sorry sanchi.

Sanchi saw rival player throws ball at boy. She shouts boys name.

Ball cums towards boy and about to hit him.Boy holds ball glare at him and saw sanchi smiles. His anger disappeared. He plays and sanchi shouts his name. He won the match. Other players cums and huggs him.

He went out and saw water. He picks water bottle .Drinks water and leftover he pours on his hair and face.

Sanchi cums near him and saw his hair messy and some hair on forehead and some water drops on his face. His eyes his lips omg .

Sanchi cums and huggs him from behind. Boy pushes her went ahead. Sanchi holds his hands.

Sanchi -aisi bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti batein hoti rehte hai.

Boy -kuch kuch hota hai tum nhi samajo ge sanchi.

Sanchi – hum marte bhi ek baar

Boy – pyar bhi ek baar

Sanchi -shaadi

Boy -ek baar

Sanchi – ok bas mere shah rukh khan. Now let’s go.

Boy -I’m not going anywhere with u jhansi ki rani.

Sanchi – oh u r so mean . One day I will leave you forever and

Just then boy puts his finger on her lips. And he hugged her.

Boy – dnt say like that I can’t live without u

Girl -y

Boy -patani

Girl -I’m sorry Kabir. I will never leave u.

Boy is none other than Kabir.

They again hugged eachother.

Bg plays

Kuch kuch hota hai

Precap : Party Time.

I hope u guys like it.

Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.


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  1. Dhruti

    ff was amazing…………….update next one soon……….

  2. RuCh23

    Aww they’re soo cute ??? missed you so much Ashu ??? take care of your health ok? Get well soon ???

  3. Riyarocks

    Ashuuuuuuuuuuu……….kya yaar….tune toh dara hi diya tha…..pata hai, dusron ko himmat de rahi thi, but ander se mein bohut dari hui thi tere liye……..ab promise kar….tu apna achhe se khayal rakhegi, warna teri iss behen se thappad khaane se tujhe koi nahi bacha payega…….. now coming to ur plot……..khidkitod….darwazatod…..mind blowing……..just luv u yaar……….

  4. Its amazing…. Take care of ur health….. Hope u r feeling better

  5. Wow so cute pls update next soon dr

  6. Abhilasha

    Hey ashi how r u? And ate hi phone! U should take resr!! Kya hua ta? And medicines leri ho the pe! Achcha OK won’t ask anymore…..coming to episode it was really amazing… Loved it!!

  7. Wow!Nice
    Take care and get well soon and missed you and your ff

  8. Amazing,,epsd.. Plz take care ur health.. Update soon

  9. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi sorry sorry sorry i know late hun per kya karu diwali k chalkkar me mera diwala nikal gaya h..hehehe.. But tum ye kya kar rahi hun itna sara kaam dear rest karo ankhon pe stress or dimag pe itna pressure mat dalo.. Pehle rest karo jab dhik ho to hi post karo i know ye mere liye bhi aasan nahi h tumhare fff k bina rehna dil pe paththar rakhkar per fact h tumhari health mere liye jyada mayne rakhti h agar post karna h to ruk ruk kar rest k bich karna warna aisa thappad lagaungi ki sidha phone se nikal kar jor se lagega.. Nd m not kidding.. Tumhari badi behen hun itna haq benta h mera.. Btw epi is as ususal fadoo.. Ekdum bole to jhakkass..

  10. Jessicca

    Fantastic… Amazing… Marvelous… Ashii hope you’re fine… Tc of yourself… Love uh❤

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