Destiny- pre-planned journey by God – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

its a story about a girl who wanted to live a free life.. but before she could her wings were tied with so called WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK

khushi was not good in studies.but she was an artist . Her parents were very strict as her cousin ran away with some guy. Because of that she was sent to a girls school. She was very reserved person.she learned how to be egoistic there . Days passed she started feeling lonely .

She started living in her dreams the life which she wanted to live in reality.

Then one of her friend taught her online chatting. She made new frnds. Many jus did time pass frndship. She was in 11 th std . She made a new friend Deepika. Deepika was in love with Anil.deepika n Khushi became very good friends..

khushi came to know about Anil and his email I’d. After school she used to go cyber cafe. That day she had a chat with a person who said his name was Ani. She thought it’s her friends boyfriend. Even the guy accepted.she had chat with him for a month.

One day she said Deepika about it. Deepika said it’s not his id. She reconfirmed with her boyfriend.

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