Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 9)


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chapter 8

Abhigya goes to pragya’s home. he made her laid down on bed.
abhi : what do u want to eat?
prag : no.. i can manage.
abhi : arey bolo na.. ok leave it. he goes to kitchen. he sees old idlies and cooks the same idly ukma which prag gave to him.

prag tries to stand. abhi ; hey.. sit..sit..just open ur mouth that’s enough. he feeds her. she feels something different in her heart.
prag (in mind) : God whats the DESTINY b4 how we were n now how we are…..
abhi : what r u thinking. sleep well now. close ur eyes. prag smiles at him.

bul is in purab’s room. purab teases her. so she starts to cry.
purab ; arey whats this. i was just joked. suddenly bulbul hugs him. he also hugs him.
bul : purab can u promise one thing.
purab : whatever my better half.

bul : can u spend ur whole life with me? (she is so senti)
purab : hey whats this. like child. i’ll be with u life long. its a promise. she tights the hug.
aliya sees this and gets angry so she throws the ball on bul which was in her hand. the ball broke their hug. aliya in mind : how the ball broke ur hug just like that i’ll break ur relationship.

@pragya’s home
pragya awakes in the evening. she sees the time is 6 pm.
prag : what 6 pm?
abhi ; ya. take this juice.
prag : thnq sir. they drunk the juice.
abhi : can i ask u something?

prag : sure sir.
abhi : i have lot of questions. how we win the contract? u needs money as ur family financial status is not well that’s y ur parents permitted u to do job. i know that then y u cheated uv? U brought money from him na?

scene @ market.

bul buys veg for dinner .her luggage is very heavy. while purab is coming towards market road. he sees bul. come on bul i’ll drop u.
bul : no i can manage. purab gives a killer look. bul accepts.
bul is in front seat. seat belt is very tight so purab helps her. there they takes a cute eye lock. purab drives the car in different route.

bul : purab this is not a way to home. purab smiles at her
bul : whats in ur mind? purab stops the car in front of ice cream parlour. they went inside nd ordered butterscotch.
bul : just one?

purab : so what ? we can share it.
bul : then this is ur intention ?
purab smiles they both eats in one cup nd feeds to each other.

@ Pragya’s home

prag : how many questions? ok i’ll explain clearly. i’m very practical. i think thousand times b4 do one thing.

uv came to me and says ” i know u don’t like ur boss abhi bcos he snatched ur freedom. u have to take revenge on him. i’ll give u a chance to defeat him. i want the file which is related to contract. can u do this? and the important thing i never cheated him. i said s to him and i gave the file to him. For his money I gave that file n fulfilled my words.

Coming to next definitely i need money. he just gave me a small thing. if u lose this contract ur company falls down. then u cant give salary. if i liked to join in uv’s company he’ll not appoints me. he’ll say ” u cheated ur boss for money. if u do the same thing to me? i’m sry i cant give job” then i’ll be in road.

(idhey nana vaan company la join panlamnu nenacha ava velai kuduka matan….. panathukaga abhi ya yeamathuna adhey mari enna yeamathitina……nu kepan.)

That’s y i asked leave day before yesterday and i prepared the file which has coded lower than uv company. i saved u for my sake. we won the contract. thats it. if i said no to him any other will help in our office bcos every one needs money. thats danger so i accepted his deal. i try to say this before but situation didn’t allowed me to say the truth.

abhi was stunned after hearing her answer. little water comes out frm his eyes. ppragya am really sry. am not in consious. mistakenly i slapped u. am reaally sry. he holds her ears.and says thnks a lot. u saved me frm biggest insult in my life.

prag : sir . whats this. plz don’t say like this. ita my duty.
now pragya is highest position in abhi’s heart. almost equal to his mom. i mean to say he 90% falls for her. but still there is 10% balance.
Days rolled fast.

Precap : abhi’s birthday celebration

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