Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 8)


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after one day. rag’s health is better now than before.

At office

abhi is in very tension.
Twinkle (she is from tashan e ishq) (one of the staff) : abhi don’t worry. definitely we will win the contract. There is one day for tender then y r u so tensed. (am already told na abhi is very frndly character that’s y all staffs calls as abhi except Pragya)
abhi gets a call,

abhi : haan kunj bolo (kunj frm tashan-e-ishq) (kunj also one of the partner in company)
kunj : abhi what’s going on. luthera company coded the rate lower than us.
abhi : what? but how can this possible? abhi was totally broken.

FB shows
maheswari grp of company ki competitor company Luthera company. youvraj luthera is the owner of luthera company.
youvraj luthera (frm tashan-e-ishq) challenges abhi that ” this time i’m sure i’ll win this contract. abhi says really? let see who will win this contract.
FB ends.

abhi thinks in mind if i lose this contract this will be the biggest insult to me. abhi breakss the things which is in his cabin. Tanu comes there and says abhi i know u r in how much pain. and another thing i know who is reason for ur this state.
abhi : what do u mean? Tanu shows one video. abhi can’t belive his eyes. in that video Pragya exchanges the money nd file with uv .(ya yesterday episode person is uv)
prag just then comes there. she can’t understand anything…… she wonders whats happening in the office. abhi comes out frm cabin and gives a TIGHT SLAP to Pragya. Pragya gets hit on nearby table. (abhi’s slap was very forceful) Pragya holds her cheek. sir…

abhi : just shut up. don’t say anything. yesterday u asked leave for this betrayal? prag : sir..voh…
abhi ; bas. bohot ho gaya. abhi gives some files nd says complete it. then only u can give this contract too yuvi.
Prag: sir plz listen me once….
Abhi: do what I said…… u have to complete this precentation. After that give it to yuvi. Then only u’ll understand how it will be….another person getting reward for ur hardwork.
Pragya’s eyes full of tears. she can’t control. she is standing stubbornly but water comes frm her eyes continuously. she is doing the presentation.

time 9 pm. every one leaved frm office. (except sneha, prag, abhi, tanu)

Twinkle : abhi time ho gai but she didn’t complete the work.
abhi : she have to complete. she didn’t have any other option.
twi : but..
abhi : late ho gai na tu ja.
tanu : abhi is right. she did mistake she have to rectify it. come on abhi. Pragya bears everything silently.

nxt day mornig 10:30 am.

abhi enters the office. just then Pragya stands nd sets the files. ( she looking very sad nd weak). abhi looks her with hatred
Kunj comes there nd says y u didn’t came to contract deal. u know what happened there.? (in angry tone) abhi was silent. (prag comes near to abhi)

scene shifts to mm.

aliya nd purab chatting in hall. one person comes there. his face is not shown. purab gets very shock to see the person


kunj : y r u silent man? he hugs him and say this is celebration time. we won the contract.
abhi : what? in full shock. Pragya faints abhi holds her. sneha gives water to her. abhi lifts her by his arms and makes lay on sofa.


purab : hey! u? here? (purab gets happy)
purab : bulbul bring coffee.
purab hugs him. his face is revealed. (nakul frm mahabharat. now he is lead in viskanya serial in zee tv)
aliya : who is this?

the person : I’m nakul. who r u?
aliya : i’m his love. (Pointing purab)
nakul ; no way
aliya : what do u mean ?( in angry)


everyone is shocked to hear that they won the contract.
doctor checks prag nd asks what she ate?
twi : doctor.. she didn’t eat anything frm yesterday morning.
doctor : what the hell? Is job important than health? ok i’ll give vitamin tablets. she is so weak plz feed her first of all.(abhi feels guilt inside)
twinkle gives some fruits to prag.


nakul : i mean. i’m very important to purab. if u a real love of him definitely u know me.
bulbul brings coffee nd gives it to nakul. she says u r purab’s very close best frnd. am i right.
nakul ; wow.
purab : u absolutely right.

nakul : how do u find it?
bul : he says bring coffee with full of happiness. so i guessed.
nakul : varey …va.. purab i’ll pray. u have to get wife like her. what a understanding!
rabul looks at each other nd smiles while aliya fumes in anger.


abhi: guys ap tender milgai. so start ur work.
abhi ; Tanu u always says na,”i’ll help u in ur business too”
tanu : yaa of course.
abhi : then stay here. clear the doubts of staffs.
Pragya stands, says sir i too go and work
abhi : just stop ur rubbish….. To himself…..calm down abhi calm.. i’m sry. u have to do work na?
prag : hmmm
abhi : then ok come with me. he put his hand on her shoulder and helps to walk.

screen freezes with painful smiling face of Abhigya

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