Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 5)

Thnq soooooo much for ur tremendous support my dear frnds. i replied to all ur cmnts just check out it.

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Recap : pur arrives to mehra mansion after completion of his graduation. Prag joins as PA in mehra grp of company.

Days passed. abhigya forget their fights. They become good frnds. On the other side rabul bonding become so tight. They almost fall for each other but didn’t showed.

One marvellous morning abhi gets ready to office. He wears tie in the center of hall. Damini having breakfast in dinning hall. purab comes down frm upstairs. bulbul serves food to Damini.
Two girls comes fast. They hugs Damini.
Damini : hai guys how r u?
Two girls : we r fine aunty.
Girl 1 : hi abhi. how r u? she abt to hug him.
abhi : goes away frm her to avoid the hug. and says fine.
Girl 2 : hi purab. what abt u? y r u silent ?
pur : not at all…..have a seat.

abhi : tanu nd aliya u both here? (girl 1 – tanu nd girl 2 – aliya)
tanu : what a question is this? we always spent our vacation here na…
Rag comes to hall nd sees the both. tanu nd aliya hugs Rag. Rag unwillingly hugs them.

Rag : go nd get fersh guys.. then we’ll talk.
tanu & aliya : ok dear.
abhi : ok rag. am going to office.
tanu : what? how could u? no. u can’t go. u have to spent sometime with us. That’s final. plzz……
abhi : ok. happy now? tanu smiles.
tanu nd aliya leaves frm there to their room. bulbul asks to rag “who is this”?

rag : they r my cousins. my mum’s brother’s daughters.
bul : ohhh…. it’s ok. but y ur face is dull?
rag : i can’t tolerate the both.
bul : y?

rag : they both loves my brother.
bul : what? (her face goes small)
rag : don’t worry. but my bros r not interested in them.
bul : y? they r pretty nd loving then what?
rag : i don’t know. i think they r not made for my brothers. i’ll choose my babhis. i don’t like them. that’s it. anyway leave this topic.

abhi calls prag : Prag come to my home with files
Prag : but y sir? i don’t know where is ur house?
abhi : don’t talk too much. say to driver he’ll drop u.

Every one sitting in the hall. They all r chatting. Pragya comes there with nervous. abhi says follow me. he goes to his room. tanuya asks who is this? Rag says she is his PA.

abhi nd prag checks the file nd talks abt conference.
Pur goes to kitchen. bul cooking there. he pulls her towards him.
bul : pur what r u doing? anyone saw what will happen? just leave me.
pur not hearing this all he abt ti kiss her on lips. Rag (says this frm near to door) bul bring cold drinks to abhi bhaiya’s PA. bcos of that kiss slips to cheek. rag sees this nd says sry guys I think I came in wrong time.. she leaves frm there.

bul : see. rag saw us.
pur ; so what? she didn’t mind it. be cool
bul : leave me i want to serve cool drinks.
bul goes to abhi’s room. she gives cool drink to abhi. then she sees prag nd gets shock. Prag also gets shock to see her.
abhi : what happened? do u know her ?

prag : no…
then bul leaves frm there. abhigya continues their work. abhi splits the drink bcos of cough. prag taps on his head nd back. nd says slow… slow….
rag sees this frm out nd smiles. at the same time tanu also sees this and gets angry.

Nxt day abhi calls prag and says we have conference in two hours. come to office immediately.
prag : but sir suddenly?
abhi : ya. suddenly. i have to prepare one presentation too. make it fast. conference in outer city.
abhi comes to office n says driver start the car.
prag : sir…..

abhi : what?
prag : driver’s wife in ill so i gave leave to him….
abhi : what the hell is ? now what i do drive or presentation?
prag : if u don’t mine may i drive the car?
abhi : u know driving?
prag : hmmm.

she drives the car and they reach on time nd successfully he completes his presentation too. they successfully got project too. in the return they shares some sweet time. they both shares abt their personal life nd past life nd backgrounds. when they reached city time is 11 pm.

Abhi: every hotels nd shops were closed am very hungry.
prag : sir if u don’t mind come to my home. i’ll feed u.
abhi nods yes.

To be continued……………

hope u liked the epi isn’t it? just drop ur cmnts…….. frnds really really thnq sooooooo much for ur valuable cmnts….. i was really very upset bcoz i got very less cmnt comparing to others. i thought i bored u all thats y no one is cmnting….. i thought to drop this in middle too….. but after seeing today’s (15/9) cmnts……. i’m very very happy u all liked the plot…. so surely i’ll kill or torture u by my silly story…..

today one of my fav show is air off. that is none other than tashan e ishq. from now i’ll miss yuvi, twinkle n kunj (siddant gupta). how the started with tashan (energy) as well as now it ended will tashan. in mid it lost it charm a lil bit but still awsm show…… how many of u like tashan e ishq? tell me trough cmnts. by urs loving Aastha.


  1. Trisha

    |Registered Member

    Superb epi dear…
    I was a huge tei fan till siddhant left….after which i gradually stopped watching…it wasnt the same without him… I know zain jasmine and naman tried but sid was the biggest draw to the show and it jus fell apart without him 🙁

    • Astha


      thnq soooooo much for the cmnt dear….. try to cmnt daily if u get free time.
      coming to tashan e ishq….. i too love sid very much….. the sad is he left….. from starting i prefer twinj when sid quit the show i jumped to twiraj bcoz i cant accept naman in sid place. but i’m happy with this ending bcoz i like yuvi very much… his life settled so i’m happy. keep supporting dear 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Rabul's Girl

    I don’t have words as that, your story is just amazing.

    And ya I also liked Tashan e ishq a lot, especially when sidhant was there in the show…..

  3. Keerthi

    Awesome di😘😘But why are prabul shocked to see each other🤔🤔Waste of thinking..,Dumb brain(nadhi)Love you ❤️❤️

    • Astha


      nuvu naa chelli….. so u have extra brain ok. u have to wait to know the reason behind it. thnq sooooooo much for the sweet cmnt dear.

  4. maha016

    really awesome akka and this epi i just loved it and tei it is one of my fav show so thats why i added siddant in my ff also u know what akka nan sid oda 100 illa 10000 fans samam sid avlo pidikum

    • Astha


      i know how much u likes sid. from ur ff i can understand dear. when we like someone very much then only we’ll add them in ff. thnq sooooo much for the sweet cmnt dear.

  5. B.k.maha

    |Registered Member

    Superrrrr……. We all are loved this… So don’t think to drop the ff….. And I am really sorry dr for late comment….. Waiting for next episode…..

    • Astha


      no need to sry dear……. n thnq sooooooooo much….. dont wry afterwards i wont think abt drop. stay tune on. 🙂 🙂 🙂 :p

    • Astha


      thnq sooooooo much bro…… u’ll get answer in future. it will take some time to reveal abt that. stay tune on 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  7. Prathi

    |Registered Member

    Hey nice Epi!! Romance between PURBUL!! When will Abhi and Pragya fall for each other!? Why they both Were shocked seeing each other?

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