Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 4)


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the epi starts with purab asking his lap.
rag : bro..thats in my room.
pur : go nd bring it.
rag leaves frm there.
pur holds bul’s hand nd pulls her towards him. they both sharing a intense eye lock 4 the 1st time. pur impressed very much to see her beauty.
for some time he flirts with her. they spent some romantic look together.

rag comes there nd gives the laptop. she didn’t talk to bul.
bul : y u stpped ? continue the story.
rag : is this interesting ?
bul : not like that. but i want to know y ur granny hate jyo (jyotabhia mom).

rag continues the fb.

bcos jyo not a bengali. she is a marvadi. tats y granny hates her. aft some yrs she died in accident. thn dad married my mom 4 abhi’s good sake. but abhi doesn’t like my mom bcos he can’t see another lady in his mom’s place.
frm childhood pur nd abhi fights. but they both loves me a lot. i never miss my mom at any cost bcos my bros shows love than my parents.
she completed the fb. she cried vigorusly while saying this i nevr see my bros together.

Nxt day pragya’s iv day (interview). she went to the venue. she gets nervous to see many persons came there to iv. she waits in reception.

the person who is the interviewer comes there. In order to respect him everyone stands up. prag also stands up while her file falls down. the person crossed him. she didn’t see his face. Interview is going on. Now its pragya’s turn. she knocks the cabin door nd gets in.

she gets shock to see the interviewer nd says “YOU”. interviewer also says the same. the interviewer is none other than our abhi.

fb starts

at restaurant
Abhi is with his clients. he brings coffee 4 clients while a girl collides him bcos of that coffee falls on abhi’s coat. he gets angry.
abhi: don’t u have eyes.
prag: y not i have two. what abt u? (in kidding tone). (she knows that fault is her but she argues with him)
both argues with angry. finally prag says I’m a modern girl. don’t play with me I’m dare to face everything. mind it. be carefull
fb ends.

abhi: he sees her resume and says good u r appointed.(in mind just watch what i’ll do with u)
prag : really?
abhi: ya. really
prag: whats my post?
abhi ; my PA. and u can stay in our quarters.

prag : what ur PA?
abhi: ya . but one condition.
prag: what?
abhi: u have to wear saree not a western dress.(in mind r u saying modern now see…..)
prag: but y? atleast salwar?

abhi: nly saree. r u agree with this?
prag: ya. (in mind if i don’t have money problem i’ll show u who am i. but DESTINY makes me under u. omg)
abhi: thn ok come on i’ll introduce all.
guys this is my new PA pragya
then she leaves frm there. abhi smiles at her.

screen freezes with smiling face of abhi.

Precap : new entry

thnq ssoooooo much for ur valuable cmnts frnds n do support like this. hope u liked this epi. frnds plz drop ur cmnts bcoz i feels i’m getting less cmnts. by urs loving Aastha.

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