Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 3)


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lets get into story
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Chapter 2

The epi starts with Rag

@ ni8
Rag: sry Bul. I don’t like my mom so much. thats y am showed my angry to u sry ya.
Bul : it’s ok.i completed all the works shall we sleep now?
Rag : ok gud ni8.

next day morning Abhi sees Rag and asks today is sunday but u get ready at this early anything spl?
Rag : haan bhai. am going to railway station.
Abhi : ohh..then ok. don’t drive the car fast. (he says this in different tone)
Rag : u r saying this to me…. or not……(in taunting tone)
Abhi : I’m getting late. bye

At railway station
Rag waits for someone. Train arrives at station. she waves her hand to someone. Then the person comes near to rag and hugs her. That’s a boy. he wears a blue jean and t shirt. Then his face shown its none other than our chocolate boy PURAB
Rag : bhai finally u completed ur graduation but see myself still i have to study 2 more yrs. (ni kuduthu vechavan…. Padipa mudichitu vanta nanu…. Innum 2 varsam padikanum)
Pur : if u don’t like to study no probs. we can arrange ur marriage sissy. (in kidding tone)
Rag : bhai…..(fumes in angry)

Both go to home. Bulbul is pouring water to plants in garden which is in the entrance. suddenly water stopped. Purab enter the home happily. Bulbul turns and raises her hand in order to greet him.suddenly water starts to flow. Purab drenched bcos of Bulbul. Rag and bul r laughing to see his attire. (he fumes in angry)
Rag : Bhaiya.. i think she comes to know that u don’t like to take bath that’s y she made this. (ni kulikamatanu ivaluku terinjidichi pola adan kulipatita….) (in funny tone)
Bulbul : no..not like that. its just a accident. sry. (she holds her ear with her hand)
purab doesn’t reply he gets in with angry.

purab sees damini and prem greets them and takes the blessing. suddenly damini gets a call nd leaves frm there.
purab looks at her with longing of her love. ( amma pasam kedaikada nu yeakathoda paakuran)
bul gives a towel to him. purab comes to hall after his fresh up.
purab to rag : who is she ?
Rag : my frnd and she does the all house hold work.

purab : y she? where is janki maa.(maid of the house)
Rag : she leaved bcos she likes to live with his son who transferred to nearby city.
purab : how lucky he is? his mom leaves the job to stay with him. how nice na? but here?
Rag : cool bhai. if u don’t get sweet mom that’s the symbol of ur wife will show u a mom’s love. Purab gives a fake smile.
just then abhi arrived home sees purab and asks everybody finished their lunch?

Rag : haan bhai. u?
abhi : ya i too. he didn’t talk to purab.
purab : ur bhai going silently he didn’t argue with me. what a miracle is this?
Rag : do u want to fight with him?
purab : not like that….. he leaves frm there.
bulbul : y they both not talking properly? i thought that abhi will get surprise to see purab and thought they will start teasing u but here is so different. what’s happening here?
Rag: its a big matter. abhi hates my mom bcos she didn’t gave him birth.( her eyes filled with tears)
bulbul : what? it means?

Rag starts to tell the fb

dad’s family fixes his marriage with my mom. but dad is in love with Jyotsana mom (mother if abhi) . so he married her against the wish of family. Anyone didn’t like Jyotsana mom. my grandma loves my dad so much. so she accepted Jyotsana mom. she only the supporter of her. days passed. evry one starts to like her except my great grandma. Bcos….. (purab interrupts in their talking by asking where is my laptop?)
Rag : bhai..voh.. meri kambreme hai.

screen freezes with ragini’s face.

Precap : Rabul moment.

sry for not showing pragya but tmrw u can see her. i know this epi is lil boring. plz tolerate me…… from 5th epi story will be interesting bcoz negative roles will be give their entry. without fail drop ur cmnts. by urs loving Aastha.

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