Destiny of PraBul – Chapter 21

Recap : Rabul train travel.

@ 9 : 30 pm

this is elders eating time. krish playing cutely. everyone is eating.
Bulbul : ur son is very cute Purab….. i like him very much.
Purab splits what he is eating. he coughs
Purab : hello he is not my son.

Bulbul : shockingly then?
Purab : he is nak’s di’s son.
Bulbul : i’m sry. actually he is very attached to u so i thought he is ur son.
nak : of course u r right. he is very attached to him than me.
everyone talks 4 sometime then goes to sleep.

@ 2 o’ clock

Bulbul wakes to go restroom. suddenly one person stops her. he is in drunken state. Bulbul gets fear at that time Purab comes there.
Purab : hello mr. what u want? he goes frm there. Bulbul feels relaxed.
Bulbul : thnq but what r u doing in this time.
Purab : i’m feeling very sweat so woke. he stands at the door of train. come on. its really nice.
Bulbul hesitates.

Purab : that much fear? he shows a letter which thrown by Bulbul. in that letter ” i want to stand at the door of train and want to feel the fresh breeze.” (she is fear of for that bcos she saw her frnd fell frm there by carelessness so Bulbul scares) Bulbul smiles.
Purab : Bulbul……i’m b with u na ? then y r u scaring he forwards his hand. she places her hand on his hand. she feels the cool air and feels happy. suddenly krish comes there and pushes Purab on Bulbul. unexpectedly he pecks on Bulbul’s lips. They shares small cute eye lock.

Purab : i’m….i’m really sry. hey krish y u woke up in this time.
krish : (he is very naughty boy) i woke up to see ur romance.
Purab : u…….gives a killer look.
Bulbul : dont get angry. lets go inside. Bulbul’s birth is lower birth which one is in side row. the three plays 4 sometime.

nxtday morning.

nainika wakes up and shouts to see the Bulbul’s birth. others too wakes up by her sound and shockingly sees Bulbul’s seat.
bcos Purab is in bottom of seat and Bulbul on his chest both r sleeping very comfortably.
Purbul wakes up. krish : u both r looking so cute.
Bulbul : i’m sry Purab . u krish….

Purab : i’m already said na he is very mischievous. he also with us in night but now see him.(krish is in his seat not Bulbul seat)
still half a day travel is balance. Bulbul n Purab spends all that time in looking each other. mumbai came. they all have to leave but Bulbul n Purab feels hard to leave each other.
FB ends

Aliya was totally broken. u both know each other b4 3 yrs?
Purab : haan
Abhi : u hide this frm me ok but how could i hide this frm rag?
Purab : rag know this train travel
everyone gives a shock reaction.

Purab : i mean she know this but dont know that girl is Bulbul.
Pragya : ok guys leave it. we’ll talk abt it later.

in Abhigya’s room

Abhi : u know abt this b4. thats y said no to Purab na?
Pragya : not like that Abhi ….i didn’t hide this on purpose. but…
Abhi : plz dont talk to me . i dont like to see ur face at all. just leave me.(he goes angrily)
Tanu is near to door. she hears this all and smirks devilishly aliya sees this

Aliya : di u r acting like changed?
Tanu : of course dear. she leaves frm there. aliya gets shock.

Aliya: tell me the balance yr
Purab continues the fb.

FB shown.

after 1 week of train travel.
Bulbul comes to clg. thats her first day. she enters in campus. one gang of boys stops her.
boys : seniors r here u r going without giving respect.
Bulbul : no..not like that

boys : wait i’ll call our leader. one boy gives a cool entry. Bulbul can see his back pose only.
that boy : dudes dont wait 4 me give punishment to her. he slowly turns while nakul thinks if he helped to Bulbul he can easily impress her. he is abt to go.
that leader turns Bulbul sees him and gives a killer look. leader sees Bulbul and removes his cooling glass in fear n gives weak smile. ( i think now u all guessed him. ya he is our Purab)

Purab starts running. Bulbul says Purab stop. finally she chaced him and starts beating him.
Bulbul : u r ragging the students. 1 minute u also 1st year na how cheap u r? both laughs cutely
nak : hey 1 min how do u know him 1st year. in train travel he didnt told na?
Bulbul : he said in temple. bell rings. ok guys catch u later. bye,

nakul gives a killer look to Purab. fb shows

2days b4 @ temple.

Bulbul prays in front of god’s idol. Purab comes there with nakul family. he sees Bulbul nd goes to her. he pretends like praying. Bulbul opens eyes. hey u? here?
Purab : ya me . here. u r looking awesome in saree.
Bulbul : all boys r same.
Purab : really u r looking like angel.

Bulbul : ohhh atmosphere is already cool dont put ice on my head. then i’ll get fever.
Purab: ok ok
Bulbul : u have a habit of pray?
Purab : no way i just came here 4 naks family.

Bulbul : so nice of u . u r treating ur frnds family as urs lovely.
Purab: ok I’ll go now…… all came to see our first day clg…… meet u later.
fb ends.

days passed.

Bulbul have imp xam . she is waiting 4 bus.
nak comes there and says come on i’ll drop u.
Bulbul : no i’ll manage.
nak : r u sure Bulbul nodes yes.

after 2 mins Purab comes there.

Purab : 2day u’ve xam na y r u waiting comm on i’ll drop u.
Bulbul : no .. i’ll manage.
Purab : cant u hear what i said comm on sit. he says little rudely.
she hesitates but sits on bike. he drives the bike smoothly but suddenly puts brake due to save the dog. bcos of that Bulbul falls on Purab nd put her hand on his shoulder. they both feeling some current passing btw them. they reached at clg nak sees them.

nak : hey i said to her i’ll drop then she refused but she came with u. what is the connection btw u both.
Purab : voh…. Voh….i think i’m in love with her.
nak: wat abt sis ? she also loves u?
Purab : how could u dude? till 2 mins b4 u tried to impress her but now saying sis.

nak : mine is just attraction but u r love with her. thats y sis. ok. when u’ll propose her?
Purab : no.. now i cant . 1st i want to know abt her. then i’ll propose her bcos i cant lose her. if she wont accept its ok but i want her with me at least as a frnd. so it takes some time.

FB ends

Precap : Purab proposes to Bulbul.

Will bulbul accept purab’s proposal? Stay tune on to read climax………. by urs loving Aastha.

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