Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 2)


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telly updates dont publish this ff on swaragini page bcoz this only focus on abhigya n rabul. ragini is just supporting role thats it. its a kind request.

Episode starts with the smiling face of Ragini

Rag : Bhaiya am getting very bore take me some where.
Abhi : ok doll. This evening was really nice. so say where u want to go?
Rag : any children park? i think that our mind will be free when we see children smile.
Abhi : Don’t worry . get ready.
Abhi &ragini goes to park. They spent some quality time together.
Abhi : Rag it’s getting late. come on we have to go.
Rag : tk bhaiya.

Abhi drives the car smoothly but suddenly someone crossed the road and got hit by Abhi’s car.
Abhi and rag were dazed to see this. They rushes to help the person and sees the person was a girl.
after 2mins the girl came to conscious .
Rag : r u ok?
The girl : ya am ok. and sry its my fault i didn’t see the car.
Rag : no its our mistake too. get up. Where is ur home?
The girl : Voh…..

Rag : its ok. whats ur name?
The girl : i am……BULBUL(ya the girl none other than our bubly bulbul) I am an orphan. and am new to this city.
Rag : Don’t worry. come with us and stay with us till ur recovery.
Bulbul : no…..
Rag : am telling na come on. U r coming that’s final.
Abhi : ya she says the right thing. we can’t leave a girl alone at this time. plz come with us.

Abhi drives a car. Rag and bul is in back seat.
Abhi : without any source how could u comes to new city (yaaraium teriyama unnala munna pinna teriyada cityku epdi varamudium) ?
Bulbul : voh….where i used to stay my orphanage home. But home’s custody under taken by new person.
he told that students only can stay here. so i leaved frm there. (nan irunda home ah vera oruthanga vangitanga. anga students ah thavara vera yarum iruka kudadunu soltanga. adhanala nan angarundu vanten)
Rag : whats ur qualification? i asked this bcos if u completed MBA u can assist my bro.
Bul : i am just completed 12 std 3 yrs ago. then i do some small work in home.
Rag : ok. don’t worry. we will do something 4 u.
then they arrives home and Rag shows the guest room to bul.

Next day morning Bul prepares coffee to rag nd Abhi
And does some house hold work. Rag enjoys the company of bul. in a short time they became frnds.

Bul serves the food to Abhi and rag. Damini sees this and shouts who r u? what r u doing here? Abhi gets angry and washes the hand in food. N left from there.
Rag also shouts what do u want mom? I only brought her. And she ‘ll stay here. got it. don’t interfere in my way.

After some time,
Bul : y r u behaving like this to ur mom. its our fault we should inform her earlier. And i don’t like that u nd ur mom fighting bcos of me. i’ll leave frm here.
Rag : r u completed ur lecture. u r not the reason for this. My mom never cares abt us. she just want money that’s enough for her. she always spent her lots of time in clubs not with us. ok leave it.

The episode ends with the angry face of Rag and pity face of Bulbul

PRECAP : Rag waves her hand to someone and she hugs him.

hope u liked the epi…… isn’t it? tell me through cmnts. by urs loving Aastha.

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  1. A nice one. ..I really liked it.
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    Yes enjoying it want Abhigaya scenes too!!

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