Destiny of PraBul – Chapter 15


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After two days….

@Pragya’s home (sarala n sundar came to Mumbai to visit pragya)

Sarala : arey. my eyes see the real or dream?
Sundar : what happened Sarala?
Sarala : my daughter got ready at 8 o’ clock. but in our home she sleeps till 8 o’ clock.
Prag : maa…. i’m going to job so i’ve to ready na (Prag smiles)
Sundar : do u like the job so much?
a voice : y not she loves the job so much.
Sarala, Sundar and Prag turns nd sees some one standing near door

scene shifts to mm

bulbul cleans the table. purab comes there and looks at her in naughty mood. she blushes and runs frm there. aliya sees her and says in mind just few minutes ur torture will reach the house.(in angry tone) purab leaves frm there.
one lady comes to mm. she holds a child in her arm. Bulbul sees her and thinks who is she?

@Pragya’s home

a voice is none other than Tanu. she enters into house. while Sundar’s ph rings. he cuts the call. (actually he thought that he cut the call but he pressed the answer button)
Tanu : i’m Tanu. Prags boss. Sarala nd shek greets her.
Prag ; any important work mam ?
Tanu : not like that. i came here to see ur mom nd dad. they r the super mom nd dad in the world so i thought i meet them.
Prag : super mom nd dad?

Tanu : haan y not. they sent their daughter to job.. its nice na..
Prag : feels something odd.
Tanu : i want to know that u had how long time to train her?
the three could not understand anything what she is saying.

Tanu : i’ll tell clearly. wonderfully ur daughter trapped my love. superb training aunty uncle.
Prag ; Tanu mind ur launguage.
Tanu : y ? no way . u r so frndly with sanky for money na? u ‘ll do anything for money.( she says this in wrong meaning) u want money na take it but don’t cross in my life again. she trows money on Prag Sarala sundar’s face.
Prag cries vigorously. ( who is in line on Sundar’s phone hears everything then cuts the call )

bul ; mam u r ?
the lady’s face revealed ( she is mitaly frm kum kum bhagya )
aliya sees her and comes fast.
aliya : bhabi i’m very happy to see u here. Come in.
Mitali : hey servant bring the luggage.

aliya : bhabi super. in ur torture she have to go away frm here thats y i called u here.
Mitali : don’t worry i’m with u.
bul : mam coffee.
mit : she licks one drop. is this coffee? she throws the hot coffee on bul’s face. (aliya gets happy) go nd get good coffee with correct sugar.
after some time Mitali sees bul sitting freely.

mit : hey servant..
bul ; mam
mit : go nd wash the dresses in my room.
bul on the switch of washing machine. nd goes to Mitali’s room. Mitali cuts the wire.
bulbul comes with lot of dresses nd sees washing machine not working. mam machine repaired so i’ll wash it tmrw.

Mitali gets angry. u r servant. so don’t order me. go nd wash it by hand.
she washes the all dresses nd cleans the whole house then irons the cloths. she was totally tired.

at night aliya orders to massage her feet. bul unable refuse it she about to massage purab comes there and stops her.
pur : aliya u dont have heart. see her state. she is very tired. u have to massage her but u r orders her. (he is so angry)
Mitali : whats a mistake in aliya.
pur : hello. this is my house. my decision is final. if u have any objection just leave frm the house. got it. he drags bul to his room.
pur : u dont have mouth. u cant say no. rag is treating u as a frnd then whats a need to do this all work.

bul is not replying stands silently. purab sees her hand. its totally red. pur gets sad. and makes her to sit. he slowly kisses on her palms.
bul feels it like a medicine to her wound. lightly she starts to cry nd lys on purab’s shoulder.
suddenly current goes bulbul fears of dark nd hugs pur. purab says god dont give the current this is so good. bul breaks the hug.
pur : hey current didn’t came.
Bul: I know….she lights the candle. she gives the food plate. he feeds her. she feeds him. they both had a wonderful candle light dinner.

later current comes. abhi also comes.
rag : bhai y r u sad. plz don’t try to hide.
they both goes to room. abhi says today Pragya is leave.
rag : bhai whats the big deal just call her.
abhi : don’t i know that ? she is not answering.

rag : she may b in busy call now. abhi calls but number is in switch off. abhi gets more upset.
rag : bro y r u this much upset for ur PA?
abhi : she is not only PA she is ur future bhabi. i’m in love with her .(rag opens her mouth wide open)
rag : i’m really happy for u bro. she is very good. i’m sure she’ll come tmrw. dont worry bhai.

nxt day in office. abhi enters the office and asks to receptionist : was Prag came?
recep : ya sir. but she leaved just now.
he goes but no one is there. so he goes to Prag home. but home was locked. with sadness he returns to office.
he sits in chair. Tanu comes there while abhi sees one letter on his table. he reads that and gets shocked.

screen freezes with shocking face of Abhi

Precap : A man comes to Abhi’s office. He gives a tight slap to Abhi.

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