Destiny of PraBul – (Chapter 1)

Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with 1st epi of Destiny of PraBul. As per the title we r going to see how the destiny plays with pragya and bulbul.

link of prologue

@ Lucknow

One fine morning the episode starts with the sparkling sunlight disturbs a charming girl .
One lady voice : wake up. (eruma endhiridi)
Pragya : Haan maa (ya the charming girl is none other than our pragya) y r u starting ur scolding in this early morning. (kalangathala edhuku suprabaratham paduringa….)
Sarala : Is this early morning? A good girl is wakes up in atleast 6’o clk. But u r sleeping till 8’o clk.
Ragini doesn’t hear anything. She went to take bath. Then she reads the newspaper and drinks the tea.
While she hears a voice “Mam post”

Sundar (father of prag) (sundar from bade acche lagte hain – priya’s dad) receives a letter and gives it to Pragya
Pragya reads the letter and jumping in happy like a kid bcos the letter is her interview card.
Sundar & sarala : Really is this ur interview card?
pragya : ya maa papa it’s really my interview card.
Sarala : Where is the company?
Pragya : It’s in Mumbai maa.

Sarala : What? no. we never permit u 2 go.
Pragya : papa maa ko convince karo. I want 2 go.( in a sad tone)
Sundar : sarala try to understand her . she have to go and u know the situation na? we don’t have anyother option.
Sarala : un willingly says ok . when is ur interview?
Pragya : Day after tmrw maa. thnq my sweet maa papa. i’ll go and pack my stuffs.

Sundar : Don’t worry sarala. there is varsha and sushmi (frnds of rag) na? they will take care of her. And the important think is she just got the interview card not a appointment. ok. b cool.
Pragya : papa i am packed my stuffs. today evening 6’o clk my train.
Sundar : OK beta.go and take ur breakfast.

scene shifts to Mehra Mansion, Mumbai.

Prem Mehra and Damini (prem n damini r harman’s parents in shakthi serial) sits in the hall and talking casually.

One shadow comes fastly towards downstairs. Camera takes the bottom to top view.
that’s a boy. He is wearing a black coat suit. He is none other than our super handsome hero ABHI. He sees Prem and Damini together and gets sad.

Then another shadow also comes fastly towards down stair and Bhaiya come with me i’ll give u a breakfast. (ofcourse she our abhi’s sweet sister Ragini) (ragini from swaragini)

Abhi eats the breakfast and says ok rag take care now go to clg and we will meet in evening.
Ragini : haan bhaiya. Don’t worry i’ll take care of my self.

screen freezes with the smiling face of Pragya, Ragini, and Abhi

PRECAP : Abhi and Ragini goes out by car. Abhi hits someone by car. Abhi and Ragini gets nervous.

Thnq sooooooo much frnds for ur sweet cmnts.

i know this epi is very short but next epi will be longer than this so dont wry……i’ll give daily posts of this ff. first of all do u like this epi? can i proceed further? waiting for ur sweet cmnts. by urs loving Aastha.


  1. b.k.maha

    Yes dr we all are liked it… U can proceed further…. Superrrr episodeeeeee….. Waiting for next episode…..

    • Astha


      ni swaragini page varshava? idhu ragsan ff illada…… idhu abhigya n rabul only…… anyway thnq soooo much for the sweet cmnt.

    • Varsha

      Na antha Varsha illa baby…i am only from kumkum Bhagya…u remember me right..i am from Tamilnadu, Salem doing MCA…

      • Astha


        sry dear indha ff ah swaragini page la um publish pantanga so adhan confuse ayten….. enaku 3 varsha terium…. 2 from kkb n 1 from swaragini but the co incident neenga 3 perum tn da. enaku gnyabagam iruku dear. its abhigya n rabul hope u’ll enjoy it.

  2. Keerthi

    Hi di🙋 I hope u remember me 😖😖Did you forget your sis Di ?Long time.wonderfuul story go ahead!!Waiting for next part❤️❤️❤️

  3. Monesha

    |Registered Member

    Hi my dear darlu princess akka…… interesting….. Episode. I really loved it to the core…. Sorry for my late comment. Now only finished all the work and studying ff. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa………

      • Saranya24

        |Registered Member

        Ok darlu but one thng moni kitaye ennala seriya pesa mudila coz enga veetla nan indha page use panradbu tgeriyadhu so avangaluku theriyama dhan moni kitaye pesaren so mudinha i ll tct u sry dear😍😘😘😘😘

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