Happy birthday brinda di… brin di was someone who supported each and every author till date, thank u very much di. may almighty fullfill all ur wishes and belated wishes for somu aka our lovely sree….hope u both will love this OS …i am adding u both coz my mind can’t think two different stories…

Today is my third marriage anniversary. I am happy to the core; even I can’t explain my happiness. My happiness got doubled when I heard a new guest is coming to my life, to fulfill my colorful life into extra colorful. But, whenever I remember my past, I always believe destiny plays. I believe on the quote of Paul Coelho’s The Alchemist,” when you want something from heart, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it”. That was my personal experience.
Summer was as usual very hot and humid, in metro cities, if we didn’t talk about that, then it would be better. But ; one summer day that changed my life, how could I forget that. On a fine day, that evening when suddenly Neil came into the room and shouted loud.

“I saw the prettiest girl of my life today!!!” Neil said in awe .. He was still in dreamland, god knows for what.

“Say something new”, I replied in same high pitch voice.

“you don’t understand Arjun . she is very different. She is not like others”. He exclaimed in over excitement, I gave him just a smile.

Neil and I both was cousin brother and came metro city, for engineering. He was easy going, dynamic and smart, after classes he usually used to roam around city and come back in night to tell story of one or other girls. On contrary I was typical studious guy who want to top in my subject of engineering and give all my time to thick books.

But it was something different this time. I couldn’t figure out why some kind of ‘special’ feeling growing in me as Neil kept talking, for one whole week, about the same girl, “She is so cute yaar.. wow, if you see her eyes…uff it tell milions of stories..” which was not his nature, talking about only one girl continuously.

One day on a serious note he told me “Do you know Arjun, she is like angel.. bird : the Dove, flower… YES!!! FLOWER… she is ROSE or may be more than that LOTUS …or….or…NIGHT QUEEN, spreading her sweet fragrance where ever she goes”. At one time I thought he had gone crazy due to over excitement ..

“calm down man… hang on there.. hold your horses..!!”, I replied smilingly.” Really, is she such beautiful lady, But all the girls look either beautiful or more beautiful when they are teen?”, I smiled back without knowing that Rose aka lotus aka night queen had already entered in my heart.

“What is her name?” again I asked.

“Don’t know man!, we all just watch her when she come out of classes…”, replied Neil gave out a frustrated sigh.

Slowly I started loving to listen story about her and wait every day that in evening Neil would say something about her. These listening and narrating goes for a month.

That was Sunday evening when we went to mall, as we stepped down from elevator, Neil exclaimed with a dream filled eyes – “Arjun, see rose… I mean our night queen aka lotus too”.

I quickly looked at the direction where he was pointing; but could only able to see the glimpse of her from side as she was descending from staircase; a slim girl with long black hair in white traditional Indian dress. I didn’t realized what happened to me, but I ran after her to see her complete view. But to my bad luck, she already sat inside auto and auto driver ran away like bullet. First time I felt auto can also run so fast like flight. But after that mesmerized glimpse I was very keen to see her..

Next day I went with Neil to his branch, with a great expectation to see her face at least, but she did not come for class that day. Neil teased me. I felt bad; but was desperate to see her at least once.

Next whole week Neil did not say any word about that girl, I asked Neil , “What happen to your ‘rose ..or… lotus…or night queen’, you are no more talking about her?”

Neil replied , “Don’t know where she left, we are no more seeing her in the classes seems she changed or moved some where else.”

“Did you not try to find her… where did she go?”, I asked impatiently.

“Are you crazy? We have lot of other flowers to watch in our branch” , He laughed.

I felt something broken inside me, might be because I realized I wouldn’t able to see her any more. I asked Neil “is it possible that you can find her address and we can go and see her once?”

He tried to convince me that it is not of any use, but knowing my nature, how stubborn I was , he agreed and told me that he would try his best. He could even manage to do friendship with some of her friends; but all the effort went into vain. Her father was transferred out of town and no one was in touch with her.

Without knowing, without realizing anything I felt emptiness surrounded me. I could not be at ease anymore, felt like I lost something valuable, priceless. The thought I wouldn’t get a chance to see her , pierced my heart into million pieces. Neil tried his best to convince me that it was general thing happened, during teen age. Slowly slowly I got engaged with my study again.

One day, we were celebrating at restaurant, on the credit of me being topper of college, Neil came with a blonde girl. when I asked about her, he just surprisingly said,” Arjun, my God don’t say , you don’t know her. She was at same branch of yours. She knows you”.

That girl extended her hand with a broad smile,” hii, I am Samaira Khanna. I know you very well”.

In return I just simply smiled. Neil came closer to me and whispered,” even if you don’t know her, at least you heard about her. What you were doing, when I told about her from the whole month. She is my new flower.”

Right then I realized, I am still missing my rose aka lotus or night queen. Whenever Neil told me about any girl, I emerged myself in her thoughts only. Even I didn’t know the reason, why I thought about her when I didn’t see her. My thought broke on Neil’s dreamful voice,” rose… our night queen…lotus’.

I saw on the direction where Neil was looking. At that moment I felt like I got back my everything. Shocking everyone I rushed outside, only to stood glued at one point. She was just some feet away from me. I saw a guy came and covered her with a head scarf which almost covered her face. Next moment they both went away riding bus.

My heart pounded again, cried. But I didn’t stop at that time, I ran after bus with my whole strength, without caring that vehicles were coming behind me. Neil just dragged me , before one car hit me. He said angrily, surprisingly,” what happened to you Arjun?? Why you are running like mad, behind a bus.”

Two drops of tear crossed my chick as I lost her again, I just uttered,” our rose….my lotus or night queen.”

Neil was shocked to hear me. That was quite abnormal. A shocking news for him, because for him, I only loved books. I even didn’t know name of my branch girls. From four years I was longing for one girl. I even didn’t know why. He hugged me and said,” it is better Arjun if you forget her.”He was serious and that time I tried to forget her. I know it was necessary for me also.

Seven long years passed. Life changed lot for me, we both brothers were working for a MNC. Neil got married to samaira also and working abroad. But still when I used to see any pretty and innocent girl I always remember “ROSE ..LOTUS…NIGHT QUEEN”, and remember all the stories by Neil, I never believed that I could miss someone so much without seeing her once. “Am I destined to meet her ever?” Just thinking of her, filled a lot of excitement in my heart… I am flying… ringing of violin… showering of flowers petals… heavenly signal…

Like a traditional Indian way my marriage got fixed, there were no feeling in my heart; it was vacant. No excitement… no love… nothing but just a boring customary life… “It is not a movie but real life. Let’s accept as it comes” I just surrendered to my fate.

“Wow… we are getting prettiest sister-in-law”, my cousins started teasing me .. I gave them fake smile. My would be, Radhika, was indeed the prettiest girl I had ever seen; but I could not feel heavenly signal yet, as I used to feel when I remembered nearness with my dream girl ROSE…LOTUS…NIGHT QUEEN.

On the eve of our marriage I was sitting on the stage, Radhika was stepping towards me with small steps surrounded by her sister and cousins and garland in her hand, her face was blushing and she was looking down, I found her really pretty, just like a bollywood’s bride.

Suddenly from the behind Neil whispered – “Oh my god… how did you find ROSE..LOTUS AKA NIGHT QUEEN!!”.

I looked at him, his surprised expression and wide open eyes was telling the truth.

Suddenly my heart started pounding very fast and loudly!!! I started getting the heavenly signals..i am flying … ringing of violins… showering of flower petals…

Suddenly I came out of my trance on giggling sound of my beautiful flower. I saw Radhika enter into room after talking with my cousin. Immediately I pulled her into my embrace,” you are just looking like ……she cut me off.

She said with a smile,” a flower, Arjun will you ever stop comparing me with flowers”.

I held her more tight,” never, because you are truly a flower of my life. Don’t you know how much you torment in past!! You know when I saw you went with that guy in bus, my heart beat almost stopped…..she put her delicate hands on my mouth.

She said,” don’t ever talk about heart beat stopped. And I told you many times he was my brother.” She was almost cried.

I felt myself guilty making my flower cry. I wiped her drop of tear appeared corner of her eyes. I said looking at her lovingly,” I LOVE YOU MY FLOWER. You gift me another flower of my life.”

She smiled shied, a tinge of blush appeared on her beautiful face,” I LOVE YOU TOO ARJUN”. With that I captured her lips to feel the beautiful moment we shared. Nothing was more beautiful for me other than my flower loves me. I loved, lived the fact that she loves me, only me.

Hope you all liked this. Share your views. Happy new year to all. I wish this year brings you joy and peace. Thank you.

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  1. Brin

    Outstanding OS, love it to the core, hats off to you Rossy, and thanks for the birthday wish. 🙂

    1. Jewel

      Happy birthday brin… : )

      1. Brin

        Thank you. 🙂

  2. Congratulations di.the story was awesome.loved it to the core.

  3. Jewel

    rossy, the story is superb…. liked it a lot…

  4. arti viswanathan

    Rossy superb episode….. I loved it to the core….. Brin happy birthday to you….. Keep on smiling dear….

    1. Brin

      Thank you. 🙂

  5. Sulbi

    Rossy sweety…. wow its lovely…. i loved it girl… love you and tc and Happy new year dear 🙂

  6. Kavina

    Loved it

  7. _Ritu

    Rosie.. 🙂 it was beautiful lyk Rose..lotus aka night queen dear 🙂 enjoyed reading it.. 🙂 That line even auto can be as fast as flight..I laughed out loud at dat 😀 😀 now m really jealous y isn’t it my bday 😉 😉 I really wish everyday someone among us should have their bdays so dat we can get to read such beautiful stories everyday 🙂 🙂 Waiting for ur ff..Happy new year dear ? loads of love. 🙂

  8. Dipika

    Rose aka my Queen.. Lol.. I just love tht rose aka lotus aka night queeen… Rose nq i wanna punch u hard for calling urself unromantic or can’t write abt romance… Godddddd.. U have written splendidly…. U knw with arjun i too was eager to see his flower.. Desperately…. Neil being truly flirt n enjoying watching various flowers.. Hahaha.. N arjun didn’t no sam being his clsmate.. Hahah.. N radz itself was his fience all this while.. God.. Thnks to neil.. Hahaha.. Sach me. Its all destined… Awsome darling… U wrote it soooo beautiful tht i gonna read it again.. Love u mu rose.. My lotus.. Hahaha.. My Queen..

  9. Gianna

    Beautiful is the right word to describe this, n u dare say u r not romantic. Loved it a lot, birthdays should be celebrated everyday if we are going to get these kinds of gifts.

  10. Jnana

    Beautiful rossy…… Belated birthday brin….. Sorry for the late wishes…..

  11. Gauri

    Awesome Rossy 🙂 Happy Bday Brin

  12. Wowwww. sunshineeeee. was incredibly beautiful, marvellous, outstanding. ..very very veryyyyyyy awesoooooome. …u stole my heart my darling sis…the quote was really amazing. ..n the plot n narration is mind blowing. ..I couldn’t stop n kept reading….n this beautiful lovely story made very special place in the bottom of my heart. ….I loved it to the coreeeee. ..rads…rose…lotus…night queen…so beautiful n arjun very very sweeeeeet. …..loved each n every bit of it. u soooooooo muchhhhhh for sharing this unique splendid precious story with us…

    Bring and sree…many many happy returns of the most precious day my sweeeeeetheartsss…Happy belated birthday to you both. …I love you soooooooo. ….stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss n keep smiling…take care…muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    Love you till infinity my sunshineeeeee. ..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 take care sweetheart

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