Hi guys .first of all thank u all for ur comments.i am very happy.okay lets go back to the stor.
In aroras villa
After having a gala in the dining and pragya left to do her work and her bubbly bulbul went to collage .her mother was running a marriage hall.
Here in abhis mansion
Abhi after composing a his song and was a;so ready to go to his office to attend his meeting ,he went to see his dadi.
Abhi: “gm dadi.”

Dadi: “gm,beta.ready to go to work.”?
Abhi: “yes dad.where is my cute sis aaliya .”
Dai: “she has went out have ur breakfast soon beta”
Abhi: “ok dadi”
Abhi is driving his car was on the way to his office ‘he got struck in traffic.just near to his car pragya was in an auto .they did not eachother .it was been more than a hour he has been waiting.
Soon traffic cleared and they moved .

In abhis office
Abhi went to attend his meeting and some of his clients were waiting to se them

In collage
Pragys was teaching students .and all kids liked her teaching .very much.
Pragya returned to her home after her work.she called her friend but misteakenly she dialed the number wrongly and it was abhis num .but pragya did not know this and started to talking continiously

Abhi: “who r u.first let me talk . iam not ur friend.i am the grear rockstar abhi.”
Pragya: “oh I am sry . I dialed the number wrongly.i thought my friend was in the call,I didn’t know that u were in the call.sry again”
Abhi: “however . I don’t care .just shut up.” And disconnected the call.
Pragya: “what! How dare can he talk to me like this.i am not going to leav him.hr doesn’t even know to talk to a girl.”
She was very much angry with him

Hope u all like it.there are twists and turns awaiting for them.pls leave ur comments.both plus and minus are accepted.LET US WHAT DESTINY HAS PLANNED FOR THE TWO POLE/will it bring tem together or…….pls wait for the answer bye

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