~dEsTiNy & MeMoRy~ [RiKara OS]

~~~~~~ Destiny & Memory ~~~~~~

‘Congratulation Mr.Oberoi for merging your Art Company with Oberoi Industries’

‘Thanks’ Omkara smiled.

‘Sir, the statue’s are different from all the previous statue’s What is the reason behind it???’

‘Hmm… well once someone said me Life is not all about love.And also Life is all about food and enjoyment. Well, that person is my inspiration.’ Omkara excused himself and sat in the corner.

‘I still wonder, what were you??? Were you my dream, imagination or reality??? Omkara closed his eye remembering the incident.

~~~~~ Flashback [2 years ago] ~~~~~

‘O, is it really important for you to go to Shimla??? You can find your inspiration here. Please don’t leave us’ Rudy said being emotional.

‘I’m not leaving you duffer. Just going to Shimla for 3 months. Will come back soon.’ Omkara said hitting Rudra’s head.

‘I agree with Rudra , Om. You recently suffered with concussion because of the accident. I don’t want anything to happen to you.’ Shivaay tried to stop Omkara. He was worried about his bro’s health.

‘Kuch Nahi hoga mujhe . Stop taking tension. And stop all this non-sense talk. Lets have a oberoi moment.’ Omkara switched the topic as he really wanna work on his statue’s but he had no inspiration.


‘Yes Shivaay, I reached Shimla. Inform everyone at home that I reached safely. Will call you later. I have to unpack my bags.’Omkara cut the call and started arranging his things.

He laid down and went to deep slumber.

Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

‘Itni Raat ko kon hai. Grrr. Abhi hi bajna tha kya??? Sone bhi nahi dete.’ Getting up, he quickly opened the door.

A girl in her night dress entered his house and sat in his couch. When a shocked Omkara was about to say something, she cut him.

‘Khade kyu ho??? Baito. Apna hi ghar samjho.’

‘What do you mean by Apna hi Ghar Samjho??? Mera hi ghar hai. And, who are you???’ Om was puzzled by her reaction.

‘Tho baito na… Khade kyu ho. Maine toh punishment nahi diya tume. Aur Mai Gauri hu. Nice to meet you Mr.’ Gauri forwarded her hand to shake. Om frowned. Never had he met such a girl in his entire life.

‘Listen Ms. Gauri, kya kar rahi ho mere Ghar mei???’

‘Mujhe na bahut bhook lagi thi toh isliye kuch khaane aayi ho.’

‘Kya tume yeh Restaurant lag tha hai??? Jo yaha khana khane aayi ho??? Get lost.’ Pointing towards the door.

‘Aare??? Yeh bad manners hai jo ghar aaye mehmaan ko bahar nikal rahe ho. Ab chaalo Jaldi kuch banaao. Mujhe na bahut bhook lag rahi hai.’

‘Grrr. Argue karna hi bekhar hai tumse. Mai Pasta bana raha ho chup chaap se khaao aur jaao yaha se.’

‘Yesss… jaldi banaao…’ Gauri said while jumping.


‘Kitna aur time lagega??? Mere peth ke Baby Elephant mar rahe hai. Jaldi banaaaooo.’ Gauri said keeping her hand in her stomach.

‘Baby Elepant nahi Chuwha hota hai.’

‘Nahi. Mere peth hai toh Baby Elephant hai. Mujhe Chuwhe nahi pasand. Ab Jaldi Banaao.’

‘Ha… Tumhari Bhook ko dekh kar yakeen ho gaya hai ki Elephant hi hai tumhare peth mei’. Om said slowly so that Gauri don’t listen.

‘Thanks Mr. Wait, apne apna naam hi nahi bataaya. Apka naam kya hai???’


‘Thanks Om. Ab mai chalti hoon. Kal milte hai.’ Waving her hand Gauri went to her house.

‘Hope, kabhi nahi milenge.’ Om closed the door.


‘Om. Idhar Om Idhar. Yaha dekho’ Gauri said waving her hand.

‘Yaha Kya kar rahi ho???’

‘Chai pi rahi hu aur kya. Bhaiyaa mere dost ke liye bhi ek chai dena.’

‘Wait a sec. Mai tumhara dost kaise huwa???’

‘Jo mujhe free mei food dehte hai na woh automatically mere friends bante hai. Yeh lo Chai.’ Gauri took the tea from Worker and gave to Om.

‘Tum kahi jaa rahe ho???’

‘Ha, inspiration dhoond ne apne kaam ke liye.’

‘Aare wah!!! Chalo jaldi chalte hai tumhare inspiration ko dhoondne.’

‘Wait. Tum mere saath nahi aa sakti. Maine tumhe invite nahi kiya hai.’ But Gauri being Gauri din’t listen to him and continue to drag him.

Om having no choice decided to take her along with him. He found her bubbly. Leaving in her own dream castle, eating and irritating him … just like a teenager. No worries.

Days passes and even weeks. Om and Gauri became great friends or more like Gauri forcing Om to be her friend. Om started enjoying with her. Though he never accepted, but he surely did. Every midnight Gauri came to have food made by Om.


‘Shivaay, ghar mei sab kaise hai??? Ha Mai theek ho.’

‘O, tum mujhe bhool gaye na???’ Rudy faked Cry.

‘Duniya mei sab ko bhool sakta hu lekin Apne ShivRu ko nahi.’
‘Ha, Shivaay. Tum mere friend se baat kar rahe ho na. Hamesha sataati rehti hai ki tum dono se baat karni hai.’

‘Kausi friend??? Girlfriend???’

‘Will you shut up Rudra???’
‘Ha Om mai usse baat kar lunga aur iss Duffer se bhi baat karwa lunga.’

Omkara continued to talk to his bro’s when he noticed Gauri coming. He handed the phone to her and went to kitchen to make some tea for both of them. He came back and handed the one mug of tea for Gauri and make himself comfortable.


‘Tumhe ek secret bataao???’

‘Ha Baato.’

‘Mai na ek angel hu’

‘Ha jo iss duniya mei Chocolate khaane aayi ho. Correct???’

‘Correct. Tumhe kaise pata. Maine toh ek secret bahut chupake rakha tha’ Gauri asked raising her Eyebrows.

‘Very Funny. Ha ha ha’ Om acted to laugh

‘Tum na bahut cute ho jab tum aise behave karte hai’ Gauri pinched his cheeks more tightly.

‘Chodo mujhe Gauri. Pain ho raha hai’ Gauri just laughed and continued eating her chocolate.

The days went on. Om started having a feeling for Gauri. He liked Gauri more than a friend. He liked to spend time with her. So, one day, he thought to say his feeling to Gauri.


Om dressed in his best and went to Gauri’s home only to find it locked. He searched her near by but din’t find her. He tried to call her but all in vain.

Shivaay and Rudra who could not control themself called Om to what happened.

‘Kya huwa O??? Yes kaha ki Gauri ne???’

‘Ha Om??? Kuch baat bani’

‘Nahi.’ Stopped for few second to control himself.
‘She is no were to be found. I searched her everywhere but…’

‘Tu chinta mat kar. Hum aa rahe hai waha.’


ShivRu came as soon as possible. They asked Question about Gauri to find her but…

‘Gauri ka full naam kya hai???’

‘Hmmm… Gauri. Full naam pata nahi. Usne kabhi bataya nahi.’

‘Maine uss ghar ka info nikala hai. The house belongs to some Ria Malhotra. She is in USA. Kisi Ria ko jaante ho??? Gauri ne kabhi mention kiya hai kya uss ke baare mei???’

‘Nahi. Tumne uss din use baat kiya tha na??? Kuch kaha Gauri ne???’

‘Maine Gauri se baat nahi ki.’
‘Maine Hello kaha tha lekin koi jawab nahi aaya isliye cut kar diya call ku.’

They tried every mean to search Gauri but could not trace her. It was as if she din’t exist in the world. Soon, they three left to Oberoi Mansion.

Om buried himself in work. He was still finding her.
On the other side, ShivRu consulted the Doctor and dicussed about it. Doctor said that it was impossible that someone can imagine things because of concussion but he prescribed some medicine to Om.

~~~~~ Flashback Ends ~~~~~~

‘Om come here. Meet Mr.Sharma. They own the one of the biggest textile company in India.’

Om introduce himself to Mr. & Mrs. Sharma. He was then asked to meet Gauri. The future Hierness of Sharma Group of Textile. Om was shocked to zenith. It was Gauri, the girl whom he searched for lat 1.7 month. Now, she is standing right infront of him.

‘Hi, I’m Gauri…’ she still didnot change he thought.
‘Gauri kumari Sharma.’ It was another shock for him.


‘Tumhara full naam kya hai???’ Om asked being curious.

‘Kyu??? Mera naam Gauri hai. And I like it that way.’

‘Oh!!! You remind me of my Bhabhi. Even she don’t like surname.’


‘Kya huwa Mr. Oberoi??? Kaha kho gaye’ Om snapped out of his thoughts and excused himself.

~~~~~~ Flashback [Gauri’s] ~~~~~~

‘Yaha hi Aura kuch theek nahi hai.’
‘Lekin mere paas ek solution hai. Aapki beti kuch din ke liye kahi door bejdo. Phir sab kuch theek ho jaye ga. Lekin yaad rakhna, woh akele hi jaayegi. Aur waha se aate waqt woh apne banaye huwa dosto ko yaad nahi karegi aur milegi bhi nahi. Milegi toh bura hoga’ Thantrik said to Mrs.Sharma . Mrs.Sharma agreed to him. She handed some money and send him back.

‘Mumma , uspe yakeen mat karo… woh dhokebaaz hai. Jhoot bhol raha hai’

‘Chup. Bilkul chup. Usne jaisa kaha kaisa tu karegi. Promise kar.’ Mrs. Sharma knew that Gauri could never brake her promise no matter what. Gauripromised her and went out.


‘Kya kaha tumne??? Waha banaye dosto ko yaad nahi karungi??? Yeh maine kab kaha bolne ko???’ Gauri again started punching him for saying more than required. Gauri knew her mother. She knew that her mother wont send her out if some ‘Thantrik’ dont say it. And she used this trick. She also rejected her mom’s offer because she din’t wanted her mom to doubt on her.

‘Sorry uske liye. Maine kal ek film mei yeh dekha tha toh uske line bol diya. Ab mujhe chod do.’ Gauri left him and gave him the money she promised.

She went to Shimla and stayed in her friend’s home who was in USA.

—— [ call incident] ——

Om handed him the phone and went to kitchen. Gauri was about to answer ut but she got the call from her mom, so she kept Om’s phone there and started speaking to her mom.


Gauri did like Om the first day she saw him but did not say him. Thats the reason why Gauri always accompanied him.

—— [Day when Gauri left] ——

Gauri decided to tell her feeling to Om on that day but fate that his own choice. When she was about to go to Om’s house, she got the call saying that her mother fell ill . She directly rushed to Mumbai. Ahe forgot to inform to Om. Later, she remebered her promised and dint try to reach Om also.

~~~~~~ Flashback Ends~~~~~~

Gauri wanted to talk to Om but could not. After fighting with herself. She went towards Om.

‘Kisiki yaaddash bahut buri hai.’

‘What do you mean???’

‘Mujhe na bahut bhook lagi hai. Khane ka counter kaha hai??? Mere Baby Elephant ko bhook lagi hai. Agar usse kuch nahi khaane mila toh Woh mar jaayega.’ Om was shocked again. He thought it was the shock day for him. He was correct. She was his Gauri. The Shimla wali Gauri.

Om smiled. Seeing his smile , Gauri knew that he recognised her. They both fell on confortable silence.

Om decided to say his feeling but not now. He wanted to spend every time knowing her. He knew the real her but still not fully. He wanted to know everything, then after all this he will confess her.

Shivaay, after lots of hard work along with Rudra found Gauri. They went and confronted her. She said her story. She also got to know about Om’s feeling. She was happy. So she dint say him her feeling because she wanted him to say first.

Shivaay and Rudra saw them. They were happy for Om. Soon, they both left arguing when will Om confess. Rudy said within 6 month and Shivaay said after 6 month. Whenever they confessed, that doesnot matter. The only think matter is that they should be with each other.


The End.


-Thank You.


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