when destiny meets (intro)


A small independent house is shown in the outer of the city.at morning 7 AM,A man feels the sun rays falling on the face and gets up from his sleep ,he walks towards the half opened window and moves the curtain ,the bright sun rays falls all over the room,he sees the beautiful morning and smiles ,he gets ready and comes down sharply at 8.and sees the driver cleaning his car,he walks towards the kitchen and opens the fridge.He hears some noise from his room and goes to see and finds a photo frame broke into pieces .He takes the photo inspite his hand is bleeding.He says “You have left me before 5 years,and things have not changed in our life,I remains the same “.

He keeps the broken pieces aside and takes the photo in his hand and sits in the bed .The girl shown on the photo as shown on a house,running behind a 3 years old child,the child runs here and there ,she runs behind hm with a frock in her hand.the baby shouts”No,I won’t wear that it will be irritating,I’ll get rashes “.She atlast hold the child and changes her into the frock.The child says “OK,I am wearing this only for you “.she kisses the child and hugs her.the child runs wearing the new dress.She sees the mess created and cleans the room by herself,The servant sees this and says “Mam,I will do this,you go “.she says “No need ,I can manage,please you go and give her some food to eat.”.While cleaning she finds a torn piece of photo and take it in her hand.

(this is just a introduction,I will start writing after getting enough comments ).

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  1. interesting pls continue

  2. I think they are divorced or seperated

  3. Interesting…

  4. Ohhh so cuteeee

  5. Is the story is of any serial

  6. Nice intro…waiting 4 more….

  7. Hi janani u back…wowwww…awesome intro. .plzzzz continue dear…love you loads

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