when destiny meets (Episode 9)

She wakes in the morning and feels very much hungry.Maya comes out her room and sees Raju preparing food,she goes there and greets him.he turns and sees her standing and asks her to first sit,then continue your conversation,he gives her tea to drink,asks her “Maya ,please consider me as your brother and hear to my eoess,please don’t skip food ma”.she gets tears and nods yes.

Akash gets thoughts about Maya and decides to go and meet her in the house.He gets ready and comes down.Nana sees Maya getting ready and asks her to take rest and leaves to the shooting without her,she sees him going and bids him.She sits in the garden and sees the album in her hand,she gets happy seeing some photo and dad on the other.Akash comes to Nana’s house

Raju sees Akash coming ,he gets very surprised to see a hero like Akash in real life rather than in television.he gets very much happy and goes to bring mango juice to Akash because he have read that he likes mango juice in a article.Akash searches for Maya and comes to garden and sees her.He stands in the behind .Maya keep a photo of her with Akash and lost in thoughts,she finds someone’s shadow and finds him standing.

Nana goes to shooting spot and sees Akash not found and asks about him to the assistant director.the person says that Akash sir will come late because he is going to some temple.Nana thinks for a while and decides to take other scenes without them.Maya sees Akash smiling and asks him the reason for his arrival.She gets angry and asks him to speak.

Raju comes with two mango juices and tells that He likes Akash very much.Akash accepts his praisal .He sees Maya and takes the juice in hand.Raju leaves to the work.He sits in the opposite chair and takes the album in hand.Maya tries to stop him but before she could do anything , he opens the album with curiosity. He sees their photo and asks “Maya,i thought you don’t like me but “.She forcefully takes the album and says “Yes,I hate you today but these photos are taken before 5 years ” and leaves the place.

Maya closes her room and remembers her hate turned love story,she takes out a locket and sits remembering the story of the particular locket..Akash waits for her and leaves the place with a bit of anger and concern towards Maya.He sits in the car and drives it towards some direction.He stops near a theatre and sees the people worshipping him as a God and smiles bitterly.his thoughts stops with the last day of his meeting with Maya.

The day,before 5 years.
it started very simply as other days,Akash comes out his room walking down and finds the servants removing some of the decorations. He summons one of the servant,Manoj and asks him the matter,Manoj tells “Sir,actually mam asked us to do all the arrangement yesterday evening and today she asked us to remove it as soon as possible “.he let the servant go and walks towards Kitchen calling “Maya,where are you ?”.He finally finds her in her room packing things.He hold her hand and asks for the reason of the decoration and all this.she turns her face and says to him “I was very much mad and foolish till yesterday Akash Sir,but today I got a clear clarity of all these ,and I finally know my place “,she moves way from him .

she begins to go out with the packed bags,Akash doesn’t understand anything due to the hang over and runs calling her name continued.But before he comes down,he finds Maya left the home in a auto.He shouts “Maya,it is not nice ,you gave promised me that you won’t go without me “.He stands seeing the direction she left .

(the reality Present)
He thinks to himself that he haven’t found the reason why she left him and went.He sees the crowd identifying him and starts the car,he speeds the car and leaves towards the shooting spot. Maya thinks of the same day and tells “you don’t know even the reason ,because you don’t want to have a relation with me “,she remembers the words which she heard by Akash and closes her ears.

precap:Maya makes the heroine understand the situation and finds it very tough.she does a demonstration acting with Akash to make her understand.

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  1. Nice story dear , i feel dey have lots of misunderstandings between them …
    I really lyk ur name janani
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  2. what reason maya hate i think maya misunderstood akash

  3. Poor maya she is suffering alot

  4. nice episode I just love it

  5. Wow awesome love it……………

  6. episode was good pls update soon

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  8. Awesome episode, very interesting n emotional episode, some fb showed the little glimpse of their past…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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