when destiny meets (Episode 8)

Akash goes to do his acting on the scene,He sees Maya and finds her explaining the scene to other junior artist, he begins to performance, in the middle of a scene,He notes a metal rid to be fallen on Maya and runs towards her,protects her from the injury.Metal rod falles on the floor after they move and makes a big noise. People talk that Akash’sconcern for Her,Maya doesn’t understand the situation and moves away from him.He tries to
explain her,but she goes from there with tears.

Nana shouts at the workers for not fitting the metal rod properly and asks one of his assistant to call Maya.the man goes in search of Maya.Akash sees the injury on his hand and signs his manager to bring oinment.He sees the direction where Maya left .The assistant comes and says that Maya is not found anywhere.Akash goes to find her.The watchman says that she left the studio.

Maya walks in the street and finds the water tap in the corner,she remembers Akash touching her and opens the tap and pours water all over her tops.People who passes by sees thus wonders about her attitude.She cleans herself and covers with a shawl and moves from there angrily.She remembers about her first arrival to Mumbai and sits in a bench .She gets giddiness and searches for the medicine and finds that she left it in the studio.she feels uneasy and falls on the bench.

Nana and Akash searches for her and finally finds her after 30 minutes murmuring and lying on the bench . they goes near her and finds her lying uncomfortable .Nana sees her dress full if water and asks his driver to lift and they make her lie on the car.Akash see her disturbed and asks Nana,the matter.He signs Akash to get in and the car goes towards a nursing home. Akash caress her face and they reaches the hospital.

Akash remembers about the Maya whom he met before years and her boldness and sees her lying in the hospital ,he getstears from his eyes.the doctor who checks her comes out and asks Nana and Akash to come to her room and leaves.Both of them sits in her room.The doctor asks “For how long she is suffering from this giddiness ?”.Both of them gets puzzled.The doctor says that she has been suffering from a initial stage of Nervous disorder and prescribes certain medicine. Akash gets shocked to know that May has some complication in her body.

Maya wakes up and sees Akash standing.She trues to get up,he hold her from moving and says “What happened to you in these years ,you wasn’t like this before?”.She takes her hand from his grip and says “Everything is changed,why are you asking about me ?”.she gets up and gets head ache and begins to lose her balance.Akash lifts her like lifting a small child and makes her sit in the bed.She doesn’t see his face and says “Thank for you help Akash sir “.He says “Maua,just leave the past let us start our life afresh “.she says “Enough,I have list everything ,especially my “,she stops seeing Nana coming.

Nana asks His driver to take Maya to his houseniw itself and leaves with Akash to the shooting spot.Akash doesn’t understand the words especially my and thinks “what it might be ?”.Nana who almost hears their conversation thinks to find the reason and relation between the two.Maya reaches the house and goes to her room and sits on the bed,she takes out a photo from bag and cries seeing,it is one of the old photo of Maya.

She switches on the TV and puts a CD in it.the video begins to telecast,she gets tears on seeing the video.She says “I hate you Akash “and switches off the video without seeing it completely.She touches the place where Akash touched her and falls on bed with tears.

Precap:Akash comes to see Maya at Nana’s house and finds her sitting her room with a big album.he Knocks at the door .

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  1. Awesome yaar both r in deep pain yaar

  2. fantastic

  3. why maya hate akash what is the reason

  4. nice epi

  5. Good going dear waiting for next update

  6. Very sensitive story…loved the way akash took care of maya, what is their past?…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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