when destiny meets (Episode 7)

She turns and sees a little girl standing with roses,she smiles at the girl and asks her to sit.The girl was wearing a specs and she sits with adjusting the specs.Maya asks her the name.the bubbly girl says “My name is sanju “.She asks about her family for which the girl remains silent and at last says “I am from Bal gangadhar tilak orphanage “.Maya feels bad for the girl and gives her chocolate The girl says thanks and runs to Akash.

Akash sees the coming Sanju and kisses her forehead and asks her the matter.The girl smiles and says “Success Akash “and hugs him tightly.Maya thinks of the orphonage name and remembers that Akash usually goes to that orphanage before years,she sees Akash and must to her guess,she finds them talking .She thinks that it must be his cheap trick .Akash asks his manager to take Sanju to home.

He turns and finds a rose bouquet before him and raises his head to see ,Maya standing there with anger.He takes the bouquet and keep it aside and trues to explain her,Maya says “Don’t do such a cheap act once more it is very disgusting “and leaves from there.Nana asks her to be calm and gives her juice to drink. Sanju thanks manager uncle and says “Thank you uncle,it is one of my dream to meet that Maya auntu,who directed that choti baby a nation film “.the manager kissee the child and says “I didn’t do anything ,your uncle did it “.

Maya concentrates on the work and skips her lunch.Akash notes everything and asks one of Nana’s assistant to bring Maya food.the asdistat,David gives Maya food to eat and compels her to eat the food.She denies it and says “I know who asked uu to go,tell him that Maya is not the same innocent girl “.She walks away. David stands confused with all these words .Akash finds her refusing the food and gets angry on her attitude towards Food.He informs Nana that he need to discuss about the film and asks Maya to come to his caraven and leaves.

Maya goes to Akash’s careven and knock the door before entering,she goes in and finds him drinking lemon juice and stands unfront of him.Akash asks her to sit in the chair and continues his work.She sits and sees him ignoring her and sees outside the caraven.He asks her to read the dialogue so that he can understand the situation and acts according to that.She explains the scene and finds him not listening and ,she stops telling.He says”You feel that I am insulting you but this is what you did with the little girl,she came from her home to see you “.Maya sees him with shock.He adds that”she is very much attracted to the Choti baby film “. Maya doesn’t give answer and says “Sorry,I thought that you asked her to do it “.

next day Nana sees time passing and gets worried because Akash have not come till the moment,he sees time and the entrance.Maya sees him very much tensed and gives him some water to drink and assures that Akash will come.The producer comes and sees the shooting not yet started and questions Nana about the reson.Nana tells “Bhaiya,Akash fiesnr reached till now so only “.the producer leaves without believing Nana’s reason.Maya trues Akash’s phone and finds the number busy.

Akash gets struck in the traffic and reaches the place after 1/2 hour as per schedule.he sees Nana very much upset and shouting at all of his assitants,he goes inside the shooting studio and calls
“Nana” He turns and asks Akash to get ready for the shooting in 10 minutes and goes yo the monitor. He searches Maya and finds her explaining the scene to other artist,she turns and sees Akash and continues her work.

Akash comes out dressed as per the film’s scene. and standsinfront of the camera.The lights goes off and scene begins.Akash does perfect acting and sees Maya is noting him or not,he finds her not even turning to his side and completes the scene Maya comes with scene paper ans asks him to check it before going to next scene.He gets the scene paper in the process touches her fingers.Maya takes her hand and moves from there fastly.Maya remembers that before years,she liked Akash’s closeness and today “and bitterly smile and leaves the area .She goes and helps the heroine to do the acting sequences and sees Akash from there.She remembers the date and murmurs to herself that today is Akash’s birthday .But doesn’t tell it soundly,she gets into a dilemma whether to wish him or not and decides not to do so and concentrates on the work.She remembers her planning once for his surprise birthday and how they danced.

“Maya sees Akash coming through the window and offs every lights in the house and dims the lights,he comes in and finds the home without light and on the light but finds no current supply,he walks in the darkness and funds someone cliding her eyes from behind.He asks Maya the matter,she whispers “Wait Akash “and takes him to the table and switches on the light with remote and shouts “Happy birthday Akash sir “.he smiles happily and lifts her in joy.He cuts the cake and asks her why she doesn’t ask anyone yo come in the party,she says “It is my personal treat “.and blinks her eyes.Both of them dances and talks happily for long time.”

She comes to reality and says to herself that “That was just poor dream if mine “and sees Akash happily talking with Nana and making him smoke despite his tension.

precap:Akash finds A metal rod to be fallen on Maya and protects her.

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