when destiny meets (Episode 6)

Maya closes the window and stops the air from entering inside the house.Akash closes the window and sees the empty house and Sits bear the balcony and counts the stars on the sky.Maya leaves to her room and takes bath in the cold shower,she gets thoughts about Akash and comes out and changes into a black night dress and falls on bed.She sleeps due lots of tiredness.

Nana was very much happy because the shooting is going to start by today.Maya sits in a orange saree and sees Akash coming put if His car,he smiles at Maya and walks towards the Sets.Maya unwillingly smiles on seeing him.He replies her with a smile and sits in the chair nearer to Maya.They does the puja and starts the shooting.Nana asks Maya to do the camera arrangement.

Akash stands on the camera and does the first scene,Maya gets a glimpse of their first meeting and stands near the monitor, her thoughts stops before 6 years,in the beautiful station of Mumbai.
A young girl gets down from the train wearing a simple salwar ,with a specs on her eyes.She searches for the Porter and stops a man wearing a porter uniform and asks him to lift the luggage.He sees her differently and asks “you mean me “.She says yes.He shouts”Director “,it turns to be Akash,one of the emerging actor in industry.She stands puzzled and leaves the place with her luggage .He shouts at the director that a Solly girl considered him as the porter and searches fie her.he shouts “Pagal “,she walks in distance and says yo herself “A idiotic Porter “and goes from there .

She sees the scene over and people praising Akash for his acting ability.Maya thinks that ‘He usually acts even in true life in real “and goes toward him to tell him the next scene.She sees him expecting some compliment from her ,and says “Sir,read this “and moves away.
Akash stands seeing Maya with the screen paper on his hand and smile on his face.Maya sits with Nana discusses about the scene.She turns and feels someone noticing her.she finds a hand before her and shockingly sees the person.

precap:Nana finds Akash not present till now and gets worried .

(guys I am tired due to work in college so a smaller update )

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  1. Cold war between them

  2. very nice dr

  3. interesting episode

  4. nice sis

  5. Awesome episode dear…try to give some romantic scenes between akash and maya

  6. awesome dr plz upload regularly plz i eagerly waiting for your episode

  7. just awesome…loved it..

  8. Hi, it’s really interesting story n today’s episode was awesome. ..maya n akash both trying to be professionals…maya’s fb was really cute..she thought akash as porter…lol…no rush…don’t worry…just post the epi when u r free…love you loads

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