when destiny meets (Episode 4)

guys actually due to some fault ,the third episode was published once again,it was not actually my mistake.

Akash sees some of the passengers lookingvat him and turns the side.he thinks about his first meeting with Maya and smiles about their fight.Same time Maya lost in her thoughts come to reality on hearing Nana’s voice,she comes down in a hurry.he sees her coming in a ruining mode and asks her to take of herself .She ask him “what
us the matter,that you called me ?”Nana asks her to eat and serves her coffee.She taste the coffee and sees him with a lots of question.

Akash enjoys the flight journey and hears the fight of a couples who are going in that same flight.the husband asks the wife to understand his situation but she remains angry and doesn’t
reply,when the husband got hurt,she at once takes care of him.Akash
sees them and smiles thinking about their concern for one another
He hears that the flight will reach the destination in 7 hours.He takes out the screen paper and reads it.

Nana asks her to listen to his words carefully and not to give your answer without any consideration.
Maya:Sir,you are like a god to me ,I won’t neglect your words.
Nana:come on Maya,what I said is yo listen carefully
Maya:sure sir
Nana:I am getting older and need a assistant to work with me in the film.
Maya:you don’t worry Sir,I know some person
Nana:but I want you to be with me.

Maya(gets up):Sir,don’t joke

Nana:I am sure,I am not compelling you to do anything and ,its your wish and will.
he walks from the dinning table.Maya thinks about the words of Nana and about her life,she remember her aim for the travel to Mumbai before 6 years and says “once this happens to be my dream but today “.She cannot neglect or accept the idea .She sees Nana sitting in the balcony and goes there with the cup of coffee. Nana sees her coming and says “I know you will accept to this “and happily goes from thete to do the arrangement.She sees him smiling and doesn’t tell about her unwillingness and keeps quiet.

Akash reads the lines the screen paper (oh my dear,things changes in time but our relation and love don’t change.I am living in the belief that you will see me but don’t worry for me because I am safe in your
heart).He likes the line and remembers his words to Maya before
years and bitterly smiles.He closes his eyes and falls on sleep.He hears the voice of Maya calling him and telling ‘I am back ‘.

(Teri meri song plays _one week time goes with the lyrics of the song,Maya accepts to be his assistant and does some story work with dome references.Akash completes his shooting in London)
After a week,Nana reads the story that Maya has prepared and lines the line very much.he says that people will accept this story very much.Maya says “I know sir,because still these people likes love

stories “.Nana says that he will talk with producer and leaves the place.Maya thinks about how to bring some good change and reads the story once more.Akash reaches the Mumbai airport and comes out waving his hand towards the crowd. People shouts him on happiness.

Maya sees the return of Akash from outdoor shooting and gets a bit anxiety because she may need yo meet him due the needs.Akash asks his PA to tell him about any new project in his hand.His PA gets confused and says “But Sir,you have decided not to act more than 3films in the years and it is actually the “.He says”I know that but I like to act in love films,tell directors that if the story makes me happy then I will act without getting even one rupee as income”.his PA nods yes.

Nana gets to know the news and sends the soft copy of the story to Akash. He reads almost 99 stories and finds hiring,suddenly he sees the mail from Nana and reads it,he feels the subject is clear and informs Nana that he likes to act in the film and even ready to produce it if he wishes.Maya hears the conversation and almost gets a panic attack.

precap:Nana and Maya goes to tell story to Akash, he cautiously notes Maya.

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