when destiny meets (Episode 5)

Nana tells about Akash’s desire to act in their film and gets very much happy.Maya doesn’t show her shock and asks Nana about their next plan.He thinks gir a while and says “we need to go and meet Akash to talk about the film ,and you must come with me “.he goes to tell his happy news to his other assistants and coordinators.Maya stands puzzled and prepares herself to meet Akash ,the shining star of present film industry.

Akash likes the script and once again reads it with happiness ,because he likes the story line very much.his assistant adjs Akash to come and have food but he denies and enjoys the line of story.Hus assistant gets a call from Nana and asks Akash when he likes yo meet Nana.Akash says about meeting them on night in his beach house.He goes to his room and takes out a diary and opens the first page of it.

Maya sits in the room and thinks about doing film with Akash,she gets a glimpse of her past and washes her face with cold water,she worries about The film and gets shivering ,she takes out some pills from bag and swallows it with a glass of water,her giddiness stops.
She says to herself that my past has given me so much of pain and thus shivering.She sees the time and thinks that in three hours she going to meet him,She changes into a pink tops and black Jean.

Nana waits for Maya and asks her hurry because they needs yo go as soon ad possible to the beach house and it won’t be nice to make Akash wait so longer.Maya comes down and both of them leaves towards the beach house.Akash reaches the beach house and gets down from his adi car and goes in with humming a song.He sits in his room and hears some noise and sees the street through window.

Maya gets down from the car and sees the room where Akash is sitting.he gets happy that she still remember about him and gets surprued thinking about Maya coming with Nana.They goes inside the house and reaches his room.Maya avoids his view and sits in a Wisden chair in the room.Akash notices Maya and asks Nana ,who is going to explain him the story.Nana says that His new assistant Maya will do so .

Maya begins to explain the story to Akash.He adjs some question in between and she gives her answer.Atlast on hearing the climax,Akash asks “Maya,do you think that people will accept me bending infront of a small town girl ?”.She sees him with a fire and Says “Sorry sir,the character Under is doing that not the star AC.”.he smiles and says that he will accept tjs film without any salary and its final.Maya turns her face and sees the painting of Radha dancing with Kirsna.

He asks them to join with him for the dinner and takes them along to the dinning hall.Maya sits in the chair without willingness and sees the variety of dishes in the table.she sees sweet of her taste and gets shockingly surprise .she lifts her head and sees. Akash staring at her with a smile on his lips.Nana starts his dinner with a sweet corn soup.Akash sits opposite to Maya and serves her Sweets.she refuses and says “I don’t llike sweets “,she gets mild shivering g in her arms and manages and sips the water.

After a while All the three completes the food and begins to leave.Nana praises the food and he asks Maya about his opinion.she holds her arm with another and says “Nice food Sir,”.She triesto go from thee as soon as possible.Akash sees her shivering and says the servant to switch off the AC.she murmurs to herself that the shivering at due to Air conditioner but due to AC(Akash Chaudry).Akash asks her whether she need any sweater. She says no need and sits in the car.Nana thanks him for accepting the film.and leaves with Maya.

Akash sees them going and comes in and switches off all the rights in the house and sits in the dark thinking about the destiny and life.Maya leans on the door thinking about how she became speechless on seeing him after all these years.She thinks that even on their first meeting,she was very much bold.and bitterly smiles and says “That boldness caused me pain “.Akash sees the sweets kept on the table and gets sad thinking that she didn’t even taste it.Maya sees the faraway moon and a word whispers on her ears “Maya,you are just a small town girl and I am the emerging star of film industry,I am like the moon and you are the poor lily who blooms on the radient if moon”.she hold the story file with much anger.

Nana turns back and finds Maya sitting in anger and asks her the matter,She with anger and crying asks him”why did you adjed me to come here she,you know all about my life,my pain”.he says “The ointment for your pain is only in Mumbai and not in Nagpur “and fasts his driving,she doesn’t give any answer and closes her eyes,the good breeze touches her face.Akash sees the breeze and ask them to make his Maya fine.

precap:they starts the shooting by doing puja.

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  1. Wowwww awesome yaar the way they r trying to hide pain awesome

  2. very nice

  3. i like the film concept interesting

  4. very nice eagerly waiting for your next epi

  5. very nice

  6. It was great dear ……..
    Maya really doest hate akash she still has feelings for him .

  7. Awesome episode, her shivering due him…ahhhh…that hurts…she bore a lotttttttttt…the past must be very bitter which made her this weak….the meeting was very painful but interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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