when destiny meets (Episode 46)

The flight reaches London,while in the same time,Poorva gets call from the producer,he asks about Akash and shouts “He is wasting my time”,Poorva gets shocked on the accusation and calls his number for several times.she inform the matter to Guru and both of them calls his number.Akash reaches Nagpur and get down from his car,he remember the address and reaches the place,he sees the door locked. and asks a. passer by about Maya’s residence the man gets so much glad to see. Akash and tells about her leaving to London before. three days. Akash stands in disbelief.he remembers Maya telling him in the railway station that she won’t come back in his life in of the circumstances. He takes out his. phone and sees the charge over.he throws the phone in at most anger,the phone breaks into several pieces.

Maya gets down from the flight and sees the place very much different for her,she wond rs how could she be attached to this situation in her life,she comes out of the airport and sees Rahul not yet come,she sits in bench waiting for him.Jeeva comes out with dev and Inba ,she signs Maya to come and both the ladies sits in a park nearby.Maya enjoys the childish actions of inba,she automatically remembers about her abortion.Jeeva sees her crying and offered tissue.

Akash reaches the airport and asks the authority about the next flight to London,the authority tells that the next flight is in three hours.Akash asks for a ticket in that particular flight ,he gives money for the ticket than the original price.he says”I must reach London by tomorrow. He sits in the airport thinking about his life and days which he loved .he says to himself”You cannot leave me and go Maya,I want you as life “.

Poorva asks Guru about Akash and gets souch worried for his health and due to his mental stress.Maya and. jeeva are engaged in a convo.
Maya:You are really gifted with these children.
Jeeva:Mmmm,even you look really beautiful.
Maya: But I don’t have a life of my own.I am a
Jeeva:You don’t cry.
Maya:Mmm,thanks of being a support to me.
Jeeva:No mention.but Maya life is not a very easy for me.I have met lots of problems to get this happiness,the reason is my husband Vasu.
Maya:I assume that your husband is very much lucky to have a wife like uyou.
Jeeva:May be,but he is very much generous.
Jeeva:Tells her story
Maya: He is really such a nice person no one will forgive such mistakes like leaving him,sorry for blaming you.
Jeeva:Not at all.
Maya:my life is only Akash but today thinks have changed.
Maya:Yes my husband,she tells about their life
Jeeva:May be yiy must give him a option or another choice.
Maya:I am. not ready to lose him again sorry.
Jeeva:Oh,no it has been literally two hours ,let’s go.
Maya:Mmmm,it is very much. nice to meet you here.
Jeeva: My pleasure but don’t forget my idea.
they walks back to the airport,Maya gets shocked to see Akash standing in the airport,she says “Jeeva,Akash have came here”,Jeeva sees the direction and Akash seesMaya and comes running towards her.Maya stands shocked,she cannot believe her eyes of seeing him there.he hugs her.
She tries move but couldn’t.she pushes him and walk from there angrily.He calls out her name and runs behind her.

Akash ask her to give him one last chance to prove his love and hold her hand.She tries to move but her heart ask her to stop,she turns with eyes full of tears and says”I cannot trust you,you are a actor”,He smiles and adds”But a bad one”,Maya gets smile inspite of her tears and says”Haaa”.Akash ask her to accept her destiny and says”I cannot love anyone except. you ,I love you”,she sees his face and slaps him hardly.He stands puzzled.

Guru tells about Akash left to London to meet Maya.Poorva gets initially shocked and smiles hearing the news.She says”Mmmm I hope he will cme with her”,Guru sees her with a investigating look,she says”I am. not happy but I know the truth,I will deserve a maharaja instead of this actor”and laughs.She says”I know Guru the reality,I am not that bad as you think”.Both of them smiles.

Maya says with tears”you haven’t. said. this before”and hugz him tightly,she sees Jeeva leaving with her children and shouts”Jeeva,I have accepted your opinion and gave him a last chance”.She smiles and leaves from there Maya tells to Akash that he was only forgiven of his deeds by Jeeva’s advice. Akash says”So I must say thanks to her”and pulls her towards him,they share a eyelock.

(the end)

note:Guys for who forgiven the deeds of poorva and accepted her ,a small continued part of three lines.

In the same time,a businessman gets into the executive class of the flight,the fellow passenger asks him where he is going,he says”To India,to check my destiny”,the ticket shows his name as “Raj thakkar”.hope he is the maharaja of Poorva.

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