when destiny meets (Episode 45)

Maya sits in the flight and thinks about the blessing words of the old Lady, she feels like being with her own mom and closes her eyes.Akash gets ready to leave to his shooting spot because a new filmid going to be started by tomorrow.He comes down and sees Poorva preparing some tasty foods .he smells the aroma .He remembers about Maya and thinks to call her number.he dials her number.

The airhostreess asks everyone to switch off this phone because the flight is going to rake off in some minutes.Maya offs the phone and keeps it in her handbag,she feels very much worried thinking about something.she tries to divert her attention and sees a small boy playing with a liitle girl ,she smiles seeing both of them.She gets thoughts about her unborn baby ,she gets tears.

Akash tries her number several times and stands very much stressed.he hears the bell and opens the door.Guru sees him very much streesed and aajs him the matter,Poorva asks them to come and have food as the breakfast is ready.Akash sits without much interest.He feels something very much close to heart and sees Guru eating the food and praising the taste.He gets up and leaves without eating food.Poorva runs behind him shouting his name but he starts the car and leaves from there.Dadi comes and pats Poorva’s shoulder and asks her not to worry.

Maya finds someone touching her hands and opens her eyes,she sees the small boy standing near her and holding her hand,she asks him the matter and sees his ball under her seat,she gives him the ball,asks him about him.
Maya:Here it is.
The boy:Thank you.
Maya:Mmnmm what’s your name?
The boy:My name is Dev.
Maya:Mmmm good name,is she your sister.
Dev:Yes,her name is inba.
The lady:Sorry if he disturbed you.
Maya:Not at all.
The lady:Hi,my name is Jeeva Sivaraman.
Maya:Hello,I am Maya.
Jeeva:I have seen you somewhere but I don’t remember the place.
Maya:I am not such a well known face.
Jeeva:Mmmm OK,let’s meet after a while.
they leaves from there,Maya watches Jeeva playing with her children and feels bad thinking her own life.She cries .

precap:Jeeva asks Maya not to worry.

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