when destiny meets (Episode 44)


Maya packs her bags to leave to London while in the same time,Akash assures Poorva that there will be his affection for her as a good friend.Maya sees the mirror and finds the major difference in her look,she thinks to call Akash once for a last time ,she takes out her phone and rings Akash number.Poorva asks him to promise that their relationship as good friend won’t break.Akash extend his hand to do promise when he hears the phone rings.He sees the number flashing and says”Maya is calling me”.Poorva asks him to talk with her.He cuts the phone.she gets hurt due to it while Poorva asks him to call again,she thinks in her mind”May be they should be together”,she smiles happily.He does the promise.

Rahul comes to pick Maya and sees her dressed in a beautiful black saree and locking the door .He stands with surprise and asks her whether she is still sure about her decisions.She smiles and says in a very happy voice(faking),I am so happy .They walks towards the car to leave to Delhi.Poorva reaches the home and sees it beautifully decorated and asks him the matter,Dadi comes and does her aarti,Akash says”From now you can stay here still you think to leave”,She sees him very much surprised.Guru comes with a camera and three of them take photos together.

Maya sees the passing trees every where and remembers her days spent with Akash,she gets tears rolling from her eyes,Charu hugs her and asks her to smile .She smiles volunteerly.Rahul turns from front seat and sees her tears,she gives excuse that she have get hurt in hand while closing door.She closes her eyes,she prays to god to do something and bring all happiness in her life.

In three days,Akash wakes up in mornimg and sees Beautiful flowers and colourful cloths,he smiles seeing the beautiful decoration and questions Guru about the decoration .He shows Poorva who is arguing with the servant to do proper decorations.He sees Poorva and smiles thinking that slowly she out of her trauma.He takes out His phone and sees Maya ‘s photo and thinks about her,he sees her coming down from steps in a beautiful saree.He feels a bit different.

Maya sits in the airport and remembers everything happened before two days,she gets a call from Rahul and picks the call with so much happiness .Rahul asks her to be careful during travel and so on.she asks him not to blabber and says”Come on Rahul,I have traveled for many times even once to Russia ,so you just wait in airport”.She cuts the call and she sees someone waves her hand,the person happens to be a old Lady, she praises Maya and says”It was you who helped my family before two days because so only my daughter went to take care of her pregnant sister in your ticket “.Maya seeks her blessing,she says”god must give you this much happiness,thank you “.

precap:Maya sits in the flight .

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