when destiny meets (Episode 43)


Maya asks Rahul to go and sleep without thinking about her life,Rahul leaves there still with lots of confusions that why Akash came ,then left the place without even meeting Maya,Maya sits in her room with some documents,she reads a article in the net regarding about best future waiting for actors and theatre artist in london.,she thinks whether to go and persue her career or wait for Akash to come after understanding the problem and sort things out.she cannot take one strong decisions and gets struck inside a dileema,she switches the light off and lies on bed.

next morning,Akash angrily reaches the hospital where Poorva is admitted,he sees through the door finding her lying unconscious on the bed,he sits in the nearby chair with so much anger,he feels a touch of someone,Guru sits in the nearby chair and asks Akash not to worry ,adds”Doctor has said that she is out of the danger “.Akash nods yes.

Maya puts sugar in dhal and salt in milk due to the confusion in her mind,she realises the milk being spoiled due to the salt,she pours the milk in the sink .Rahul completes the entire packing and thinks to go and meet Maya for the last time before leaving to London.She sits in the hall with dome thoughts and hears his knock at the door.
Maya:Please come in ,Rahul.

Rahul:Mmm,am I disturbing you?
Maya(smiles):certainly not,and
Rahul:We are leaving by tonight so I came to inform you.
Maya:Tonight (sees calendar),but your flight is scheduled on Monday.
Rahul:yes but I need to complete some formalities so we are leaving to Delhi by night.
Maya:It means charu is accompanying you.

Rahul:yes,I am taking her with me,so only this formalities is necessary.
Maya:Is it possible to book ticket in one day(surprised)
Rahul:No,but my uncle is working there so I think it can be little bit less problematic.
Maya:I need a favour,I will tell it by evening.
Rahul:Any problem?
Maya:No but I will tell,you wait.
Rahul:OK.(he walks to the door),but I am really going to miss all these flowers.
Maya:(thinks for a while):rahul.
Maya:Don’t forget,I need to talk to you in evening.
Rahul:Sure .

Poorva opens her eyes ,gets soich surprised to see Akash making orange juice for her in the juicer.She extend her hand to hold his arm but Akash turns before she could touch him and smiles seeing her in concious state.She says’Sorry’ repeatedly for so many times,he asks her not to say sorry and asks her “Why did you took this decisions?”.She moves her eyes downward with a expressions of feeling bad,says”I don’t have a option”.Akash stands up from the chair and walks towards the window.

Maya goes and meets many of her friends and everyone tells her that it was a wise decision to go to London because it is easy to establish there when we have a degree in this field,she thinks that this can even bring a change in her mind so that she can decide things better.She takes a decision.

Akash consoles Poorva and explains her that she may get a even a better one than all so that she can live happily .Poorva smiles bitterly .she says in her mind”May be you are so generous but no one would be”.She asks Akash about the love which vanished in their relationship.He don’t know how to answer to this question.

Rahul almost shouts on hearing the decision and scold her for taking such a hasty decisions in a little short time.She asks him not to try to change her decisions,she says in a bold vlice’If you don’t wish to be with me and help,leave it,I will manage by any means”.Rahul asks her to get ready for the travel.

precap:Akash sees Maya’s photo and sees Poorva coming down in beautiful saree.

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  1. iam really confused what decision maya take pls update soon

  2. pls don’t separate maya akash

  3. Awwwiiiieeee!! So cute di!! Continue di!! Post soon…

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