when destiny meets (Episode 42)


Charu hugs her and gives chocolates to Maya.She kisses the child ,walks to meet her father.She enters his house and knocks at the door.Rahul opens the door with a so much tired and gets surprised to see charu with Maya.He asks her to come in,asks so many questions about her career in Mumbai etc. the word Mumbai makes Maya thinks about her past ,she remains silent for a while,sees fully packed bags for travel.

Akash opens his eyes and sees him lying in a hospital which is full of dettol smell and patients,he sees nurses standing,with some trays and shouts calling”Sisters”.They runs toward him while one of them leaves to inform the matter to the doctor,he sees oeople watvhing him like a alien and gets so much irritated.He sees the watch in his hand.the watch tells the time is “5.AM”.
Maya reaches her home and thinks about her conversation with him. Rahul asks Maya not to think like that and pacifies her ,he explains her about his new opportunity to establish himself in London.Maya asks about the welfare of Charu.Rahul remains silent for a while and says in a emotionless voice.”She will stay with my mom for some days”.Rahul gets tears on seeing his little daughter.Charu plays with the doll without listening to their conversation.she feels bad when she thinks about Rahul.

Poorva goes out to purchase some dress for herself,she gets repeated thoughts about Akash shouting st her and leaving the house.she get down near a shop and gets shocked to see Mathew with his family drinking mango juice. Mathew turns to throw the cup,sees Poorva standing there in her black saree with sleeveless blouse.He says to his wife “Let’s go from here,some cheap animals are roaming”.Poorva gets insulted due to the words.she angrily starts the car and drives towards beach.
Maya prepares some dishes because she has planned to invite Rahul to lunch because he is leaving in two days.Charu peeps through the door and giggles on seeing Maya working with wearing an apron .She lifts Charu and plays with her,she suddenly feels that she is going to miss Charu so much and gets dull.Rahul comes with his phone and sits to have food.

Akash thanked the doctor and reaches Nagpur in late night,he gets so much confused due to the reason that he us new to the place and don’t know even a spot in thatplace.He thinks to seek help from anyone and calls a man standing near a book shop and asks for Maya’s address.The man turns out to be Rahul.He reads out the address and gets surprised to see Maya’s husband in road.
Poorva reaches beach and sits in the mud with tears,she remembers the days when she ignored Mathew for Akash and failed entirely in her life.She feels so much lonely and sees the deep blue sea with full of tides.She hears two ladies talking among them self that it is better to die instead of being a burden for all others on life,She thinks to talk to her father so that she can get a peace of mind but her father doesnt pick the call due to his schedule.She decides something and gets up from the mud .

Rahul introdues himself and takes Akash to Maya’s house.She sits in the bed and thinks that she had successfully cleared all the mess from the place so that she can take rest for two days without any disturbance.She sees someone on the door through the curtain and heard a deep sound of calling bell.she opens the door and gets shocked to see Rahul standing in the door.He tells her about Akash coming and leaving on getting some call.She asks him to leave the matter.

Poorva falls on the bed with the empty bottle of sleeping pills and drinks something .She recalls meeting Akash in her life,Maya and closes her eyes with tears.Guru finds her room locked and calls out her to have food .She didn’t give any response.Guru sees her lying unconscious through window and breaks the door to save her from the death.

precap:Maya thinks to go to London with Rahul and construct a new future there itself.

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