when destiny meets (Episode 41)

Maya gets worried ,Akash comes home very much tired and goes straight to his room on the way,he sees the room where Maya stayed and enters the room.he sees some cover over the bed,picks it with curiousity.Guru gets call from Maya, and asks her the matter.she tells him to stop Akash from seeing the CD.Guru asks her reason and sees Akash switching the DVD on.he cuts the call,goes to talk with him.Akash asks Guru to sit along with him. Guru tries to take out the CD but Dadi also joins them.

Maya gets down from the train and walks on the station with herbags on hands.she sees her phone and was totally waiting for a call from Guru.She comes out and sees no auto found.One of the porter tells her that there is a auto strike in the city due to some political problem.she thinks to go by walk and begins to walk in the road. She sees some birds flying together in the sky and smiles.

Akash gets shocked after seeing the video and gets tears coming from his eyes.Guru asks him not to be too much emotional and hugs him.Akash asks Guru”Whether he knows all about this?”.He says positive reply. Poorva comes home after doing some purchases and sees everyone so much dull,and asks the matter .Akash shouts at her and leaves the house saying that he will return only with Maya. Poorva stands puzzled,she plays the video
(Content of Video)
Maya arranges the flowers and says”Today I am going to share a good surprise with you,Akash and I am installing this camera to capture each and every moment of this happiness.Could you guess anything.Akash ,it is very happy .She sits in the sifa and waits for him for a long time,and leaves to the hotel in search of Akash.
After one hour,Maya comes inside the home with years and Fall’s on the bed crying vigorously.She cries for sometimes and washes her face and waits for Akash to come to the home. gets up on hearing Akash’s car sound.

Akash:Get,Mayuuu,how I you?
Maya: You come in,Please come in.
Akash:who are you to order me,who are you?
Maya:I am your wife.
Akash (laughs):no this is the place where my Poorva want to live,today she is so pity of her.
Maya:Akash please .
Akash:Get out of my house ,you .
Maya: I am pregnant with your child,it is our child.
Akash:Who knows.
Maya:(Hold his shirt):Akash.
Akash:Who knows ,I cannot trust you,you are not good.
He leaves to the room .

Akash angrily drives to Nagpur to meet Maya because it is very much important ,he goes very fastly.Maya reaches her house and opens the door in some thought and sees a invitation from some Marathi short film director association ,she takes it in her hand and opens it.Charu sees her and shouts”Aunty”and comes running towards her home.Akash hit a person who crosses the road and stops to help him.Maya talks with Charu and comes to know that her father is leaving permanently to London.

precap:Poorva drinks something and falls on bed unconscious.

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