when destiny meets (Episode 40)

Maya sits in her room allotted to her and thinks about the concern which she saw in Akash’s face,she remembers him caring for her and closes her eyes in order to sleep and gets disturbed by thinking about both the past and future ,things happening in her life.Akash plays some game in his phone and hears some huge sound in the hall and runs to see the things which so much hurry.Guru and Dadi comes from their room and sees Poorva lying in the ground and blabbering.Maya comes out of her room ,sees this from the balcony.

Nana reads about the story line and thinks to discuss it with Akash,dials his number but it was all in vain.he thinks about Maya .Poorva hugs Akash and asks him to Marry her to save her respect in the society and so on.She hugs him and drink another gulp from the bottle.Akash pulls her towards her room,Maya sees him anger and thinks to say about regaining her memory as soon as possible so that he won’t get upset with her behaviour.

Maya walks towards his room and sees it locked from inside,she thinks to knock the door,when she raises her hand to make a knock.Akash opens the door to get some water to drink and sees her with a shock.She asks him some time to talk and sees through his eyes.He agrees.they sits in the balcony .
Akash:Yes,tell,now how are feeling?
Maya(sees somewhere): yaah fine.
Maya:I need to ask you something.
Maya:First a apology
Akash(laughs):for acting like ..
Maya(shocking): Akash.
Akash:wat do you think I small babu to believe all this,I know you better than you know yourself,you cannot cheat my heart.
Akash:Maya,I know you well.
Maya:Hmmmm if you know me well then why do we split.
Akash:I still don’t know the reason .
Maya:But anyways thanks for not mistaking me.I think of going
Akash:I know this before,I have booked the ticket .you may leave by tomorrow itself,I think you sillbe happy
Maya(hides her face in darkness): verrrry happpyyy.good night.

She gets up to leave from the balcony.Akash says in a mild voice’Good night’but he turns and finds her already left.Poorva wakes in the morning and sees her sleeping in Akash’s room and wonders,she gets a severe head ache ,holds her head with hands.Guru knocks at the door and comes inside with coffee and greets her a morning. She asks him about Akash and comes to know about him already left to drop Maya in sstation Guru penetrates Poorva’ s thoughts and gives her the cup .She gets with a thought and says’So she has left’.Guru sees her with a irritated look.

Maya gets into the train and thanks Akash for caring for her till the day and smiles avoiding tears.He asks her to take care of herself well and gives bide to leave ,he begins to walk from there as soon as possible because he cannot stop his emotions.He thinks in mind”Why she is leaving when she still cares for me”.She sits in the seat and says”Because I cannot neither forgive or forget things “.The train starts to move fastly in the train route.Akash sits in the empty car and thinks to go but he cannot move and stands seeing the moving train with tears.

precap:Akash sees the CD in his room and thinks to play it.Maya searches for the CD and thinks “If Akash sees it,he will break down”.

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