when destiny meets (Episode 39)


Akash finds her conversation a bit different and leaves from there.Maya sees him leaving and apologises to him from her heart for faking a memory lose even after she regained her memory.she asks Guru not to tell anything to Akash until she asks him to do.In the afternoon.Akash sits in the car without enjoying anything in the place and notices Maya coming in search of him.he asks her the matter and finds food packets in her hand.He denies to eat food and tries to go from there.She hold his hand and asks him to eat and serves him the hit puri and sabji.He smiles thinking about their old days and eats the food.Maya also thinks about her days with Akash and remembers the last day when she had prepared many dishes and waited for him.her reactions gets changed suddenly .

Guru goes in search of both of them and finds them eating the food with chit chat and stands seeing this with happiness. He overhears Akash asking Maya about her health and behaving very much concerned about her.He turns to leave and finds Dadi coming and goes to her side and asking about her lunch.Poorva gives money to the goons and asks them not to come in front of Akash for sometimes and thinks that Surely Maya would have some doubt on him and .She hears Dadi calling her and goes to the place with fake a reactions.

Maya feels a bit tired and feels someone’s atmon her shoulder,she turns and sees Akash standing near her with two packets of popcorn in his hand.He sits beside her and gives a packet to her.She takes in and sees the distance hills with a smile.He sees her smiling and asks the reason.she tells about her thought about the distance hill ,Akash feels like as if he us taking to the old May before accident and looks her with a keen view.Maya turns to see Akash ,finds him walking in the distance,she thinks to call him but stops because of some dilemma.

Dadi and Guru eats in the restaurant and sees Akash coming ,Dadi asks him about Maya,Akash tells about his doubt that she has got her memory back .Guru gets coughs and drink the water very fastly.Akash sees him with a doubt in his eyes. Maya sees Poorva sitting and playing some games in her phone and stands near to her.Poorva turns and asks Maya to sit .

precap:Maya thinks to tell about her regained memory and goes to talk to Akash.

(Sorry for small episode,I have exam )

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  1. Yeah poorva pagal hein kya

  2. Woooo….so nyc …!waiting for next episode yaar

  3. Nxt epi plssss fast eager to knw akash reaction for maya regained memory

  4. Good story.

  5. nice epi all the best for your exam

  6. guys I fall down from my scooty And got hurt in hand,so I will update after 2 days.

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