when destiny meets (Episode 38)

Akash touches and says “Mmm look like you so true “and falls on the floor near her,She asks him to wake up and make him sit in the chair with much difficulty. Akash hold her hand and repeats sorry to her for many times.Maya sits near him and thinks to ask him about her husband whom Akash is hiding but She stops seeing him sleeping and walks from there.Akash murmurs in a whispering voice”I am your husband ,I love you “,but she has already left the place and reaches her room.

Poorva sits in her room and scold herself for helping Maya and putting her life in the stalk.She sees Maya roaming in the night and thinks to tell something to her ,walks towards Maya .She stands near the door of the room and thinks about akash’s weird behaviour towards her.Poorva keeps her hand on Maya’s shoulders. Akash opes his eyes and sees the time has become late,he comes out if his room and sees Maya packing her bags and runs towards her asking the matter.She cries and asks him”Why did you hide it from me ,Akash?”,He stands puzzled ,while she walks from there.He follows her and asks her the matter that is haunting her.she says “I came to know that today is your birthday but you didn’t tell me about this”.He gets relieved and hugs her in happiness that she don’t know anything about the matter.Maya feels this has happened before itself and says “Happy birthday Akash”.Poorva comes out of her room with a gift to Akash sees confused looking at her reaction.

All of them plans to go to the nearby theme park and enjoy the day,Akash explains about theme park and they enters the place,Maya sees the water games and asks all to first go for that game because she find it interesting.Guru says about his headache and sits in the chair while Poorva agrees to come and play,she plans her next ideasThree of them gets ticket and leaves to play in the water.Maya enjoys the situation and plays happily.Poorva purposely pulls Akash over her and falls on the water.Maya sees this and gets angry ,she goes from there angrily.Some of the persons sees her coming and thinks to talk with her and stops her.

Person 1:hey sweety
Maya:idiot,leave me
Person2:yah,bhai leave her,she is very ,she is very
Maya+tries to move his hand +:mmm stupid ,let me go,please bhai
Person3 and person 4:ohhhhh,
Person 2:teases her

Akash sees this and comes to place and asks them to behave proper with Maya,he shouts at them and begins to fight with them with so much anger,One of them asks Akash about husrelatuobship wuth her and he beats him black and blue and slaps him hard and He shouts”How dare you,you have misbehaved with my wife “,she stands puzzled and gets dizzy.Poorva signs the persons to run and smiles thinking about the success of her plan.Akash and Guru helps Maya to sit in the chair,Dadi gets concerned about Maya.She opens her eyes and asks Akash “How did I come here Akash sir ?”.Everyone gets shocked and sees each other’s face.She sees Akash very much unhappy and sees Guru and asks him the Same question.Akash begins to walk from there followed by Dadi.Dadi asks him the matter,he says with a bitter smile”She is very fine now “.Guru tells about the whole incident to Maya.she thinks for a while and says “Bhai,please co operate with me ,I want to see his love for some days before I go to Nagpur”.He nods yes.Maya sees Akash coming and tells about the water game and smiles.Akash asks her the matter,She says”I was actually playing there but how I came here Akash sir “.He stands with doubt and searches his answer in Maya’s deep black eyes.

precap:Akash asks Maya to tell about her opinion about him.

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  1. Interesting I love this episode

  2. love this episode

  3. I really like this ff yr..I daily waited next update

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nice yaar janani you always rockzzz here and Madhubala story also. Pls one request pls change pic for Madhubala show this is humble request pls pls

    1. for that I need to have a account inwordpress,so wait.

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Janani not WordPress Madhubala serial in which you post ff Na? That pic only..

      2. no I have send many times the photos but it is not published.

  5. Awesome episode, love you loads

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