when destiny meets (Episode 37)


Maya thinks about Akash’s words and thinks to find her husband who is not with her she assumes that Akash want her to go and begins to walk from temple.Poorva runs behind her shouting her name but Maya doesn’t hear to her calling and goes fastly.She wasaboit to hit by a car and Fall’s on the mud .Akash searches for Maya and Poorva and finds them missing,he gets worried and comes put of the temple asking about them to each and every person who ate coming inside the temple.Poorva tries to wake Maya and sees her bleeding due to the injury.she sees Akash coming and thinks not to let him concern for Maya and covers her with the grass and walks toward the direction where Akash is standing and calling out
name.She acts like innocent and fakes worrying for Maya,makes him move from the place.Guru comes and sees Maya’a anklet near the grass and finds her bleeding,he shouts at Akash to come.the bell in the temple rings soundly.Maya feels better and tries to open her eyes
and sees Akash lifting her and rushing to the hospital.She smiles seeing his concern and closes her eyes.

She opens her eyes in the next day and sees her lying on a most sophisticated bed and finds the room full of Akash’s photos.She asks
the servant about the place where she is there,and hears Maya telling that it is her house and the room is specially her’s.Maya sees the photos and wonders why Poorva is very much attracted to Akash
and aajs her about Dadi and Guru.Poorva tells that they are sitting in
the hall and having breakfast and invites Maya to join them.She thinks for a while and comes down and sees Akash missing from the
place and asks Dadi about the matter and about Akash.

He drives his car rashly and remembers the last day they spend together in the studio and gets hurt seeing her not having good memory power and he says to the photo of Maya that he won’t lose her once more in his life till his death and stops the car near the hill cliff and comes out the car.Maya asks Dadi about her Husband which shocks the rest three members.Akash sits in the cliff and remembers his life with a tears .Maya insist for answer and sees Poirva trying to change the topic ,She sees some one coming and gets curious to know the person. Akash sees the watch and thinks to return to Poorva’s house because it’s getting so much late.He comes
back home and sees Maya playing violin in the portico and Guru listening to it.He enjoys the music and claps his hand.She turns and says “Akash,you ,where were till this moment,Dadi said that you are my friend but “,Poorva signs him not to tell and ask him to manage.He smiles and nods to her statement.Maya sees Other’s
relief and leaves from there ,she sees Akash confronting others for telling matters to Maya and controls her fear of losing her.

in the midnight , Maya sits in the room and searches in her bag for something and finds her mangasultra inside a small box,she takes out it and wears it in her neck with a confusion.She keeps sindoor in her forehead and stands before a mirror,Akash sees a photo similar to the look and praises her beauty. She walks towards his room to ask him about something.Akash sips the wine and sees her coming,he says. “You are just a mirage ,My Maya you have left me “,she stands puzzled and asks him to give her some answer.He gets up and walks towards her.

precap:Akash asks Maya not to think about the past ,And hugs her.

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